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Odd, cheap combinations that work - post yours here

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An interesting breakfast. Try this:


Two Weetabix bricks (or Ruskets)


Four eggs


Crunch the weetabix to a powder. Add to beaten eggs. Mix. Fry in a little oil with a pinch of pepper or spice of your choice.

Serve with tea or coffee.



This wheaty scrambled egg is a filling breakfast. It has the right combination of protein, fat and carbs. If it is too dry for you, serve with grilled tomatoes.






An alternative sandwich is the Brussels Sprouts and Grated cheese sandwich. The sprouts have to be boiled very soft first.

I'll leave that for you to devise the exact proportions yourselves but believe me it tastes good.




Bubble and squeak - the old way.


Great for leftovers. Take all the vegetables and mashed potatoes that you didn't serve at dinner and scrape them out of the bottom of the saucepan (the ideal combo is mashed potato with cabbage). Squash them and mould them into blocks or thick pancakes. Fry on all sides until browned.


Cheap but tasty. Waste not, want not!




Pie and peas - with a pork pie.


Depending on the size of the pie, microwave for two to three minutes or oven bake for around ten to fifteen minutes. The hot pie will probably split. Serve with hot mushy peas and gravy. Stir plenty of vinegar into the peas whilst heating up. Serve with or without fluffy mashed potato. Sprinkle lots of ground white pepper on top.


A nice, filling hot snack.


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