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How many people own their own computers?

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Using logical reasoning, I am going to assume that owning a computer is a popular thing since there are hundreds of users on here and that some websites get millions of visitors -- that logically means that there are hundreds of computers out there (if not, millions) accompanying them all, which, when using further reasoning, I have come to the conclusion then that some of these users must be computer owners (I am one of them). Although I don't know how many.

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One of the downsides to owning a computer, I believe, is stalking celebrities. There are so many websites out there that allow people to watch videos of the rich and the famous that it can lead to stalking, or even worse -- Internet predators.


And that is unfortunate, because I have heard news stories that the wrong kind of people used the Internet to track down and kill the innocent:














That is the wrong way to use computers, I believe. And yet, unfortunately, it does happen.


The popularity of social media (might unfortunately bring the wrong kind of people to the table as well as the right kind of people) is also growing at an alarming rate. In case if you have not noticed, there are hundreds of users signed up on this message board alone.


One message board I know of has over a million users. That is a whopping big community. And the people just keep on coming.


And it just keeps on growing too.


If I am on here doing what is now considered to be the popular thing, then it should be no surprise seeing me. I should just be treated as if I were any other user.

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I guess I don't get what you are trying to accomplish here... Personally, I own my PC, and three laptops. (My wife's Laptop runs Windows XP. One laptop runs FreeSpire Linux, while my PC and other Laptop dual boot into Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux.

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I would imagine just about everyone at WB owns at least one computer.  I know there are computers made available to the public at some locations, but computers are fairly inexpensive today, so most can afford their own.  I got his little notebook at Wal-Mart, and it didn't cost much. 


As far as how people use their computers, like everything else, you can use them for good or bad.  The technology itself is not the problem, but it is the evil people concoct in their minds to do with the technology that is sometimes bad. 

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