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My personal testimony

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I was born and raised in a Catholic family. I went through all the ritual, such as infant baptism, confirmation and communion and confession and all that. I did not do it because I actually wanted to though, nor did I even want to be in church, I just went because my parents always did and my dad is an usher. In fact, I sometimes would flip flop between Theism and Agnosticism, in that I would only believe and pray to God when it was convenient for me or was worried about something, but did not really care other times. In fact when the priest would give a sermon I would always go downstairs to the bathroom and walk around for 20 minutes just because I did not really care.

On May 21st, 2011 this guy called Harold Camping was predicting the rapture would happen and the news was all over it. I got freaked out and I started worrying and looking stuff up about it. On yahoo answers I found a sinner's prayer and I prayed it, but I did not actually understand what I was saying, I just said it out of my desparation. I remember that day, I went to the church and started confessing my sins to the priest, all the lies, lusting, stuff I have said, thoughts I have had and ran out of there crying. Oblivously nothing happened on May 21st but I eventually started thinking about God more. I came across and article about the problems with the Catholic church, and so I began to go church hunting. I thought, "If I become a Protestant instead, I won't go to hell." So I tried an Episcopalain church, Presbyterian church and called a Lutheran church. They were not too helpful, so I tried a Baptist church and at first, I thought they were the same story.

I then went through this phase where I called myself a Protestant because I was going to that Baptist church, but I did never know if I was saved. I asked God to save me many a times but I do not think I had any clue or idea of what being "saved" meant and it did not really have any effect on my life, in that all it did was just make me watch things about salvation, to be honest. I never talked to the pastor of the baptist church or anyone there, I just sat in the back there. So nobody knew what I went through. Eventually, I heard several videos on youtube about the true gospel and I said I was a sinner and I was born with a sin nature and the sin I commit offends God and Jesus paid for my sins on the cross and I wanted to be saved, but I did not know if I felt conviction over my sins enough, so I watched all sorts of youtube videos about the gospel and hell, hoping I would get the feeling other people had. I could not take much more so eventually I went to see the pastor of that church (one of them) and I told him about it. Eventually I did trust Jesus to save me and I finally understand it.



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Praise God for His mercy huh little brother! Love, Steven



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Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth. Luke 15:10



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The last four words of your testimony say it all. First we must understand what we are doing and why. To
do that we must have heard the Word and gain faith through it as stated in Romans 10:17.
God is faithful.
Rejoice, it took me 40 years to come to the faith to take God at His Word.



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praise the Lord!

Peace Maker Tony

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Nice testimony, and I'm pleased to welcome you into the family of God! Even when we come to the Lord in the wrong way, He is nonetheless faithful and will never cast away someone that is seeking Him. :mgcheerful:

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