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The mindset of this Club is that we should have hobbies to relax. And that a new hobby which isn't sinful and that you like, is a good addition to your life. The point of this Club is to: 1. Talk about our hobbies and share interesting ones. As well as share our hobby-related interests. 2. Recommend nonsinful hobbies to others. 3. Have fun, maybe learn something new from it all.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. I bought a wood model ship that was opened and labeled: pieces missing. I soon found it to be extremely engaging. So much so that I've looked up and noticed that the sun had come up and it was Saturday morning or Sunday morning a number of times. I've completed several, though I don't have any left after two divorces and three different moves. They're not very easy to pack. I'm planning on making more and really enjoy building them. I've done a Chesapeake Bay fishing vessel, a canoe and a pirate ship. I can't say enough about how relaxing and enjoyable this hobby is. If I could just find the time to pick it up again!
  3. I crochet. When I was 12 I got tired of watching my grandma crochet so I decided my curiosity was so great, I would ask her to teach me. The hardest part was learning how to hold the hook. My mom told me that I took to it like white on rice. Currently I am crocheting everything for mine and my husband's vow renewal ceremony. I will even be crocheting my gown.
  4. I don't know if it would be tagged as peculiar, but my wife and I take extensive driving vacations all over the US. Sometimes we may be away from home for 5 or 6 weeks. The hobby involved with it is my photography as we go.... and not of family members who not many people would be interested in, but nature pictures of the things we have seen. Last count was 50,0007; A couple of examples:
  5. @Frances What type of dolls? I have a few. My big collectible used to be teddy bears. @Belyssia I always wished I was a better cook. I admire those who do well with it. What are some of your favorite dishes to prepare?
  6. Wow I like your hobby even though I don't know sewing. Me, my hobbies is to cook or relaxing at the beach playing with children.
  7. Hi Clipper! Well I like to paint pictures sometimes. I think it must have been my introduction to watercolors. Can't think that far back. As a 9 year old I used to make ceramics. Pouring slip into molds and later painting them. My mother used to do ceramics too. I would like to sew some things one day. My mother is excellent at sewing and as a adult taught me some plus I took a class once too. As a kid I avoided sewing, cooking and all that.. but my mom did make me clean lol. oops sorry my hobbies are not peculiar.. Ok I did collect stamps and coins at one time and have a doll collection.. ok the dolls may classify as peculiar
  8. Well I guess I'm now the sole leader of this club so I should at least try and jump start some activity. What are your hobbies that are peculiar or otherwise interesting? What introduced you to this hobby and what do you enjoy about it?

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