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YES - you ARE your Brothers Keeper (admonishment)

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DISCLAIMER: I cannot copy and paste into these threads from my home computer.  There is much I can share with these threads, but if I cannot copy and paste, what I have to offer will be severely limited.  You will also have to manually look up the Scriptures.  This also means I will paraphrase often.



Isaiah 58  Cry aloud!  Spare not!  Lift up thy voice like a trumpet and show My people their sins...


The implications of "spare not" means "show no partiality".  Don't hold back because they are you senior, or because of their riches, or poverty, or struggles (though timing is everything), or successes. , or because they are your friend or family member.  Spare no one from the Truth of God character, or His Word.  Those who are wise will accept the Truth, for the true sheep of God hear HIS voice.  Another voice (even when saying all the nice, candy-coated things) we will run away from.


Why is this important?


Ezekiel 3  Son of man, I have made you watchman over the people ... Give them warning FROM ME.


Because it is from God, not man.  So when men reject, it is not you whom they reject, but God. 


1 Thess 4:8  He who despiseth, despiseth not man, but God.


And I'm sad to say it, but this applies to some Christians as well.  Carnal.  Untaught.  Undisciplined.  Wordly.  Unprayerful.  New Converts who arrogantly think they know more than seasons scholars.  Unchurched people who rarely touch their Bibles but think they know the Word of God so well.  Where is the Samuel of our generation to point squarely in the chest of the professing Believer, saying 'YOU are that man!" (as Samuel did with king David)?  I am unafraid to judge myself, or be hard on myself, and I do so often.  I therefore have a free conscious when having to admonish my Brethren, even refute the weak and the carnal.  Woe is he who does such a thing ... in these days when the ear would rather be tickled with honeycombed lies than harsh Truths of our Lord God.  But a greater woe still against any who see these wrongs and is too cowardly to say anything about it.


Ezekiel 33 But if the watchmen see the sword come, and blow NOT the trumpet, and the people be NOT warned ... I will require his blood at his own hands.


Be bold.  Be strong.  Know the Word of God.  Be wise ... and if you cannot be wise, be smart ... or be the one whom God judges because you were too afraid or timid to speak the Word of Truth just because you were afraid to "offend" someone.  Don't you know that the Gospel IS ALREADY AN OFFENSE?  If you warn, however, and they refuse to listen, you are clear, but they will reap the bitterness of their own rebellion by God Himself.


Ezekiel 33  Neverthless, if you warn the wicked and he turns not, he will still die in his iniquity, but you will have delivered your own soul.


And do not think that this is solely about the sinner.  So many modern day, self-professing Christians need the same.  And this thread, in this Fellowship body, is about the Brethren, not the lost.  And all the moreso should you admonish your Brother.  Why?  Because the sheep hear the voice of the Shepherd.  The wise gladly receive godly correction.



If you fail to admonish your brethren, you have no Biblical right to call yourself a Brother for no real brother would simply watch their sibling fall into a ditch and be destroyed.  That is an UNLOVING sibling.


Jude 1  And other save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment spotted by the flesh


Learn to hate the things that destroy the brethren.



Lack of Reading

Lack of Prayer

Adding delusions to Gods Word


Toleration of sin

Acceptance of false doctrine

Wanting ears to be tickled with sweet words

Men not knowing their place, nor women theirs

... "Churchianity"






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2 Peter 2:17  Love the brother.  Fear God


Romans 12   Let love be without dissimulation. ... Be of the same mind one towards each other.



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2 Peter 2:17  Love the brother.  Fear God


Romans 12   Let love be without dissimulation. ... Be of the same mind one towards each other.


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