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Hamburgers and the Antichrist

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Omegaman 3.0



How much water, does it take, to make a cheeseburger?

It takes 68 gallon of water for the bun. It takes water to grow wheat for the flour.

One slice of tomato, 3 gallons.

Slice of lettuce, 1.5 gallons.

Slice of cheese, 56 gallons. Water to grow the feed that feeds the cow that makes the milk, that gets turned into cheese.

That patty of hamburger? 616 gallons. Water grow the feed for the beef steer, as well as for the animal itself.

That is 744.5 gallons of water, and that is not even counting pickles and onions, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise!

Think then about how this sort of thing, and how that relates to other food we eat. 25% of the nation's (the United States) food, comes from California. California is experiencing a drought, plus water projects are being curtailed, so there is less water available, in addition to the drought problem. 


Dams are being destroyed, and floodgates opened, so that reservoirs are being drained such that the water is not used for growing food, or for industry, or for drinking water, it is just allowed to drain into the ocean.

All of this also, leads to unemployment. Unemployed people get federal  and state assistance, so others then pay taxes to pay for the consequences of the water problems in California.

Food prices rise due to shortages. Those unemployed people, can't afford to fix their cars, nor their homes, nor even to buy clothes, & they also are not paying taxes, not supporting local businesses.

This leads to more unemployment, truckers lose their jobs, since there are less goods being made, sold, and transported. See how one thing leads to another and another?


We are so crazy here (we meaning legislators in California pressured by environmental groups, and federal environmental laws) that we are spending 4 million dollars per fish, trying to restore a native population of salmon, that has been gone for about 100 years.

I do not know, what the solution is to these problems, but the problems are far reaching. It is not just California, it is also the world. A lot of the food, and other products that used to come from California, are decreasingly being produced.

This, and the unemployment, the costs of doing business in California due to water shortages and oppressive regulations (which are largely environmental in nature) but also other things, is hampering the economy of California.

These things cause the government of California, and counties and cities there, to raise taxes.

All of these things, force people to leave the state. They then go to other states. This migration then leads to an increase in the cost of housing for the citizens of these other states.

It also, creates some food shortages for them, so food prices rise. These new people, also need employment, so that means that there is more competition for jobs in these other states, which of course increases unemployment in those states as well.

It is hard for me not to consider, how all these things are inter-connected. These kinds of related factors are not just California, they go on world wide. This being the case, is it that hard to imagine that a series of unrelated events, or perhaps a few natural disasters, could ultimately tip the scales and send the world into a sense of desperation with , people wanting a solution to the mounting problems?

Enter the future antichrist.

Maybe this (or a scenario like this) will usher him in. Don't worry  though, these things will happen, they must happen.

We may desire to seek solutions to these problems, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, eventually, hard times and the antichrist are coming, all in the timing of God.

If you are a Christian, try not to be too anxious, as God has everything under His control, nothing escapes His notice. He works all things together for good, to those who love Him, and are called, according to His purpose.

Cheer up saints, it is going to get worse! Luke 21:28

Note: Much of the information in this post, derives from a video called Dead Harvest - Made by National Alliance for Environmental Reform, and it can be found on YouTube


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Perhaps people should be funneled toward McDonald's for their burger consumption, I would guess that they use a water substitute or something along those lines to cultivate their burger ingredients.

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1 minute ago, Steve_S said:

Perhaps people should be funneled toward McDonald's for their burger consumption, I would guess that they use a water substitute or something along those lines to cultivate their burger ingredients.

It is  chance, to promote soy burgers Steve!

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Just now, Omegaman 3.0 said:

It is  chance, to promote soy burgers Steve!

Lol, why someone would call a soy sandwich a burger is beyond me!

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