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Wisdom from Above

Dr. Charles Stanley

June 12, 2018


Truthful lips be established forever.

Proverbs 12:19

Do the people who really know you see you as a person of integrity?

When they describe you, do they talk about your truthfulness

and trustworthiness? Are they inclined to believe and heed what you say

when they need counsel?

We live in a culture that tends to obscure the facts and deny reality.

People say one thing but really believe another; and it seems that everyone

has his or her own version of what is right. It can be difficult to

know whom to trust and whom to listen to. But the reality is that the

truth does not have versions, and integrity is a major issue in the eyes

of God. His desire is that we would be people who represent Him well,

with honesty, transparency, dependability, and hearts set on doing what

is right. He wants us to be the kind of people who speak the truth in

love-not to wound, but so others can be set free and healed ( Hebrews 12:13).

Friend, it is so frustrating when others won't listen to us, but often

we teach them to do so by lacking integrity in our interactions with

them. Is this the case for you? Do others treat you as less than trustworthy?

Begin changing that today by being a person of your word, but

also by being a person of God's Word. To build and maintain your integrity,

submit yourself to the Lord and walk in righteousness. Don't protect

yourself with dishonesty; instead, arm yourself with the Sword of

the Spirit, which is the Word of God. Surround yourself with honorable

people and learn from them. Trust the Lord in everything you do,

and confess your failures. In this way, God will establish you as a person

people can count on for truth and good counsel.

Lord, I want to be a person of integrity. Help me to walk in Your

truth so others can count on me so I can represent You well.





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