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  2. SelahSong

    Worthy Book Club

    The only book worthy of deep meditation and study is the WORD OF GOD. Everything else should be weighed against the Word of God. God is the only One who knows us intimately. The authors of various books do not.
  3. Justin Adams

    Did God Create Sin? by Dr. Michael Brown

    Demons are the disembodied spirits of dead Nephilim. These are the results of angels cohabiting with earthen women. Read Job and see that the Lord God distrusted His Council members. These were the angels tasked with ruling the nations. Instead they used their power to create a slave people to worship them. Read and study psalm 82. The results of this are seen in the dispersal or scattering at Babel (Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz etc.) Then the Lord chose for Himself a people beginning with Abram. Yeshua came and died to perform a three-fold mission. 1) regather the nations. 2) reverse the angelic incursions and those disasters. 3) redeem the whole world and save His Sheep - His people, working thru His Chosen nation Israel. We are all variously God's people - like it or not. It is His Plan. It is what it is....
  4. maryjayne

    Worthy Book Club

    Interesting way of looking at it. Do you not read other books about Christian life or expounding the scriptures? or read sermons or listen to them? I think of books, like the one we will be studying, as a series of sermons to help us to know what to do biblically.
  5. turtletwo

    unspoken prayer requests

    I am asking prayer for a relative and also for a friend. Thanks.
  6. Please pray for my daughter who has been having bad stomach trouble since Friday. She needs a healing touch from the Lord.
  7. listener24

    Christmas comet

    This comet was discovered 70 years ago (interesting year) and is at its closest in centuries and among the closest comet in 70 years. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2018/12/15/science/green-comet-46p-wirtanen.amp.html Merry Christmas!
  8. SelahSong

    Worthy Book Club

    I prefer to study the ONLY book that has POWER, the BIBLE. … Selah
  9. Justin Adams

    Did God Create Sin? by Dr. Michael Brown

    Angel are not demons. Fallen or not. Archons are the Principalities and Powers that still run the show on earth under God's constraints. There are a whole host of Angelic created beings. We have only been told what we need to know. It is a realm and hierarchy way beyond our understanding. God Created Hierarchies to do His Will.
  10. turtletwo


    Continuing to pray for you.
  11. UnprofitableServantJames

    The Beauty of Nature!

    God's creations definitely show God's glory. It is easy to overlook the beauty in nature with all the distractions going on in the world today. It is nice to be able to hear this sort of positivity. Thanks.
  12. maryjayne

    Worthy Book Club

    of course. That was not the point of my post or illustration. Are you going to study the book too?
  13. They do not know the Bible.They have probably never read it and are susceptible to bad teaching.Ask those who make such bold statements for their chapter and verse —— I got mine—-1cor14:28 “ if there is no interpreter, he should remain silent in the church.....” I’d love to have a penny for every time THAT order was violated. The claim that one must have this gift to be born again, etc , is utter hogwash.....completely unbiblical...
  14. maybe have a ponder on your reasoning there. Now, how are you getting on with your ideas about God - any questions? I may not have specific answers, but may be able to point you to where to look.
  15. SelahSong

    Worthy Book Club

    Only our Father, through His Word (which means that we need to study it) can cleanse and heal our oppressions. … Selah
  16. I don't know to be honest...... I guess it's because English just happens to be my native language that I think everybody should learn it.....
  17. maryjayne

    Worldwide Climate Change Deal

    https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/dec/15/progress-and-problems-as-un-climate-change-talks-end-with-a-deal interesting to see what is, and is not included.
  18. Diaste

    The Ark of the Covenant

    It would sort of be the nature of an extraordinary claim to carry with it extraordinary evidence. Laplace was correct. For instance, the claim unicorns exist could not proven by common evidence. Verifiable video of unicorn behavior in their natural habitat would be extraordinary. Jesus claims up to the point of the ascension were accompanied by a great deal of extraordinary evidence; healings, banquets, fulfilled prophecy, etc. But I agree, we need evidence not anecdotes for the existence of the ark.
  19. right, so only one language for practical use. are you going to learn all the languages of the world so you can converse with others? Can you see the contradiction in your views? why should they learn what you yourself do not know? I am curious to know why you think being able to speak English is important.
  20. maryjayne

    Why isn’t the shroud of turin in the bible

    linen. Its linen. Made from plants. but I take your point
  21. maryjayne

    Why isn’t the shroud of turin in the bible

    we have found garments and sails made of cloth from 4,000 years old. Nothing special about finding cloth.
  22. Only 1 fluently. English. And to be honest I do know some Spanish and can read some Spanish. I'm fluent in English and High Beginner to Low Intermediate level in Spanish.
  23. Today
  24. i want to ask a question: why do Christians say that, if you dont speak in tongues, you have not been baptised in the Holy Spirit and Born Again?
  25. If we're going to spend eternity with these people, they have to be able to communicate and relate to us. More than anything, they have to WANT to communicate with us. I believe if they don't want to learn English, they don't want to interact with us and if they don't want to interact with us, that shows partiality or discrimination.
  26. George

    God's sovereign choice

    Removed several posts that were off topic and created a new thread.
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