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Hi, welcome me? yea? lol

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  • Interests:Well i wont sound like a super spirtiual person but God yes without him i wouldnt be here and when i say God. i mean Christ jesus, the king of kings, lord of Lords- But second would be my Dog- (sadie) and MUSIC! christian nonchristian.. Lana Del Rey is my fav right now! :)

hi, my name is Danny, i live in South orange county in southern california. I am 33 years old. I am here in hopes to connect with like minded believers. I am not the tridional believer. I listen and follow pastor prince from new creation church since hearing about the message of Grace which is "Chris jesus". I am here in hopes to have people continually pray for me.. i want my gifts of the spirit to be more refinded. I want the gift of "Discerning of spirits". I have some of it right now... i have the ability to sense emotions and energies ....its something but its not totally clear. So yea, thats about it.


i welcomed all prayers

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Hi there,so nice to meet you. I'm new here also. I'm praying that you may have the ability to discern the spirits.and That the lord jesus lead you in all things guiding and directing your every step. In Jesus name I pray.amen
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Welcome 80, I have never heard of people sensing a person's emotions and energies. Perhaps people are different but I occasionally sense something is peoples' eyes, their expressions on their faces, and their posture. Perhaps I do not have the correct gift, but it has seemed to serve as a warning to protect me at times. Often I have been able to discern those seeking to deceive Christians, such as some TV evangelists who just want money.
Please do not confuse spiritual gifts with the occult. Spiritual gifts are powered by God's love. Fake gifts are often for personal gain to lure people away from God, or to do evil. They are powered by satan. The occult talks about "auras", like some eastern religions. This is not a Christian practice to my understanding. The gifts are not ours, so much, as God's to use in situations to strengthen the church. We are His servents or tools that He uses to build her.

I do pray that you receive genuine gifts from God the Holy Spirit so that He may be glorified.

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Hello Danny and welcome to Worthy.

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