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Under the evolutionism,do the western world still believe in GOD?

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Under the evolutionism,do the western world still believe in GOD?

Recent days I watched a lot of documentaries about the nature (from BBC and discovery channel),and all I heard is evolution, evolution, and evolution.

So when I awake in morning,2 questions come to my mind:

1-      all are the evolution,so there is totally no GOD

2-      and then I aware that a person get this kind of information day by day,year by year,it is almost impossible to him to believe in GOD



in china,lots of people hate Darwin’s theory,bcs the atheism(which is based on Darwinism)almost destroy our morality,and make china extremely corrupt,bcs the evolution,and we are just animals ,the very purpose of our life is just the survive and make our DNA pass down,so we do not need any morality,for survive,the Chinese can do anything evil (as evil as you can image)to earn money ,and according to evolution,you can not say it is worng, and also bcs of evolution(which brings  atheism),people do not believe in gods anymore(the traditional china is polytheism) ,and do not fear the punishment from gods any more,the sinful nature of human being is like an opening Pandora's box ------as terrible as you can image.

So when lots of Chinese aware the consequence of evolutionism ,they became the most radical anti-evolutionism,and the strong controversy about the evolutionism lasting for a long time in Chinese forum.

surprisely, the most strong evidence the evolutionists give,are come from US,which we think the Christian nation,look at these:







so my question is how can a person ,whom raised in evolutionism and living in evolutionism,believ in GOD?frankly to say ,the reason I believe in GOD is bcs I see the deadly consequence of atheism,but the people in western world do not have such experience and understanding,so although the mainstream of western is still be proclaimed as the Christian,but is it only the tradition,not the real faith?




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Greetings silvia, I live in america and I believe on The Lord Jesus Christ. I say the only thing that has evolved is the thinking of people, but in reality nothing is new under the sun and even back in Jesus' time the greeks had thier philosophy. I too do not like darwins theories, but I did hear before darwin died, he repented and recieved Jesus. I do not know if thats true, but we will just have to wait to find out. Not everyone in the western world is athiest. There are many who still hold faith in Jesus in the west. Yes, a lot of them are pretenders but there are a lot of genuine brothers and sisters here still. The athiest teachings are in schools here and the athiests try to get christians to not pray in schools. So basicly if someone grows up without parents teaching them what it says in the bible, they can very easily be taught the lies that we evolved from monkeys. And that could be the only teaching they really know of. I am concerned that soon the western world will learn of what you speak of silvia, because Godlessness is growing here. I am praying for God to pour out a spirit of repentance on the people here. I do pray for china too as I know persecution over there already exsists.



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Sylvia, when I was young we were still taught about God somewhat it school. We sang our national hymns which spoke of God. Prayer was still allowed. And evolution was taught as a theory, not as fact. My biology teacher told us that he was required to teach it but we didn't have to believe it.

I often jokingly say: if you think you decended from an ape, you may have been.
If you think you were made in the likeness of God, you probably are.

For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. Prov 23:7 NKJV I think it is appropriate even if it is out of context.



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The good thing is, we don't just have the written word of God, we have the Holy Spirit too. So while the Bible is the word of God and evolution is the word of Atheism, those who believe in evolution do not have the truth of any spirit.

It's possible to live in a society that preaches nothing but evolution and still believe in Jesus Christ, because the Holy Spirit can give conviction that can override any man-made doctrine.

I can read books on evolution until the cows come home and still not find it convincing.

But, I don't because I choose not to. I'm more interested in the active biology of plants and animals than I am in the boring drudgery of fossils and extinct species.

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