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Joseph is a type of Christ.

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Joseph is a type of Christ, in respect of two advents. (Gen 37:3 - 4.)


At his first advent Jesus was hated by the majority of the Jews, and they disposed of Him. (Gen 37:27 - 28, & Gen 37:36)


But look what happened, (Gen 41:40 - 42.)


And then, (Gen 41:29 - 30, & Gen 42:1-3.) 


But they did not recognise Joseph their brother, (Gen 42:6 & 8.)


But then, (Gen 45:3 to 8, &  Gen 45:13 - 15.)


Which is how it will be when Jesus returns to for the second advent


Bless you all.




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There is one Christ, Jesus Christ...



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He's not saying there are two Christ's


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He's not saying there are two Christ's



"Joseph is a type of Christ."


Sure sounds like it to me.



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uh huh.  yeah.  I can tell.


typology [taɪˈpɒlədʒɪ]

(Christian Religious Writings / Theology) Chiefly Christian theol the doctrine or study of types or of the correspondence between them and the realities which they typify
typological  [ˌtaɪpəˈlɒdʒɪkəl]typologic adj
typologically  adv
typologist  n
ty•pol•o•gy (taɪˈpɒl ə dʒi) 

1. the study of types or prefigurative symbols in scriptural literature.
2. a systematic classification or study of types.
3. symbolism.
4. the study and classification of languages according to structural features, without reference to their histories.
the analysis of symbolism, especially of the meaning of Scripture types. — typologist, n. — typological, adj.
See also: Bible


Try this:


Question: What do preachers mean when they say Joseph was a type of Christ?

R. E. Johnson,

Suffolk, VA

Answer: Webster's second definition for type as a noun is "a sign; a symbol; a figure of something to come." There are many people, things, and events recorded in the Old Testament which Bible teachers may compare as types of Christ. That is, God was using them to demonstrate some prophecy that Jesus would fulfill later. The Ark with its one door is a type of Christ's being God's one door to salvation. Abraham's effort to sacrifice Isaac is a type of God's future sacrifice of his Son, Jesus. Moses' leading Israel from bondage through the Wilderness of Sin (Sinai) to their Promised Land is a type of Christ's leading his followers at last to Heaven.

Perhaps the most obvious type of Christ in the Old Testament is Joseph, son of Jacob (Israel). As Jesus is the main character in the New Testament, Joseph is the main character in the book of Genesis. His story occupies more chapters than any other character, covering Genesis 37-50.


Read more here


and here is another article that is a little more scholarly


Again, he is not saying there are two Christ's.  Not at all.  Please reference the meaning of the word typology or 'type' as per the op.  He is simply referencing something

that is actually pretty common knowledge

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