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PLEASE READ: Warning Points, Moderator Review, Time Off, Bans... (GD)

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This list is the “guidelines” we plan on using on the WCF boards and is not set in stone. This is for members to better understand what is expected and accepted at WCF. Ultimately we pray we will continue to be guided by the Holy Spirit in our administration, encouragement, and disciplinary actions on the boards. Where this list conflicts with the WCF Terms of Service the WCF Terms of Service will trump this general guideline.

I. Warning Point Guidelines

To get 1 point:

  • name calling
  • light personal insults/backhanded comments
  • vague negative comments about the ministry
  • general light Terms of Service violations that don't require more than a quick word correction or explanation
  • publicly questioning ministry decisions
  • teaching threads or posts containing false theology
  • continuation of posting YouTube link outside of the video forum

To get 2 points:

  • second offense of above

To get 3 points:

  • light profanity
  • third offenses of above
  • directed more visceral insults or attacks towards other members
  • directed more visceral attacks on the ministry or ministry members

To get 4 points:

  • posting of any link or video that is against God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit or the bible, as in satanic sites (?)

To get 5 points:

  • strong profanity
  • openly attacking the Lord or His word

For reference only the member in question and those in the Worthy Ministry (Worthy Watchment, Chat Servants, Servants, etc.) can see the warning points. In other words members cannot see each others warning points.

II. Further Notes:

1. People trolling and posting explicit material will be subject to immediate moderator review or ban.

2. People who post against God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, or the Bible will be subject to immediate moderator review or ban.

3. People who SPAM the site with solicitations will be subject to immediate moderator review or ban.

4. People who SPAM the site with false teachings of false religions will be subject to immediate moderator review or ban.

People who try to create second (or multiple) accounts to circumvent disciplinary action will be subject to immediate moderator review or ban.

III. Moderator Review, Time off, and Bans…
1. Moderator Review - means that a member's posts are only made public after review by a Servant/Admin. When on MR a member may not start any new threads. How long you are on MR is generally up to the member. If a member's account is placed on MR and the member doesn't post (showing postive behavior/change) that member's account will remain on MR status.

2. Time Off - means a member will be restricted from posting in the forums. It can also mean restrictions from Private Messages (PM's) and/or reading in the forums as well.

3. Bans
a. Permanent ban occurs where a member can no longer read or write on the forums.
b. Posting ban occurs when a member's account is set to "Members*" status they can only read the forums.
c. Thread ban occurs when a member's posting and reading priviledges are revoked from using a particular thread.

Example: According to the point system above, the first offense is 1 point, the second 2 points (3 total points), the third 3 (6 total points). If violations for the same kind of infractions (name calling for example) occur close together, and the member was spoken to in the warning system, after the 3rd offense, they would be placed on MR.  Continuance of the same behavior or other infractions will earn them a week’s posting ban.  If they do not change, then a month off posting ban until they are permanently banned and/or set to Members*  being able to read but not post on the forums... this is only for simple attacks - in the 1 point category.  


We as the Worthy Ministry reserve the right to change, adapt, and edit this list as we see fit without notice. We will make every effort to ensure that users are aware of the changes in a timely manner.

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