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A club for people who make things or want to learn to. Here people show and discuss what they make. Crafts, art, inventions, etc. It does not need to be prefect, just worthwhile. Let's avoid though, things that could occupy a whole forum by themselves, like scrap-booking and preparing food, etc.

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  2. Wow, I am SO neglectful. I posted that it was too hot, and that was part of my excuse for procrastinating. That was 7 months ago, and now it is too cold, lol. I missed the fall, when I could have done something outside. However, since our spring and fall last a week or two Each here, I do not feel too bad about that part. I think the membership in this club is at 70 now, one would think that with that many people expressing interest that a few war would be willing to post something about what they have made or are planning to make. As it is, I apologize again for not contributing anything here but I hope to be doing something perhaps in a few more weeks though I am not confident in that knowing what a procrastinator I am. However, on the other hand if I and you do not become more active in this club then I see little reason for keeping it so I may just remove it, we shall see. Thanks to those of you, who have taken the time to contribute.
  3. So I have a book on A-Z for crochet I am having trouble mastering it and youtube videos are to fast. How do you recommend I start? Is crochet and knit easier? I have never tried knitting yet but I have considered it. Neat idea using the yarn for needlepoint beautiful work
  4. So, I love to sew and I love to do crazy quilting... I'm a free spirit so I it totally fits in with my style. I love farm animals and I love making gifts for my friends.
  5. It looks like tapestry using a turkish knots instead of tent stitch. Or it cold be tunisian crochet.
  6. Well, so much for my attention span, started another one of the painting planned for the series though, here is what I have on that one so far:
  7. My thought is, a lot of old weathered wood and landscape. Ghost-towns, mining operations, old fences, maybe barns and the like, not sure really, but already have three in my head, can see them with my mind's eye. Did this depiction in a Photoshop-like program yesterday, just to get the composition and proportions how I want them, to match a canvas size that I can buy. I do not have a name for it in mind yet, but picture the foreground in scrub brush, the buildings in old wood, delapidated, the close hill is rocky dirt, and the distant mountains are granite, with some snow, sky is blue, with a few clouds, not sure if white or gray, will determine than later: The place is real, more or less, I got the building shapes and the mountains from photographs, just rearrange everything to make a landscape the way I wanted it for a painting. I think it is a ghost town or abandoned mine in central California, but I forget now. Maybe I can find them and put them up here later for comparison.
  8. Hmmm, I am actually satisfied, I think. Now I just need to see if it grows on me, I like it less with time. My opinions usually change over time. What you you think, thumbs up, or thumbs down?
  9. Well, below is "Fervent" based on 2 Pet 3:10. Okay, to be honest, what i originally intended when I was starting the painting, was just another desert landscape with a sunset. However, as the sunset was being added, it was not "fiery" that I was expecting, and as the foreground was added, it had a sort of charred look, but I was not wanting it to be green bushes, I was thinking at the time, that they would be nearly black, because they were a bit silhouetted against the sunset. So, it sort of reminded me of 2 Peter 3:10, where the earth is being destroyed, and the elements melting with fervent heat. That is how the painting came to be "Fervent". The next picture I post here, will be the final painting.
  10. Well, has it really been almost 2 weeks since I worked on this? I was thinking about a week. Looking at this painting, well it is not growing one me, and I am discouraged by it, I think I know what I am going to do about what I don't like, but for now, I am moving on to another unfinished painting. That one, I should finish today, and will post a picture here in the makers club.
  11. Well, the bottom photo looks like crocheting but since you mentioned it is just a close up of the framed work, I wonder if it could be a hooked rug that was framed? I have never heard of anyone framing crochet work....so I am going with hooked rug.
  12. You might take a look at this thread: https://www.worthychristianforums.com/topic/223540-oil-paintings-and-crafts/ and see if you can figure it out from there!
  13. The two photos are of the same item. The bottom one is just a close up of the top one, so you may see what the work is like.
  14. Thanks, was getting it ready to put on the market! But as I said, that was not real stained glass, that is a type of paint that I painted onto a Lexan (polycarbonate) window that I made for the door, after my son broke the glass one.
  15. I love to paint trees trees trees, and I don't know why. I want to share a few but I cannot figure out how to download or add an image to the page. Can anyone help me with this?
  16. Doesn't look like it, but another 2 hours, where does the time go? Hmmm, starting to look too photographic, why bother to paint?
  17. I just posted a poll, and a link to some of my art, and I need opinions, you can read here what I am after, and decide if you are willing to help. Thanks
  18. Latest application of acrylic paint: Another 95 minutes This is the point where I feel like I am on the home stretch, even though time wise, I am probably not half way done. I might have 40 hours in this by the time I finish. I want to finish because I want to start the next one. I have several unfinished paintings already. That is not good, since usually, the sit unfinished for a long time.
  19. OK, back on track. Managed to paint some, it doesn't look like I did much, but I have about 5 more hours in it, trying to get it right. Looks like the brown ocean theory worked ok, about what I was hoping to accomplish, though I was not confident. I was thinking today about my reluctance to call myself an artist. What I cam up with instead, is that I am "apt" to call myself something else. I am an Acrylic Paint Technician. Today was a productive day, besides painting, and baked some chicken, did some laundry cleaned a little, and I am most happy, that I was able to retrieve my "lost"memory chip for the camera, and now, I can show you my progress: You may have noticed, the painting is outside now. That is because were had a day that was cloudy, not dingy gray skies, but white clouds on a blue sky, blocking the sun - that is my favorite kind of light to paint in. Also, the humidity was high, and that slows the pain from drying, which helps when you want to do some color blending. This step took me about 5 hours, and 45 minutes. Below is the sky I was painting under: I might just use those clouds as a model in a future painting. They look fairly easy to do! Total time invested so far, if I have kept track right (not sure) is 430 minutes or about 7 hours+ hours. Thanks for looking!
  20. Okay, what is going on here. If you are like me, you would be wondering: "Why did he paint the ocean to look more like dirt?" It is a fair question, and maybe I am wrong to do this. As I say, I am not a real artist, at least not in the sense that I have any real clue what I am doing. I try to reason my way through a painting, I do not usually do what seems right or feels right, because when I do that the painting does not come out right. I try to think my way through it rationally. That reminded me of something, let me find a screen shot of an online test I took once, for what it is worth, be right back . . . Okay, back: As you can see, if this test result is accurate, if makes sense for me to approach art the way I do, because it suits the way I am wired better. I am weak in the artistic department, not inclined toward art, creativity, instinct, etc. I am much more science and analytical minded. With that, let me show you the latest addition to the painting, and attempt to explain what I am thinking. I am thinking, that the mind interprets what the eyes see. Let me explain that with an example, that may or may not be true. If you were to enter a dark room, you would turn on the light. Suppose that the light bulb was green. All the light that is in the room is green, and the objects in the room, reflect back that green light. If the walls were white, they would reflect back green. Any black objects in the room, would still be black since they absorb light of all colors. Different things there, like red, blue, and yellow, will each reflect back varying shades of green light. Yellows would appear brighter, and reds and blues will be very dark. In some part of your brain, without any conscious thought on your part. your mind is making an assumption that most likely, not everything in that room is green. It then goes about, making best guesses about what colors the things in the room might be. These guesses are an interpretation, and you will be "seeing" that room in terms of that interpretation. You will probably be able to (more or less) correctly identify the colors of various objects there. They might not be perfectly accurate, but you will see a somewhat color corrected version of that room which at least partially gives you an idea of what the room would look like in more normal lighting. So, how does this relate to my brown ocean in the painting? (Not finished, need to step away from the computer for a bit, will be back to finish up soon.) Okay, sorry about that, I am back. Think about what I said about your brain trying to make sense out of what the eyes see in the case of light that is not white. Here in the painting I am attempting to present, what might normally be a blue or blueish gray ocean, but in the fading light of day. That means that the light sources (the sun and the sky) are presenting colors on the warmer side of the color spectrum. So, the sky is not so blue and the ocean is also not going to be so blue. The light from the sun, is not as white as when it is higher in the sky, it is also less able to make strong blues out of things. What about the ocean, what color is it really? Fill a glass with sea water, will it look blue? No, it will be pretty much colorless, transparent. When we look at the ocean from a position like that of the viewer of the scene in the painting, we do not see through the water to the bottom. What we see, is a reflection from the glossy surface of the water. When the ocean is very calm, and the air is windless, the surface will be flat, and reflect much like a mirror. In those conditions, we would see objects across the water (like mountains) reflected upside down on the surface of the water. In a day with a bit of swell and wave activity and some wind chop, the water will no longer be flat, it will have a million angles distributed across it's surface, much like a piece of aluminum (or aluminium) foil would, if you crumpled it up tightly into a ball, then laid it our flat again. When the water is like that, it no longer gives us a refection of objects in the distance, if gives us a bunch of reflections from all sorts of angles. What this means is that we are going to see a lot of tiny reflecions, from different angles, that will be from things in the distance, things above in all directions, an even some from behind us. So, with this in mind, I am thinking that we are going to get some orange and red light from the sky, some whitish light from the sinking sun, some blue from parts of the sky, etc. My guess is that overall, this would be a bit brownish in this scene. There will be some texture added (mostly darkening) that will tell our brains that the water is a little choppy. My belief is (and we shall see how that works out) that this mostly brown ocean, will be re-interpreted by our brains to perceive the ocean as a bit blue-gray, even if I do not use those colors on that part of the painting. Time will tell. Thanks for putting up with my typical, boring, long-windedness. I am probably done with this thread until I do something else to the painting. That might be tomorrow, but . . . I lost the memory card to my camera. I know where it is, I just do not know if I can get it back, it is stuck inside something, lol. This step added 22 minutes to the painting.
  21. Note to self: Use pencil, pen, Sharpie, not Crayola markers, if you don't want it to bleed near diluted acrylic paint! Starting to lay down some background undercolow, will help ma gain a sense of what the painting will look and feel like, before I start to lay down the painting details. As this progresses, it will also help me to choose colors, so that the overall color temperature of the painting will have gradual shifts in color and things in the scene we'll feel like they go together. Sorry if this does not say a lot about anything, I am not a real artist, so I lack knowledge of jargon to describe what I mean, I hope it makes sense. The bottom line I guess is, that I am trying for some realism in the colors, so that they do not appear cartoonish. That is one reason why I do acrylics, I don't think I could pull it of with water colors - need to be able to do layers to correct mistakes. By the way, if you are a water color artist, and good at it, and do it for a living, you are probably way underpaid! Previous step, 5 minutes, this step, 20.5 minute, total so far (not counting setting up easel and ordering materials, etc.), 25.5 minutes. Why time it? So I have a better idea, what to charge if/when I sell it for charity, without ripping myself off too badly. I made an estimator, that I use to help me quote prices for consignment, and to help me price paintings that I have already made. This will help me to make that more accurate.
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