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Activating Your Spiritual Mantle

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Albert Finch


2 Kings 2:8,9,13 - "And Elijah took his MANTLE and wrapped it together and smote the waters....And Elisha said, I pray thee, let a double portion of thy Spirit be upon me....He took up also the MANTLE of Elijah that fell from him, and went back and stood by the bank of the Jordan. And He took the mantle of Elijah that fell from him, and smote the waters."

The word "mantle" means, "That which is thrown on or around--a physical covering." An actual mantle, cloak or robe, is an article of clothing. It is typically large and loose-fitting. This long outer garment or topcoat was in all probability the mantle worn by Elijah and then Elisha in II Kings 2:8-14.

One of the most powerful of Bible stories, centered around a mantle, has a profound prophetic significance for us today. God wants to "throw" on us, and "throw" around us, a new, more complete spiritual mantle! It's time for us to do what Elisha did. 
It's time to ask and receive our new mantle. It's time for the "Doubling" to take place in our personal ministry to others also!

It's Time to Put On Your New Spiritual Mantle!


God wants to be your clothier. He wants to clothe you with your custom made, custom-fitted, spiritual MANTLE--all the power, gifting, and authority God has for you. It's time for you to become like Elisha.




1. Your new mantle is unique...no one else can successfully receive and effectively wear your anointing or mantle like you.

2. Your new mantle is all-inclusive...it contains everything you need to walk in the full power, gifting and authority of God for your life. Your mantle represents your spiritual DNA--who you really are or who you are to become. It contains all the spiritual resources necessary for you to walk out your DESTINY in Christ.

3. Your new mantle must be activated--Elisha immediately used his new mantle to "smote the waters." You need to activate your mantle today. How? Look for new opportunities to use this new power of God in your life.


Today, right now, ask God for your new personalized MANTLE--to outfit you with it. Ask Him to be your clothier. It's time for you to experience what Elisha did--to get your new and even more powerful mantle. Amen!




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A couple of years ago, I had a experience in the presence of the Lord where it felt as if someone threw a mantle or cloak around my shoulders. All I could say was "the mantle." because of the story with Elijah and Elisha, I assumed it was a prophetic mantle. I am a very quiet natured person, and it was very frustrating in church because I am very shy in and could not operate in the prophetic gifting in a church service.  To say at the least it made me feel very defeated and purposeless. I had to give up on something that I assumed that I was called to do, Instead,0  I poured it out in my writings on the internet.I have a blog called The Sacred Place of God's Grace . com. I use it as a place where if I were a preacher that's what I would preach. What I do know is that God has given me a heart of a worshiper, and the gift of writing.  thats all I know I am unaware of what the mantle is or means, but after I sensed that mantle I felt hands on my shoulders.   I felt the Holy Spirit visited me in a very tangable way and it was His way of letting me know that the enemy could not take the mantle away.  That I was one of God's anointed ones.  Who knows what the future holds, I dont think the Lord wants me to worry about it, to just walk in that mantle.  THought I would share this with you brother, maybe you have some insight into this  or that the Lord is telling you about me. Thanks and may God tremendously bless your ministry!!!

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Brother Strong Grace,

Consider discipling new believers into their inheritance in Christ, right standing with God,  and Walking in the Spirit.  If you will do this you will be positioned to prophesy over their lives in a way that leads them into their CALLING in Christ.

As ever in Christ Jesus,

Albert Finch


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Dear brother,

I am very quiet and not very rooted in the church at this time in my life. I  hope the Jesus can  use me in the church service. RIght now Im just going to concentrate on my blogging.

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While that may be better than doing nothing, it probably will not bring you the freedom in Christ that the scriptures promise.

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