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I am confused practically about this Bible doctrines - Restitution, pl

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By the grace of God, I have given my life to Christ since year 2009 because God opened my eyes to see the hatred He has for sin and love He has for sinners. But in my own case I can say that I have not been enjoying perfect peace and joy that are in Christ Jesus and my problem is associated with restitution as seen and commanded in the word of God.

This is the whole matter summarily: I repented of my sin and prayed for forgiveness when I was in the university. After this, I remembered many of the sins I had committed in the past and started to do restitutions as the Spirit of God was speaking to my spirit. After this, I had peace in my mind and spirit and I continued in faith. However, there was a particular restitution which I did when I was still in the university. The restitution is this: I discovered shortcomings and sin in the results I used for admission into the university. That is to say, I passed the exams with one form of cheating or the other and violation of rules and order, the results of which I used for university admission.

So when I discovered this terrible thing, I was sorry and sorrowful because I cheated and had used the results for the completion of my polytechnic education and university admission. Upon realising this, I went to discuss it with some believers and I was advised. After this, I wrote and posted a letter of restitution to NECO - the council that organised the exam begging for forgiveness and pardon. I then continued in faith praying for God's mercy and favour. After I had sent the letter, I had peace and also was fearful of what might be the outcome.

Since year 2009 that I had sent the letter, I did not receive any response from NECO and I eventually graduated from university in 2011. Because of no response from NECO, I later sent another letter of restitution through email to the council (about two years after) together with the one sent in 2009. Most times, one spirit would tell me that the restitution I did was not adequate and appropriate, another spirit would say I am forgiven and that I can continue.

I have been believing the second spirit which says I am forgiven and that God has accepted my restitution and what I discovered was that God has been granting my heart's desires by giving to me what I asked from Him. But all the same, this first spirit ceases not from telling me that the restitution I did was not okay. That I must re-enroll for another exam and seek again admission into university. Sometimes I used to dream in my sleep that I was in the secondary school class and behold I am 33years plus now. I knew this type of dream has spiritual meaning. It means backwardness and not-moving forward.

Finally, could it be true that God has not accepted my restitution to NECO? Could it be that I must go back and start processing for another exam result and university admission? Is it that I am the one who is not having perfect knowledge of biblical restitution? People overthere who are reading this, sincerely I am confused and disturbed. I find myself in a problem of 'I don't know what to do'. Please, come to my rescue and advise me scripturally, prayerfully and sincerely. Please be simple and straightforward in your advice. This problem has been standing as a mountain before me over the years. Please I just want to hear the truth from you on this matter, don't pity, deceive or sweet-talk me. I thank you in anticipation for your valuable Godly advice
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The moment you put your trust in the finished work of The Lord Jesus Christ, who died for our sins, was buried, and rose again the third day.  ALL SINS are forgiven: Past, Present, and Furture.  Jesus Christ blood has been applied and you are now clean.  Don't let Satan deceive you and keep you from working for Christ, because that is what is happening now.


You feel bad about stuff done in the past, know that you are reconciling it for yourself, but your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ is what reconciles us to God.


Go out and work for the Lord Jesus Christ.  Preach the Gospel(1 Cor 15:3-4 - How that Christ died for ours sins according to the scriptures, and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures.) You believe that, you are SAVED, FORGIVEN, RECONCILED, SANCTIFIED, SEALED.


God Bless

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You have to be the same person that posted about this problem before?  Remember we talked and I'm sorry to see you are still struggling with this issue.


You tried to make restitution and your professors told you that it was ok.  They obviously felt you knew enough about the material that didn't warrant retaking the class.  God has forgiven you.  Like I said before use it as a lesson in God's almighty grace.  We all deserve to be punished for our sins but are forgiven through the shed blood of Jesus.  You've obviously repented and done all you can do.  Use it for God's glory.

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You must believe in the completed work of Christ on the cross and the full forgiveness of your sins.  G-d says he throws our sins into His sea of forgetfulness and He remembers them no more.  He further states, "as far as the east is from the west so are our sins and He remembers them no more.  So, why are you remembering yours? There is only one source this is coming from - Satan.  He could not stop your from accepting Christ, but with this he can stop you from being an effective, happy witness.  G-d says in Isaiah 43:18 - "Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.  See, I am doing a new thing."  That is where you need to go, with G-d, into the new plans He has for you.  Everytime your past comes to mind, remember our L-rd's command here in Isaiah.  Don't let Satan cripple you in anyway from having the great, abundant life G-d has in store for you.  Put on that whole armour and do the battle.  Gird up your mind and move forward.  You will make mistakes, you will sometimes fall short, but the L-rd promises that the righteous will be picked up and never forsaken.  And, if you do sin, we have an advocate before the Father who says "if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteous. Thank you, L-rd.  Remember, you now have the resurrected power of Christ.  You can do all things through Christ's strength.  Here's to your abundant life! :)

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I am deeply happy for all the people who have taken their time to read and comment on my post, I see the time and talent they have used as a sacrifice because tight schedule may not permit this. You will not be left alone in life in Jesus name.

Notwithstanding, I have this to say: I value Biblical restitution the same way I value salvation, santification, Holy-Ghost baptism and the likes. I have heard about people who having realised their sins in results/certificates matters restituted it though I didn't know the nature and contents of their certificates' sins. Some of them, they returned the certificates while some didn't. I heard about others who were pardoned and still in poccession of the certificats.

So, my concern and question is this: is it in God's manner to accept restitution the way I had done it as touching my educational life even if the exam body involved - NECO would not reply/pardon or would like to pardon? This is a question that must be answered with eternity/paradise in view. I am still alive now, something can still be done because after death judgement. And I think it is petinent to settle correctly restitution on earth here than to face it in eternity where it will be too late.

I still further count on and value your contributions as they will be highly appreciated. Thanks again.
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