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Wisdom from Above

Dr. Charles Stanley

June 9, 2018

Better understanding

"Forsake your folly and live, and

proceed in the way of understanding."

Proverbs 9:6

Each of us faces the same challenge every day-to look beyond what

we can see to what God perceives, to understand our circumstances

from His viewpoint, and to faithfully choose His direction. This is one

of the reasons it is so important to have a daily quiet time-because we

need constant reminders of His truth. We require continual exposure to

the Word and its testimony of God's character.

After all, no one is wiser than the Creator of all things when it

comes to knowing how you can live a successful life on this earth. No

one has deeper understanding about how you can have a healthy and

productive life than the God who formed your body. No one has a more

profound comprehension of your potential than the Lord who molded

your inmost being and caused you to be born in your particular circumstances.

No one could possibly have a better plan for you than He does.

After all, He created all natural resources and everything of real value

on this earth-including the gifts and talents that you possess. No one

has a greater stake in seeing you trained and successful than the One

who bled on the cross for your redemption. Certainly, if He gave so

much for you, He would lead you in the best way possible and never

deny anything you truly need (Romans 8:32).

Friend, each day will bring you numerous opportunities to assert

God's wisdom over your own. Don't rely on your own limited knowledge.

That only leads to trouble. Rather, continuously train your mind, heart,

and spirit with His truth. Then you can proceed with confidence on the

path of His understanding and live.

Father, You are God! You know and understand all things! I choose

Your wisdom above my own. May I honor You with my life.



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