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Things the Bible does not say about the end times.

Someone who read this list elsewhere, suggested that I post this in my blog, so here it is:

Things some people say (which the Bible DOES NOT) about the End Times
Notice, that this list, does not establish any end times theory, it tries to prove nothing. It does not even attack a theory, or attempt to refute one. 
What it does attempt to do, is to get people to ask themselves, why they believe certain things, that the Bible never says.
So basically, in between the lines I am asking: 
If we believe certain things that are not stated in the scripture, and claim that we believe them because that is what scripture teaches, aren't we in principle adding to the words of scripture?
Furthermore, if we teach these things as though they are true, does that make us false teachers?
So, what things do I claim the Bible does not teach? 
Following is a short list:
1. It does not say there will be a Rapture of the Churchwhich occurs before the Great Tribulation.
2. It does not refer to a 7 year period as the Great Tribulation. (See Matt 24:21 & Rev 7:14)
3. It does not say that the Holy Spirit is missing from the Earth at any time during the Great Tribulation.
4. It does not refer to the Great Tribulation, as the wrath of God.
5. It does not say that Jesus will return secretly or invisibly to take His Church.
6. It does not say that no man will ever know the time (the day or hour) of His coming.
7. It does not say that Jesus can return at any moment.
8. It does not say that Jesus will return like a thief in the night for His church.
9. It does not say that believers will not be in the great tribulation, or skip suffering and persecution, or even death.
10. The Bible does not say the Rapture is the Blessed Hope. (Titus 2:13) 

11. The Bible does not say that Jesus will return as a thief in the night, in any context that necessitates a pre-tribulation return.
12. It is often said: The Rapture is Jesus coming for His church, the Second Coming is Jesus coming with His church. Those definitions may be workable, however the Bible does not say there is a multi-year interval between those events.
13. The Bible does not say, that there are 144,000 evangelists or witnesses, during the tribulation.
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Guest RockWater777


the bible does not mention the word "trinity" or "faith healing" either but does that mean that it isn't true?

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Amen Omegaman! And Bravo!

Your list reminds me of something I shared recently - https://pressingintomaturity.blogspot.com/2019/01/where-do-i-belong.html

I've been teaching such Truth for many years now, and aside from a remnant, I am dismissed by many. 

And to RockWater777's question above... There is no "trinity" as is usually defined in modern Christendom, there is far too much Scripture to prove the True relationship between the Father and the Son to oppose the 2 verses commonly used to argue that they are equal, or even the same being. 

God's wisdom and understanding to us all.
Peace & Blessings,


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On 5/11/2019 at 4:28 AM, Guest RockWater777 said:

the bible does not mention the word "trinity" or "faith healing" either but does that mean that it isn't true?

Hi HiRockWater777, thank you for your reply. Of course I am not saying that the Triniy is wrong etc. and that is not my argument nor point. For example, the word trinity is missing, but the concept is not. There is only one God, is a Bible truth. There is a person, known as the Father, that is said to be God, that is a Bible truth. There is a person, called the Word, and the Son, and Jesus, and that person is said to be God. There is the Holy Spirit, who is also said to be God, and is also a person. If there is only one God, and there are three persons who are God, there are a couple possible options from that, if these ideas are not to contradict themselves.

One is, that these three persons, are not really separate, but are merely different names for God, or they are different modes that God operates in. However, we see times in the Bible, where these persons speak to each other, etc, so we know they are distinct.

To me, that leaves one option, the three persons are the one God, what we call the Trinity.

With those 13 points I made about ideas that are not contained in scripture, well, they are just not from scripture, whereas the trinity is. The Trinity is not being constructed to support a theology, the theology of the trinity, is directly evidenced from the scripture. Those 13 things, are ideas that some people hold, which are NOT contained in the scriptures, but scriptures are appealed to to try to manufacture support for an idea, that while it may be appealing, does not come from scripture, but from those who invented or who have come to follow the ideas, independent of scriptural evidence.

I am not saying that they are necessarily wrong, or that I can prove that they are wrong, I am just noting the fact, that they do not arise out of scripture, they are just inferred by some.

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