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I Lift Up My


Dr. Charles Stanley

August 5, 2017

A New Beginning

John 4: 28-29

The woman then left her water pot, went her way into the city, and

said to the men, "Come, see a Man who told me all things that I ever

did. Could this be the Christ?"

There is nothing more hope-filled than being given a new beginning,

especially after we have suffered defeat. This is what God gives to those

who seek His forgiveness.

He provides a chance to begin again. While it is true that there are

consequences to sin, God will never condemn us for our bad choices (Rom. 8:1).

Nor will He leave us in the mess that our sin or doubt has created.

The key to living above your circumstances is realizing that God has

a plan for your life even when you make a mistake. He never stops loving

you, and He will never give up on you. He may not change the results of

a poor decision, but He certainly knows how to take a bad circumstance

and bring good out of it.

Jesus made a point of meeting with the woman at the well. From a

human perspective, her life was filled with failures. Jesus, however, only

saw potential. Even though the woman had been married several times,

Jesus did not hesitate to express His love for her.

While God's love for us is unconditional, it is not without responsibility.

Love like this demands our complete devotion. Jesus came so that this

woman-and each of us-might know and experience the eternal love of

God. We are transformed when we draw near to God's amazing love.

Oh, Father, Your love is so deep that I cannot comprehend it, yet I know

that it is that love that is transforming me. Thank You amen



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