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Breaking Soul Ties

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This is very interesting topic with concerning breaking soul ties. I was reading some in the bible and several verses came to me like...


1 corinthians 6:16...  with who is joined to a prostitue with her becomes one body with her, two will become one.

genesis 2:24 ... a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one.


there were more verses but these two stuck out the most with me, maybe because I could relate with them concerning my divorce. I will do some more reading on this. great topic to muddle through. blessings.


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Jade, GE just did!  Follow the link.  The words "soul ties",  as such, will not be found in Scripture.  Like with the words, "rapture" or "trinity" are not found in this form in the Bible, but the concept is there.


Peace, PW

It's not in the Bible.  Therefore it is false doctrine.


The concept is there because people who want to profit by presenting themselves as prophets invent the ideas.  There's money to be made in the god racket.  The price is lost souls and a corrupted gospel.


Power comes from Jesus Christ.   If you want power seek it in your own life by means of the gospel.


Mysticism and spiritism and mediumism are forbidden.  Period.


These things are like bait on a hook.  In the end they lead to spiritual oppression, slavery and the loss of the self.  The word damnation means loss.  The risk here is eternal loss - forever damnation.


Jesus said he who loses himself for the sake of the gospel will find himself and he who finds himself will lose himself.


In other words, the power and salvation of man can be found by yielding to Christ NOT by poking around in borderline spiritual trendy issues.


If you play with black fire you risk eternal burns.


Leave it alone !!!!


and that's just me, hollering from the choir loft...

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I hear about soul ties now and then but no one has shown scripture for it that I have seen.

It sounds more new age to me then Biblical.  

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Blessings Prair

     I m not quite sure what that preacher was implying when he mentioned the past wounds on soul being a hindrance......simply:not willing to forsake any sin or iniquity(anger ,resentments ,bitterness,unforgiveness) can hinder our prayers or spiritual growth but we are free in Christ Jesus & the Holy Spirit will deliver us from these bondages as we decrease of ourself that we receive the heart & mind of Christ.......I think this play on words really complicates a simple matter....just my opinion of what happens when there is no Scripture referrance because that6 is not what Scripture tfells us

     Prair,my beloved,all this talk about soul mates,kindred spirits & breaking soul ties is just not Biblical and therefore not something to even look into or consider.....and as far as the word "dumanus" used in Scripture ...as in Ephesians(first Chapter)....it is used to describe Gods divine Power used on earth(superhuman,dynamic).....not a "thing" because that is the definition but in the application in this context (Ephesians 1:9-20)it is specific to Gods Ultimate & "out of this world"Power.......it is where we get the word ":dynamite" from     So this word does mean superhuman power depending on the context but by God or the enemy but not our spirit......as I have interpreted in my study of Koine Greek(very rusty but I do remember this word very well)

       Praise & Glory to God......God bless you....I have heard the term"kindred spirits"and know it quite well which truly is to suggest that our spirits that now inhabit these bodies we inhabit once inhabited other bodies that lived in the past & knew each other or were related in some way in a past life.....though it seems a harmless & even endearing phrase it is in direct opposition of Gods Word,it is in the same way of thinking as "Deja Vu"(we have been here before)

                                                                                                                             With love in Christ-Kwik

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