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Relationship advice

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Hi Guys,

I wouldn't normally seek advice on a forum but this issue is bugging me and I really need some help, advice, prayer so I appreciate your time and opinions.

I have been married for several years now and I love my wife but there is a girl at work who I have developed feelings for. We talk a lot and are quite close but it is obvious we are both attracted to each other. I must admit I enjoy the attention and enjoy making her laugh and smile. I am naturally quite cheeky and friendly. Nothing has physically happened between us but the underlying tone is there and I struggle to hide my emotions and feelings. I try to ignore her sometimes but it is so very difficult when she is always right there everyday. I don't think anything will happen between us but I just feel confused and am struggling to acknowledge her in my mind and heart as just a friend. I know this is a massive test and I've already been humbled by the whole situation and how vulnerable I am. Like I said above I love my wife and she loves me but this is something I need to address and put right.

I look forward to any words or scriptures or advice any of u have on this. I would also appreciate our prayers. God bless.

Please remember that before anything take place in the physical realm is born in your head and heart first. Obviously it is a temptation. I have been married to a man that have been tempted like that on many occasions and gave in. We are not together any longer. In you heart you already sinned with that woman. It also says in the Bible: 'rebuke the devil and he will flee from you'. It is not easy but is possible. Every action has got consequences. I know it sound harsh but the reality is very painful.
I would suggest to renew romance with your wife and give her the attention you wasting on the woman at work.
I think the fact that she is attracted to you feeds your ego and boosts your confidence.....It is not wort it: often it starts as a innocent flirt and ends up in divorce. Think about that.
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Hi, yes me and my wife are still living together. I have actually talked to her honestly and openly about this situation. She was hurt and angry at me at first but now is more forgiving and understanding about it. She doesn't want me to have anything to do with her and I can understand that.

Yeah, I don't think talking about it with your wife was the smart thing to do. I think seeking the wise council of men at your church would have been the better avenue. Why should you put your wife through all that mental turmoil because of your sexual fantasies? Now she is going to have to juggle being concerned about your job, your finances, and her marriage. You really did that to her? You couldn't have taken care of this situation with the men and elders at your church?

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