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My friend died today ....

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ayin jade


My friend died today. He is a Christian. I know where he is now. 

Do you know where your friends will go? 

Have you done anything about it?

If not, why?

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To answer the questions, no, I do not know where my friends are going, God does!

Have I done anything about it? My friends have been told, informed, warned etc., but I cannot believe for them.

However, there are thousands of people who are not my friends, that I have not done anything about. All I can say there, is that I have been lazy, and obviously I do not care enough about their eternal destiny, to overcome the social awkwardness of giving them the information I they desperately need.

When I fail to let anyone know, about their need of Jesus, I am proving that I do not love them nor do I love God, as much, as I would like to have people think, or as much as I wish I did.

I do not expect one day to hear:

"Well done, my good and faithful servant"

I expect to hear:

"You were a wicked and lazy servant, but I love you and died for you, welcome anyway!"

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sorry for your loss.

im praying more these days for friends to get saved. its breaking my heart now that if the rapture happens and if i go they will face serious hardships. 

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It has always been, for me, opportunity to realize the movement of that which I love to that which will never pass away...
Death seems to have no sting left for me ...   Prayers...Love, Steven

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Im sorry about the loss of your friend praying for you 


like many im praying for friends that still dont believe but im lucky to have believing friends too someone i can pray with share my journey with 

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I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. I'm glad you have the comfort that you will see him again.

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