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I hear this statement often, and when I do, I just kind of chuckle about it & then ask the person who made the statement, "Why do you feel that God didn't answer your prayer?" Oftentimes it is because a loved one did not get healed from their sickness; a loved one died after being prayed over; someone didn't get a job they were hoping for; they didn't win the lottery, and so on. GOD DOES ANSWER PRAYER! God will usually answer us thru the voice of someone else. What people fail to realize is that God is not a Genie in a lantern, where you make a wish & expect everything you wish for to come true. God is a spiritual-realist. His answer to our prayers will not always be YES; sometimes the answer is NO; and oftentimes the answer is NOT YET! When we pray for the healing of a loved one and it doesn't happen---that doesn't mean that  God didn't answer your prayer--because He did.  He just chose to give you answer of No or Not Yet. A NO or NOT YET from God is not meant to hurt you or the person going thru the pain & suffering; but meant to either test our faith that He knows what's best for us, or to stop the pain & suffering of that loved one. When you have an open-mind about life, you can see with Spiritual eyes that death is not always a bad thing. God still shows His love thru our death. He loves enough not to want to see a sick or dying person suffer anymore pain. There's so much more I could say on this topic, but I will leave it there. When we don't receive the things that we want in life, it's not because God doesn't care, but because He does care. The things that WE think will be good for us, are not not always the best for us in the long run. You may not have gotten that job that you prayed about because God saw in advance what you would have to endure & is making you wait til something better is presented. You may not be rich, because God knows that you would not know how to handle all of that money. You may think you would do great things with it, but God sees in advance.  My Spiritual Eye sees things differently, and that's what keeps me going; because if I looked @ the world with JUST my physical eyes...I would not have any hope to go on. Just some things to think about. I would never push my faith & spirituality on anyone----I just am not ashamed to show or talk about my Spirituality. I don't have time for Religion, because in MY OPINION, there's no peace in Religion--- but my faith & spirituality is what keeps me grounded, and it will always give me the inner peace that I need. God bless you all & may you be blessed by my thoughts-
Ms. Kaye:

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