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Every Day

in His


Dr. Charles Stanley

October 27, 2016

Finding God

Teach me Your way, O Lord,

And lead me in a level path.

Psalm 27:11

Most people don't like to admit when they don't know something.

Even if it means going in circles for hours, many of us would rather

stumble upon the right answer ourselves than ask for help.

The same can be said of our Christian walk. We may believe that

the Father has a specific purpose for our lives and unique blessings

set aside for us, and yet not seek Him to tell us what He has planned.

But how can we arrive at God's destination if we do not consult the

only One who knows where we are going and how to get there?

Friend, God's will is not something that you can find through

trial and error. Rather, you discover it through your intimate relationship

with Him-through prayer and Bible study as you strive to

know Him better.

If you have been on a quest to "find God" or "track down His

will," stop searching and simply talk to Him. He knows where you

are, and He knows exactly where you need to go. No road map

could promise more.

Father, may I not waste precious time

wandering when I can go directly to You

and seek direction for my life, amen




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