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Protection Issue

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Hi All!

Shortly after President Seessy made his vows on Sunday, the Egyptian citizens who voted for him (most of whom were women) went out in the public squares to celebrate. Guess what happened? 6 guys attacked a girl in the public square and raped her. They left her between life and death. They were caught afterwards of course, but while in that state of life and death, the girl's family and friends spent like 12 hours searching for a hospital to take her in and not a single hospital would. When one hospital finally agreed to take her in, a fanatic doctor (a woman of course) who followed the Muslim Brothers and their regime made fun of her, and refused to treat her. Instead, she got all the male doctors to come and see her that way: naked, bleeding, and between life and death. All she said was, "Let your Seessy save you now!"

Anyway, I was having a debate on facebook with a friend of mine on facebook about protection weapons... like pepper sprays or sprays containing sulfuric acid, or guns even. She asked this question: "Would it be wrong to get an electric shock in case I'm faced with harassment or would it be considered as a sign of mistrust in God's ability to protect me?" 

Well, I have an opinion about that and of course none of her friends or mine liked it, but the reason I have it is from a personal experience: God has always been my protector. I walk through the valleys of the shadow every day of my life... but He has always shown me that He is kind, just, and loving... He has always protected me. Let me tell you what I said to this girl, and then I would love to here what you think about that matter:


My 1st Response: Don't take this the wrong way but this my personal opinion. See, I can easily make a pepper spray or put some sulfuric acid in a sprayer and carry it along or even get a gun! But that seems to me like saying, "Ok God, I know you are powerful and can protect me but I still need to handle this my own way" so yea, if I carry my own 'protective' weapon is like saying that I do not feel sure that God is protecting me ALL the time. There are plenty of women who carry guns in the US and still get raped...


My Friend's Response:

I believe I must ask (like literally pray for protection) but i choose to have a permanent solution that won't really harm just so I could run...a v v simple example is if I'm going to a camp I take Off cuz I know there will be Mosquitoes n I wanna protect myself from their bites


My 2nd Response: I think Mosquitoes and humans are quite different. Mosquitoes attack because it is in their nature and to survive. Humans attack when they follow evil. God definitely protects us from the latter. The former, well if you are allergic, God has made it possible for humans to invent stuff and chemicals that should help us!


Another person's Response:

Mariam, the world is evil. We have been put in the world that is controlled by the devil.
Why do you close your windows before you go to sleep? Cuz God gave you a mind that tells you which actions are safe and which are not according to the evil that i
s in the world. As there are thieves, there are harassers.. If we don't use our minds to think of ways to protect ourselves, God will blame us for being too dependent on him


My 3rd Response: 

Using your mind would make you be careful while you're walking on the street and not to go alone face evil by choice. Using your mind means that you need to dress properly in certain places and when alone (like veiled ladies if that's what it takes) so that you wouldn't be that one to blame in the end. That is using your mind. My protection... my sole protection is the Lord.... that doesn't mean I do not act wisely. After all, the Lord wants us to be wise NOT violent.


Thus says the LORD : “Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, Let not the mighty man glory in his might, Nor let the rich man glory in his riches; But let him who glories glory in this, That he understands and knows Me, That I am the LORD, exercising lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness in the earth. For in these I delight,” says the LORD. (Jeremiah 9:23, 24 NKJV)


Accordingly, that other person did not like my opinion and ended the debate there by saying that the verse is irrelevant to the 'wisdom' she meant, and is irrelevant to the whole topic, and that it is only my opinion and I should keep it to myself...


Guys, you tell me your opinions as scholars of the bible and strong believers and followers of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.


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Well, God can use your Pepper Spray too, as part of His protection.


He loves you just as much - with or without Pepper Spray

He knows your Heart just as much - with or without Pepper Spray

He protects you just as much - with or without Pepper Spray



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I carry a hand held tazer on my belt. It puts out 2.5 mil volts, and if used correctly (surprise is good!), it is a very effective means of defense. I used it last year with a guy who had his had on a large knife in his pocket (I could see it) and was threatening me. The nature of my work sometimes includes law enforcement and anti poaching (for which i use a gun).


Buy a tazer (or pepper spray) by all means, but have some training on how to use it. You have to be decisive and assertive. If you just wave it about someone is going to take it away from you and use it against you. And believe me, they hurt. I tazered myself and I know....


God wants you safe.



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You need to do as God tells you in your heart, and your friends need to do as God tells them.
It is relatively safe where I live but I avoid parts of the town where shootings often occur. I also drive to my destination. When I was younger I used to walk 5 miles a day without fear.

Were I in your situation I would at least carry pepper spray. But I would also trust God to warn me not to go someplace, or that I was in danger. He usually takes my peace away when I should not do something. So much depends on how closely you walk with God and if you can understand His warnings. Whatever you do should be done in faith.

I trust God to direct my paths, but I was attacked by dogs when I was walking, and without warning from behind. After my wounds healed, I was attacked again by one that kept circling me with fangs bared. The owner got it under control without a bite, but I would have used pepper spray if I had it. I am not afraid of dogs and have always had one or two. But some dogs are dangerous. And people are like dogs. Some are kind but some would do us great harm.
While I turn the other cheek when I am insulted and return with kindness, there are times when it would be foolishness to do so. There is a time to stand our ground when it no longer glorifies God and we are viewed by bullies to be a coward. We need great wisdom. But God will fill me with the Holy Spirit and power when He wants me to take a stand. And He would show me what to do and say as well. He has done this in the past. With great authority, pointing my finger at him, I blessed the bully with Aaron's blessing: The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make His face shine upon you, The Lord lift up His countinance upon you and give you peace. Then I told him that while we have been good neighbors to him, he also needs to learn to be a good neighbor. He turned around and left muttering curses under his breath while his wife laughed at him. A short time later she divorsed him and they sold their house.

The wife of a missionary to northern Uganda was attacked with a mechete and raped. She got aides from it. God allows some of us to become martyrs.
Our laws and police still protect us here in the USA. So that is a great advantage. It would be illegal here for someone to be taken to the hospital and not be treated when they are bleeding profusely. The doctors may lose their license to practice and the hospital could be sued for a great deal of money.

But If your attackers might claim that you attacked them without reason, and the police support them, It might be better to do nothing. Perhaps it would be safer to use the veil most of the time when you go out. God gives wisdom and common sense as well. You might ask your father what he would recommend. It would be an honer to him to ask. I am sure your parents are concerned for you.
Praying for your safety,



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"Deliver me, O my God, out of the hand of the wicked, out of the hand of the unrighteous and cruel man." Psalms 71:4

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I understand and know that the saints (law abiding citizens) are in a spiritual battle.  In this spiritual battle we do not fight against flesh and blood nor with carnal (earthly or man made weapons) in this spiritual warfare against the devil and his army.  But the saints of God in this spiritual battle have to put on the armor of God none the less for protection and take a stand. 


But sometimes the battle with the devil becomes "physical" and the devil will use people sinners (the lawless citizens) to destroy and wreck havoc in our personal lives as well as our societies.  Just as God uses people in real life to minister healing, encouragement, protection, any of the things we need to keep us built up and strong in the faith.


There is no shame, nor lack of faith, nor sin, nor any wrong-doing in a person life who is a believer in the Almighty God not to defend or arm themselves should the battle become a physical one.  In the current days we are living in violence will continue to increase and safety is something one should be mindful of because of the evil.  The Word of God says that "safety is of the Lord".  I believe that applies both in the spiritual realm as well as in the natural realm.  We have to take a stand in both the spiritual realm and the physical realm at times it's best to be prepared either way.     


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Thank you guys. That was very helpful and enlightening

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