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Ten Power Exhortations - March 2, 2019

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Albert Finch


It is just as Jesus said, "Abide in Me and let My words abide in you and you shall ask..." Our intimacy with God gives way to heavenly authority in our lives to pray as Jesus asked us to pray, "His Kingdom come and will be done on earth as it is in Heaven..."

God desires His Kingdom to expand through us. As we learn to live as habitations of God, filled with His Presence and glory, His authority will be released through our lives in such a way that a glory atmosphere will be released displacing the works of darkness.

God dwells inside of us. With this, we are seated in the heavenly realms looking down upon the earth armed with the authority of Christ. God has us above all things and has come to dwell inside of us, with the motive of exploding inside out of us, the intimacy and authority of Christ inside of us bringing forth manifestations of His glory.




The disciples did not just pray and sit around waiting for God to enter the "playing field" to convert the world on His own. They went out into the world so that the Holy Spirit might go into the World.

"The Lord worked with them." - Mark 16:20




You are cut from the Rock of Christ, "Who is and was and who is to come" (Revelation 1:8).

Do you realize you were mined from the quarry of God's heavenly Kingdom?
It's the enemy's plan to keep you focused on your earthly life with its earthly circumstances and your earthly past consisting of your earthly trials and your earthly history. But God wants your focus to be on Him – His plan and His Kingdom.

In Isaiah 51:12-13, God says to us, "I, yes I, am the One who comforts you. So why are you afraid of mere humans, who wither like the grass and disappear? Yet you have forgotten the Lord, your Creator, the One who stretched out the sky like a canopy and laid the foundations of the earth. Will you remain in constant dread of human oppressors? Will you continue to fear the anger of your enemies?..."




If we are to experience God's presence, we must engage in more definite and persevering prayer.





Nothing that I seek is as satisfying to my soul, no other answer as beneficial, as seeing Christ with the eyes and understanding of my inner man.

I remember that when Jesus arose, I arose. When He came out of hell and defeated the enemy, I came out of hell and defeated the enemy. His victory is my victory because I am in Him.

I refuse to relinquish any of my God-promised territory! My faith is tough, resistant, persistent, obstinate, and stubborn.





As soon as we're saved we are "to be discipled" so we can be disciples doing what Jesus did. Then, we GO and equip more disciples (Matthew 28). We move out of the church building into the works of the Kingdom!




We are to become history-makers and world-changers. God has determined the exact time of our births. Truly, each one of us is in the Kingdom for such a time as this (see Esther 4:14).  We were placed on earth for a special assignment (our DESTINY in Christ). (Ephesians 2:10).



When God gives us less than we desire, it is not because He is teaching us poverty; He is teaching us thankfulness.



Plead the honor and glory of God's name. Throughout the Bible, this is one of the main appeals that intercessory priestly people made before God. They reminded God of His name and glory and appealed for Him to act on behalf of His name.
We must develop an attitude where praise becomes our protection all the time as you bring God around us. Sometimes we are making melody to the Lord. Sometimes we may need to praise God in our mind. Whatever we are doing, we are just going through the whole day with God.

"I will praise thee forever...- Psalm 52:9




It generally takes about five exposures to the Gospel message before a person accepts Christ; this is most easily done in the context of a friendship.




At times there seems to be a stone wall in front of us. Everything seems as black as midnight, and there is nothing left but confidence in God; fidelity and confidence to believe that He will not fail, indeed cannot fail.

"He drew me up from the desolate pit, out of the miry bog, and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure." - Psalm 40:2




I am not designed to drift -- I am designed for destiny.

I seek God for my destiny, and don't lose sight of the heavenly vision.

I carry within me the resurrection power of Christ -- I have the power to BECOME.

I am ready to expand my reality and become the destiny for which I have been predestined.





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