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Every Day

in His


Charles F. Stanley

Choose To Worship

Exalt the Lord our God and worship at His footstool

Psalm 99:5

If worship is the utmost expression of who we are as believers, why

does it seem so difficult to fall at God's feet and genuinely adore

Him? Why is it easier to complain about life's problems rather than

voice our praises?

One reason is pride-we focus on ourselves rather than on our

wonderful Savior. Another is sin-we insist on meeting our needs

in our way instead of trusting the Lord. Yet these are the very issues

that cause us to feel weak, trapped, depressed, dirty, and forsaken.

But when you worship in humility, repentance, and obedience,

you find a deep, abiding, and life-giving freedom. You focus on

God and see His holy splendor, unlimited power, unfaltering wisdom

and unfathomably deep love for you. You encounter the joy of

forgiveness and realize His faithful care for all your needs.

Friend, do not allow your rebellious heart to lead you away

from God. Return to your heavenly Father today and worship Him

in sincerity, humility, and repentance. Enter into His wonderful

presence and experience the One you were created to enjoy.

Lord, I confess my sins and worship You in

humility and sincerity. You are God and

fully worthy of all my praise, amen.

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