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I've been looking at the book of Malachi because of the similarities of that time period and today. For a bit of background, the Israelites had returned to Jerusalem after their Babylonian captivity. They had completed the rebuilding of the temple and the walls around the city. Times were hard. They were struggling to build up a city of independant people. And to make matters worse, since they were under Persian rule they had to pay taxes.

Time went on and the people murmured. The priests, who were suposed to be the voice of God, who were supposed to warn the people when they disobeyed God, were themselves being disobediant. Worse, they were teaching falsehoods to the people. Sorta like some do now. They were in the business for themselves, to pad their own pockets. The people turned from God's ways, and questioned Him. God, why do you allow this to happen? Why do you not hear our prayers? Why have you abandoned us? A lot like today, I think. Well, in Malachi He answers the people, loud and clear, and that answer holds true for today.

Malachi is actually a love letter from God to an unrepentant nation. It begins with with the Lord answering the unrecorded question of "Why don't you love us?" He begins with "I have loved you." Apparently they balked at that because God went on to explain how it was that He did, in fact, love them. This is the famous "I have loved Jacob, but Esau I have hated."

The way I interpret this, is that Esau thought little of what God gave him, which was his birthright. He casually threw it away as if it meant nothing and was of less value than a bowl of soup. What exactly is a birthright? Back then it was everything. It meant authority and leadership. It meant your future. For lack of a better word, it meant your destiny. Spiritually speaking, it is all that the Lord Jesus offers us, when we are born again, and this, I think, is why God said that he hated Esau. He was tossing out the spiritual offering for one of flesh.

He goes on to address the priests who apparently have questioned God's treatment of them. God answers with, "A son honors his father and a servant his master. If I am a father where is the honor due me? If I am a master, where is the respect due me? It is you, priests, who show contempt for Me."

wow - powerful words. He goes on to uncover the mess they have made of worship. They offered blemished sacrifices to God and kept the best for themselves, then wondered why God ignored their prayers. But you know, the thing is, God wanted their love. Their sacrifices showed what was in their hearts. They were performing their functions out of duty, not love. He wanted them to want to be with Him. It's what He wants today. How can man turn cold toward the Creator of the universe? How can we let our fires grow dim? We do - and always have. Even 400 years before Christ came men were shaking their fists at God, asking why He was so unfair to them. And all that time, and this, God is waiting, waiting for us to return to Him.

In chapter 2, verse 17 He says, "You have wearied the Lord with your words, by saying all who do evil are good in the eyes of the Lord and He is pleased with them." or, "Where is the justice?"

Sounds like today with all those that claim that God is to blame for everything. What a decadent time we live in. All the atrocities that happen on a daily basis, the immorality, the accpetance of filth and smut in our homes via televion and magazines and books and entertainment venues. We sit back and say that it must be ok because Joe down the street does the same thing and he goes to the same church I do, so if it's ok for him, then it's ok for me. We rationalize our sins and lifestyle. All the while, God is wanting us to return to Him.

You know, in this book God says to return to the wife of your youth. Ever wonder what that means? Remember how it was when you first fell in love and that person was the whole world to you? How she/he stared intently into your eyes when you spoke and laughed at all your jokes and held your hand at all the right moments. Remember how they were the center of your universe and all decisions were made with that one person in mind because you didn't want them left out of anything? Of course He is talking here about hating divorce but it is becasue of what divorce means. It is the breaking of a covenant, which is abhorrent to God. But God's word has layered meanings as well. He does not want us to break from Him. He wants us to return to Him, as to the love of our youth, full of passion and fire and loyalty.

The book of Malachi is a prophetic book, announcing the coming Savior, and the second coming. It is a warning of judgement. It is a book of love, proclaiming God's love for us, and His desire for his people.

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This is really good. Just joined and im happy that this is the first thing i was blessed to see. Everytime i read Malachi i always focus on verse 3:10. In my opinion tithing is a very important thing, and sometimes, as with the people of Iseral, we wonder why God hasnt blessed us with this/that. Well he clearly tells us in his word that we cheat him in our tithes and offering. What are your opinions on tithing?

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This is really good. Just joined and im happy that this is the first thing i was blessed to see. Everytime i read Malachi i always focus on verse 3:10. In my opinion tithing is a very important thing, and sometimes, as with the people of Iseral, we wonder why God hasnt blessed us with this/that. Well he clearly tells us in his word that we cheat him in our tithes and offering. What are your opinions on tithing?

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In Luke 6:35 but love ye your enemies, and do good and lend hoping for nothing again: and your reward shall be great and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil. 36) Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful. 38) Give and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom, For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.

This passages is not talking about giving to a pastor but it is talking about giving to anyone that ask. It says by the same measure you meet to even youir enemies it will be given back to you.

Also In Luke 6:30 Jesus makes it more plainly to us He says: Give to every man that ask of thee: and of him that take away thy goods ask them not again

Also John the Baptist explained in more detail of how followers of Christ should be living. In Luke 3:10-14 And the people asked him what shall we do then? 11)He answered and said unto them He that hath two coats. Let him impart to him that hath none: and he that hath meat let him do likewise 12) Then came also publicans to be baptized and said unto him, Master, what shall we do? 13) And he said unto them Exact no more that that which is appointed you. 14)And the soldiers likewise demanded of him saying, and what shall we do? And he said unto them Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely, and be content with your wages.

Our Titthes and offering by the Word of God goes to each other not the pastors because Jesus Christ has already paiid the price

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Good blog. I like your statement that God wanted their love. How can we forget God's greatest commandment so easily? What an offer that God wants us to love Him.

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It is easy in today's world to put God on the backburner. We have so many blessings that should point us to God, but instead they seem to be curses. Instead of giving God our all. Giving him our time, our hearts, our talents. We live God with the leftovers. Shame on us. Shame on me. I recently went more indepth on the subject of leftovers from Malachi. I do not want to take over the comments section, but you can read it


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What always kills me is how people always question God, but never questions themselves or other people. People who reject God, in my honest opinion are crying out for one. If their is no God, then why state you dont believe in one. It doest matter.

I look at the actions of people I see daily, and it lets me know its a god. Rape, murder, pedophiles, stealing and adultery. These sins wreck people entire lives, then we lowly humans have the audacity to say ignorant statements like, this happened on Gods watch. Then people who clearly dont know God, or question the bible from a worldly view point always say why did go allow this man childs to die.

Job was a righteous man, blameless and his children died.

Jacobs daugther Dinah was raped.

Cain killed Abel.

Gods ways are not are ways, nor in his thoughts our thoughts. There is nothing new under this sun, and their is no problem in our lives that Gods arm is not too weak or short to solve.

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I am a young man for now, 28, but I am getting older. I am praying to God, he can send me a helper, a wife. And I want god to be the foundation of the relationship. I have been single my entire life, and Im kinda tired of it. But, I am working with God. For some reason now God is comforting me. I pray to God more than I ever have. I have returned to him. I am not happy, but I am joyful, peacful and always thinking. I really dont know what is happening to me, or what God has planned for me, but I am waiting on him, and waiting paitently. This is a lonely world, a cold world and people are evil. But I know other followers and believers in Jesus Christ are going through the same firey trials.

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Guest Guest


Malachi is also a book that calls fathers to step up to the plate as the spiritual leaders in their homes. "Turning their hearts to their children" at its core is being intentional about the spiritual growth each child needs. Few men today give much attention to this issue. Very few have seen a good example.

What would the impact be on our homes, churches and nation if men would begin to read God's Word with their families?

Amos 8:11 talks about the Lord sending a famine to the land that would be "a famine of the hearing of the words of the Lord." That is a picture of most homes in America today, even Christian homes. Men expect driving their families to church to be enough.

Rise Up: For Men Who Want to Lead Boldly is a new book published by Eternal Matters that tackles this topic head on. www.RiseUpDad.com

The last words of Malachi are haunting... "or else I will come and strike the land with a curse." May the men in the church rise up and humbly, lovingly lead their homes, taking each member of their families back to the feet of Jesus.

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Great Job! A word for today for the people of today! I have found the same true in the book of Amos! God Bless you~

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Guest Guest_alake5_*


This is really good. Just joined and im happy that this is the first thing i was blessed to see. Everytime i read Malachi i always focus on verse 3:10. In my opinion tithing is a very important thing, and sometimes, as with the people of Iseral, we wonder why God hasnt blessed us with this/that. Well he clearly tells us in his word that we cheat him in our tithes and offering. What are your opinions on tithing?

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Guest Guestalake5


I am new to this site as well. This was a very good article. these serve as examples.We must learn from others mistakes,and correct our ways while we have time.

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You mentioned the priests in Malachi were like the priests of Today. Unfaithful wicked Shepherds.

Yes the priests were unfaithful to God, but so was King David and King Solomon.

But God still used them. Solomon slept with hundreds of women and burned incense to demons, yet God gave him more wisdom than any man. King David was the most famous King of Israel, a priest, a prophet, a king, and a writer of Sacred Scripture, a man after God's own heart, yet he shed much blood, and had one of his right hand noble men murdered so that he could get away with impregnating his wife. A great sinner yet God worked through him. So anyone who behaves scandalously doesnt necessarily mean they dont speak the truth or are not called instruments in God's hands.

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thankyou for your insight into Malachi.... It makes me sit up and realy understand the book more and how it relates to now and what we are seeing in our world

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I just joined and am excited to Learn more of wats going on in the world today I just finished the books called the left behind and loved them I just can't wait to see Jesus in all of his glory. I am 26 and just finished college i am a new Christian. I am learning more about God everyday and can't wait to write more books supporting the glorious works of God.

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These are exemplary remarks on your behalf.


It has to be an overwhelming experience for Elijah who has to deliver the news regarding the Lord's Day, especially considering that the vast majority completely rejects him.


I would imagine his struggle to be epic in proportion, fighting between hope and hopelessness in his faithful efforts to turn people. All those false prophets pretty much created a situation where there's so much going on that Elijah pretty much goes unnoticed.


Either way, he does it regardless because of his absolute devotional love for God.


The "Hidden Beauty"

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In Malachi 3:8, the Bible said;
Our tithe and offering is a symbol of appreciation to God and we must not neglect it when we are serving God. He is happy when we pay our tithes and offerings to Him.
 “Will a man rob God? Yet ye said, wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings.”
This topic may look unrealistic, a man to rob God, yet, it’s not far from the truth. Man  whom God created and gave dominion over all things after creation in Genesis 1:28 (Makes sure you read it with understanding) turned to be robber to his Maker, God I know you may be questioning, how can a man rob  God, the owner all everything? Yes, God owns everything but He still demand something from us as the act of worship and appreciation to Him. Man robs God in tithe and offering.
Now, what does the Scripture mean by this words; “Will a man rob God?”. Man may be  wondering, when did I rob God? But listen, God said you have robbed Him.
I am motivated to write this short post because, many Christians have neglected this aspect our service to God without knowing that  not paying their tithe and offering is stealing from God and he is not happy about it. He hates robbers, so  don’t be one of them, let there be a change of heart, learn to pay them and stop owing God.

What is tithe?
<>1.2.To tithe is to freely give one-tenth of one’s income annually to the Lord through His church.
Learn to give to God what is due to Him. Tithing is the act of reciprocating to God on what he did and what he is about to do for us. Don’t be a robber in the house of God; learn to pay your tithes unto the Lord.

Paying your tithe must surely cost you something, but never look at what you give as waste but see it as sacrifice. There is no sacrifice without gain. When you pay it consistently, God will  multiply your income more and  more, you will never lack anything good.
Remember, what you sow is what you will reap, remember, Cain and Abel in Genesis 4:1-5. Sow big to God and God will give you big.
Friend, I want to tell you that the first thing you must do before your tithes will be accepted is to first, give your life to God, let Jesus be your Lord, give Him first place in your life and in your service, I bet you, you will never regret your actions and your service to Him will be accepted.
Your tithes pleases God when your life pleased Him.
In 2 Corinthians 8:5,  it said; “And this they did, not as we hoped, but first gave their own salves to the Lord, and unto us by the will of God.”
You cannot be a getter when you are not a giver. Givers never lack.


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you wrote, '... God is waiting, waiting for us to return to Him.'.....


yet many today will die, today, this very hour, and not return to Him......

the good news of Malachi,

the good news of Jesus,

the good news of the Gospel ,

the good news of the NT,

the good news of the Torah,

the good news from God,


is ignored, and the wicked keep on being wicked,

while the righteous continue being righteous, just as it is written.

and most people everywhere never see nor know the difference ,  no,  not even in, and especially evil,  in churches.(because judgment begins in the house of God, as it is written)....


and only few repent, turn to God, to be saved....  the rest, instead of repenting, make excuses, are blind, and cannot see the error they live in.  and they support each other in their wickednesses, patting each other on the back, congratulating one another when one does 'especially' bad , but pretending to be 'good'.... (yes, in church, and online, and in government, and in business, and in corporations, and in banks.... wherever men are...)


without repentence there is no forgiveness of sin.

and men, instead of repenting, are building their sin up in towers,  showing off with it ! bragging that they sin !  flaunting their sin before God Himself saying "we are saved!   He has saved us!  "  truly believing they are saved, and being told they are saved,  until

the last and final day, when Jesus tells them otherwise, when it is too late for anyone to repent ...


like God says in Malachi, a few are saved, and He watches them and has a permanent record made of what they say when they meet together 2 or 3 and talk about Him.....  but


as it repeats in Revelation,  the multitudes go on in their wicked ways, daily wicked living without repenting, without even thinking of repenting,

never doing what God says to do ......

and (read it in Revelation)

everyone receives righteous judgment from God....

the wicked are punished with everlasting shame at the resurrection,

and the righteous are raised with glory in Jesus Christ to everlasting life....

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