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The rape of Europe

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Some people might not agree with the doctrine the present towards the end of the video ( pentecostal)

I think it's a very good historical and prophetical  movie about   Europe  ,this movie was  made years ago..

So ,what do you think , is Europe  the mystery Babylon?



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Hi Angels,

Personally  I believe from scripture that Europe is the centre for the `woman on the beast.` It will not be the political `beast` that is terrible, dreadful & different from all others, but it will be the Economic & Religious centre of the Global Government till it is moved to Shinar as the prophet Zechariah says. (Zech. 5: 11)  Shinar is Iraq & the Global Capital will be the rebuilt city of Babylon, where it will house the Political, Economic & Religious aspect of Government.

regards, Marilyn. 

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Hi Marilyn,

 My husband and me watched this a couple of hours ago ad we thought it was very interesting and of course we have to wait and see what really will happen...


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