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Hope In Christ

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You insist that being unique gives some ontological advantage to a certain claim. I don't see how that can folllow logically.

I hate to make comparisons, but I must here, to make my point. Scientology makes also absolutely unique claims.

Well not really. By the way, despite the claims of the lunatic fringe, Scientology is not a bonafide "relgion." Scientology, at best is a cult. Scientology like all other belief systems is focused on self and finding fulfillment by using one's self as the agency of that fulfillment. It's all about what you do. Christianity is unique because it stands in complete opposition to those types of worldviews.

When I claim unique claims, I am not referring to simply making claims that no one else is. All religions make speicific claims that no one else does.

I guess I need re-clarify what I mean by "unique." Christianity is unique because the unique character of its claims. Christianity is unique because it is redemptive. Instead of dying for your god, in Christianity, it was God ;who gave Himself for us. In all other religions, the focus is on human effort and what a person must doe to appease their deity or find personal sastifaction. In other religions it is about behavior modification and personal merit. "Turnning over a new leaf" so to speak.

Please note that I am not comparing Christianity with Scientology, that would be absurd. I just concentrate on the preference we should give to a certain claim, just because it is unique. We shouldn't.

Not merely that it is unique but in HOW it is unique. That seems to be the part that you ignore.

However, if Christianity is very different from Islam then, by applying the obvious symmetry, Islam is very different from Christianity. So?

It's not merely that they are different, but in HOW they are different.

The problem I have with you discuss religions, is that you want to lump them in altogether as if they are all basically making the same types of claims which is revealed in your less than accuate approach to the Pascal's wager.
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True. Althought i wonder how the same Aborigene could come to the conclusion that Jesus is Saviour, without external "help". I put "help" under quotes because I think that missionary work actually decreases the odds of salvation, if God existed.

The pre Anglo Aborigine obviously had no way of knowing anything about Jesus and I think you might also conclude many post Christ people may have never received any information about Jesus. Is your concern about the scriptures that say Jesus is the only way to God?

Joh 14:6 KJV Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

I think it is apparent these scriptures are applied to people who were attempting to find their own way to God while they had Jesus directly in front of them. It isn't logical to apply these scriptures to any person pre or post Jesus who has not heard of Him. I think you might accept this is not absurd.
I came back to add another thought concerning finding God through Jesus. Jesus sacrifice is the only condition that allows any man to be redeemed whether cognitive or not.

I agree with your conclusion that the Aborigine was better without missionaries if we believe God solely judges people after they hear about Jesus. I agree this isn't a logical position.

I don't know how to put it nicely. I was a believer and I never thought about that nor followed the logical path to its conclusions. Why I never thought deeply about it? Probably, because I did not want to think about it. I still don't like to think too much about inescapable conclusions, like sickness and death of myself and my loved ones.

Ok now I understand what you mean. I drew the wrong conclusion that you may have somehow been isolated from the general claim that God has revealed himself to every human.

So, do you think that Aborigene had the opportunity to know the true God? I don't see how. if he had this opportunity, why did we need to send missionaries to start with?


- viole

The Aborigine had the same opportunity as every human through witnessing what God has made and the intrinsic knowledge of a greater power. Post Christ missionaries went out because they were instructed to do this. I think God has shown himself leaving no human with excuse.

Now please don't lead me into a debate concerning people receiving unfair amount of revelation. :D God acts according to what each person is given it seems apparent from the bible message.
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