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  2. Why do we have Confederate memorials and statues?

    ....they are their fanatical militia MG but they won't admit it, it is their bully vigilante thug enforcers, that is why they give cover & protect them. This is why they don't denounce them.
  3. America and the great prostitute

    She, amercia IS UNDER the influence of the whore. By all means. but WHO is the one gathering all different religions , and all different faiths with the all inclusive world peace message....................ROME IS..................it is as you said though..............America has become the DARKNESS many still see as light. but She is not the whore. the whore is in her blood though. Very deeply in bed is the whore with many KINGS now..............she is rising she is calling for world peace and has created the one world religion which will cause the world to worship the beast. Humanity . and its man of utter darkness she is leading the world right too. As powerful as America appears....................ROME HOLDS THE POWER and the influence by new age . And the new age elites hold the power over the world and are touching up the final preparations to come against the true saints. ITS AN DARK DARK TIME , it truly is........and worse not only are the false religions like budda, muslims etc running to her ONE WORLD CONCEPT of all inclusiveness sadly most all the other christain denominations are doing the same. ROME HOLDS THE SWAY, I don't see the leaders in our faiths saying we all amercians , no I see them saying HEY we all CATHOLICS..............................that should wake so many up. BUT IT DONT they just see ones like me who warn as haters of humanity , hater, hater , hater................this is not good news when only a few can see what is going on...................and where its leading and most are just going under the DELUSOIN . we better understand we truly are in the last days and one heck of a harsh tribulation will come against the lambs . for all else will go under the DELUSOIN in time .
  4. How do you Identify Wolves in Sheep's Clothing?

    1. Watch out. “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. Matt. 7:15 God reminds us in His Word to “watch out,” “beware,” to stay awake. He knows and understands how difficult it can be to fight this spiritual battle. Some days we get weary, or we get so busy and distracted, we’re not watching anymore for ways we might get tripped up. But he tells us, “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.” 1 Cor. 16:13 He desires the best for us and knows how important it is for us to live aware. He freely gives us his strength and protection to stand strong each day, he will never leave us defenseless on our own. 2. Know the real and you’ll know the fake too. “You will recognize them by their fruits…” Matt. 7:16 God’s Word is clear, it says they’ll be known by their fruits. Not by how much money they have. Not by how many followers they have. Not by how many books they have written or the great things they have done. They’ll be known by what fruit exists in their lives. Is there love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control? Are they sharing the gospel of Christ, and pointing others to the forgiveness and freedom that He alone can bring? What do they say about who Jesus is? What do they believe about the authority of God’s Word? We may have to look more closely than what is on the outside. The world often views “success” and popularity differently than how God sees. What’s at the heart? Eventually, the truth of who they are will be brought into the light. “He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of the heart.” 1 Cor. 4:5 We can trust His word to be true and rely on Him for guiding us. 3. Know God’s word and you’ll know when it’s being twisted and manipulated. “For even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.” 2 Cor. 11:14-15 Sometimes deception may be hidden well, manipulated and cunning, for the Bible makes clear that even Satan disguises himself as light. If we don’t know His truth, we will never know when we’re being deceived. Study it. Meditate on His words. Guard them in your heart. “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” Ps. 119:11 Press in close to God. Spend time in His presence. Pray, talk with Him, listen to His voice through His word. Staying close to His side, living under the protection of His armor and covering, helps us to know when we’re staring straight into falsehood. 4. Trust the discernment and wisdom of God’s Spirit living through your life. “…false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. See, I have told you ahead of time.” Matt. 24:23-25 God gives us His Spirit to guide us in discernment and wisdom. “When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth…” John 16:13 He wants more than anyone, for us to be guided in Truth. He tells us “I have told you ahead of time,” so that we will be prepared and watching. Walking in the Spirit and not in the flesh. We don’t have to wander through life blindly, unsure of what’s true and what’s not. When we’re daily asking for his leadership and direction, submitting to his authority over our lives, we can trust the leadership of His Spirit. When feeling unsettled or sensing something is just not “quite right,” we can press in close to Him, knowing He’s faithful to guide us. 5. Surround yourself with other believers you know and trust. “Knowing this…scoffers will come in the last days with scoffing, following their own sinful desires.” 2 Pet. 3:3 Use caution in who you listen to and choose to take guidance from. Sometimes when we’re in a place where it’s hard to see clearly, maybe because of our own pressing worries or cares, we need a trusted friend who can speak truth in places we need to hear. This is often true in marriage. Learning to listen to one another and take into consideration what the other might be sensing or discerning can often have great power in saving us from a heap of trouble up ahead, if we’ll only heed the warnings that someone we love may speak our way. “Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.” Prov. 11:14 Recognize that sometimes believers may simply disagree. It doesn’t necessarily mean that one is a “false teacher,” but only that both might be doing their best to follow God’s Word and what He’s leading, they just may not agree on everything. We see this in Scripture and we see it all around us today. Let’s not waste time fighting against ourselves, but recognize who the real enemy is. We can choose to give each other grace and kindness. We can hold on to what matters most, and pursue unity in the body of Christ. Standing strong together, on Christ the Solid Rock. http://www.crosswalk.com/faith/spiritual-life/5-ways-to-recognize-a-wolf-in-sheep-s-clothing.html
  5. Civil Rights Icon Argues for Confederate Monuments to Remain in Place

    The Marxist/liberals in academia have a 50 or so year head start. One result we see is the huge support a Socialist (Bernie Sanders) had in the last election cycle - mostly from those under 30 or 40. Through no fault of their own, the majority of these people have basically been 'indoctrinated' and are ignorant of history. I think we may have - as a country - reached 'critical mass' and may have run out of time. If the Lord tarries, we just may be left to wallow in the results of the mistakes that 'we the people' have allowed the ruling class to create. Blessings, -Ed
  6. Mystery babylon

    First and foremost let me say what the real mystery preached by the true apostels was. THIS MYSTERY was the GOD would send the SON to be the savoir . ONLY HE can save a person and no other name can save a man. That is the mystery . OR as pual said to timothy the MYSTERY of Godliness is that God was manifest in the flesh , believed on , seen of angels etc. NOW today their is a NEW revelation FALSE as heck mystery being taught by None other than the WHORE and her daughter churches and her Mystery is way different. Her mindset is ............that GOD is manfest in ALL RELIGOINS , that all who do good works have God within . That all are finding GOD in their own religion or path..........................And that they have finally broken down the great mystery that all will be saved , that it don't matter what religion you are in etc...... WHAT a dung pile . Guess we know part of the reason she is called mystery babylone............ps her message is of satan. HEED HER NOT.
  7. Cremation - ok or not?

    Well sister , then if I die first ................bury me at sea , just fill me up with rocks and let me sink. And all the money saved, my last desire is give it to the poor they will need it to eat , I wont . If I come up to Canada and die in your back yard. just bury me their and no need to let anyone know. and again my last request will be, just spend some of your money on the poor they will need it to eat . You be blessed sister. However as we all know...........one heck of a heavy tribulation ,which will result in many of our deaths is on the way. Guess uncle same and the world govt can just do with our bodies as they will. and LORD forgive them all .
  8. WorthyNews: Media working overtime to prove Trump is a racist

    So Donald Trump - with a 30 plus year history in the public eye yet never having been accused of racism - is all of a sudden a racist? Those in the media doing this are just despicable. Blessings, -Ed
  9. How do you Identify Wolves in Sheep's Clothing?

    Lets put that to the test. IF I were to give a list of false prophets, and believe me I don't falsely accuse none . I make DARN SURE they false. now if I bring this list.................I don't want no one attacking me as a hater , but rather just listen . Go ahead and turn tbn OFF................... Brian McLaren ....................VERY FALSE AS FALSE CAN BE RICK warren , very false as false can be TD jakes, joel olstein , those main leaders around TRUMP NOW . like paula white , and others ANYONE who cannot discern the all inclusive movment , YET HAS supposedly in a TEACHING position...........IS FALSE , cause They BY NOW should know better. Rob bell , false as all get out. this might sting for about one billion , BUT so is the POPE. now I don't mean this to be mean. But goodness that should be so obvious , THE MAN teaches this interfaith. Now anyone here can call me false if you so desire. And no hard feelings. SO let us armour up and not get offended about this. IF any thinks otherwise.................let us at least debate it FREINDLY and in a calm manner...... ps.........the list is so much larger than that. Like Copeland binny hinn ,todd bently, but as I said TURN TBN OFF.....that should tell us how large the list is and its not just tbn.....................most churches I have personally visisted and seen the leaders and tried to even KINDLY correct are false as all get out. IF any leader is going under a style of preaching that is LOVE THEM TO JESUS , but don't correct , just love if any LEADER is going under an all inclusive mindset...........YA BETTER FLEE and NEVAH LOOK BACK. I just summed up probably over ninety percent of all denominations now...........YEAH we got major problems a HEAVEY DELUSOIN is being poured down and most are UNDER IT............
  10. Greetings!

    Woow , permit me to call you our daddy, I am so sure you will have lot of experience to share with us Hallelujah
  11. Solar Eclipse

    Absolutely correct. Every eclipse marks the first day of the month on the Hebrew (Jewish) calendar. http://wholebiblebelievers.com/hebrew-roots-bible/
  12. Why do we have Confederate memorials and statues?

    Leftists always try to give cover to the AntiAmerican street thugs. Kind of silly really.
  13. Why do we have Confederate memorials and statues?

    I so agree. Antifa and BLM are the American versions of ISIS. Only lefty loons rationalize their behavior. And muslim supporters, of course.
  14. Christian fellowship

    Oh wonderful sir. Is forum is a great place to meet with believers too. The truth is that you are not the only one who is introvert kind, just pray about it and try talk to your church pastor. Ask him to give you some responsibility in church, like helping during fellowships time. I azure you this will get you out of yourself and you will enjoy fellowship with others. This can also help your evangelism life, ad God expect us to speak with boldness about him. You are blessed

    Scientific evidence in several different field suggest a much older earth than 6.000 to 10,000 years. Acceptance of an earth this young requires dismissal of scientific observation. Personally, I believe in Jesus Christ as creator as taught in John 1. I also accept the scientific evidence that supports an ancient earth and the theory of evolution. An all-powerful God could have created in any way He wished, but what he made evident to scientific observation certainly favors my viewpoint.
  16. kinda concerned...

    Thank you all for praying... pain & irregular beats still happening, and my BP came down a little more (101/61) ....but I'm going to rest more in a bit...
  17. Why do we have Confederate memorials and statues?

    Those things are not the same as either ISIS or these other terrorists who want to erase American history. There is biblical precedent for tearing down idols, as Roman emperors were considered to be gods. The Colonists took down King George's image in defiance of British rule at the time.
  18. How do you Identify Wolves in Sheep's Clothing?

    Its real easy to spot a out right false prophet versus one who is in error . the key is this...................you Go to and correct the erring member.............if they flat out wont hear and repent .........THEY FALSE AS ALL GET OUT but any in a error....................that one will HEAR , and repent. As far as teachers goes. That one who is leading the flock. SHOULD have been long tested and tried and should never have been a novice..WHO just FELT LED. HE needs to be well engrained in HOLY SCRIPS ALONE. WELL learned , WELL learned and a good example in Christ . those men leading these pulpits today, we got serious issues folks. most the entire lot of them is false now and worse not only can the people not discern them they actually LOVE and ADORE what these men of belial and women of belial teach. they flat out LOVE it.
  19. Derailing thread

    Cups are always supposed to be 8 oz. But many people don't make a cup true to size when they are for drinking. So they only put 6 oz in an 8 oz cup so it won't spill. Then the idiots started making tea cups that only measure 6 oz. in sets of china. So they started making mugs that hold most any amount. My morning cup of coffee is a 20 oz. mug and I usually get 18 oz per serving. Some people drink espresso from demitasse cups that are pretty tiny. I never got the espresso habit, but was served some by an Italian lady who had just come back from visiting Italy. She put some molasses in it. "Lengths. These are the same in both systems, i.e inch, foot, yard, mile. Weights. Up to and including the pound, the two systems are the same. The Americans never use the stone as a weight, which is in universal use in England (especially to weigh people). The hundredweight (cwt) in England is always 112 pounds, or 8 stone. In the US, the hundredweight is 100 lb, unless noted as otherwise. It is proper to call a 100 lb hundredweight a short hundredweight, and a 112 lb one a long hundredweight. As there are always 20 cwt to the ton, in the US it is normal to use a 2000 lb ton (a short ton), and in England a 2240 lb ton (a long ton). Liquid measures. In England, since 1824, liquid and dry measures have been the same. The gallon in use in the US is for liquid measure only. It is the old 'Queen Anne' gallon, of 1707, and is of 231 cubic inches. The Imperial gallon is bigger at 277.4194 cubic inches. As there are 8 pints to the gallon, the pint is different in the two systems - 28.875 cu. in. for the US, 34.677425 cu. in. for the Imperial. In the US there are 16 fl. oz. to the pint, the Imperial has 20, so the two fluid ounces are very close. Dry measures. US dry measures are not the same as US liquid measures. The US (dry) bushel is that of William III of 1696, and is of 2150.42 cu. in. The Imperial bushel is 8 Imperial gallons, or 2219.3552 cu. in. In the Imperial system, dry and liquid measures use the same units." We haven't even addressed metric conversions. My head is already spinning and I have reached the stage of duh.
  20. Hello

    Woow welcome brother, Jesus welcomes you too, may the peace of the lord be with you Amen , I also recommend you some daily devotional messages on 247devotionals.com just read every morning this was how I started in Nigeria and a share after i read, an Jesus has helped me stay focussed once more

    I like how creationists are told to produce evidence of creation when the evolutionist can't produce evolution! To find the truth, one must first have no opinion. My question to evolutionists is: why did evolution stop? I mean, we have amoeba's still, so where's the million of transitional steps between an amoeba and a fish? a fish to a monkey? a monkey to a man? The answer is simple. They can't. When you ask a creationist, we can show that God stopped His work because He was done in Genesis 2:2. Even Richard Dawkins admits to design, and when pressed for a designer, he turned to aliens without a shred of proof. Since the billions of years doesn't work, why no try billions of light years... now who's running from the facts? Which begs the question, we don't have all the facts about creation no more than scientists in the 1700's of DNA today. The more we learn about God's creation, the more we discover. Physic was all the "solid hard immutable" science - until quantum physics came along. The whole matter comes down to one simple question: do you believe God or not? That's the root of this whole thing. "It was the death of Annie that radically altered Darwin’s belief in Christianity."1 It wasn't the observation of creation that introduced doubt, it was emotional. Then the prides of others, for similar reasons or the fact they didn't want God telling them what to do, jumped onto the emotionally driven bandwagon. Academia is no long in search of the truth, but the demands to keep the status quo - religion is evil and science is righteous. The converse is held as well science is evil and religion is righteous. But here's the truth: 1 Corinthians 1:25 (KJV) Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men. And that is the truth. 1 https://www.aboutdarwin.com/darwin/Children.html
  22. Question About the bible

    Hello everyone, My name is Sam, I am from Nigeria, my questioned is , how can we love Muslims despite all the killings they do to us here in Nigeria ? Jesus said love your enemies, but does that mean we can't defend ourselves anymore, does that mean we are to be persecuted just like that ? What can we do
  23. Linux wallpaper

    16.4 lts it seems odd to me normally things like that stay available in case one wants to go back to that wallpaper but the two times I changed those two are no longer in my list of wallpapers to use. do I need firewall and other security software. I presently do not have any I dot think.
  24. racism

    I'd like to expand on this if I could. In your initial post, which I've reposted above, you made a declarative statement (racism is . . . a sin) which to me is obvious - like in the "water is wet" category. (hope that didn't come off as sarcastic - I didn't mean it to be) This is a thread that could have been posted in almost any category - but since it was posted in 'current news/U.S. News' I related it to what is going on at the current time. So called 'racism' is very much in the news these days. There are racists - there always have been. Racism (as you pointed out) IS a sin - and it's as old as mankind itself. I've always believed God doesn't 'catergorize' sins as we tend to do. To Him, sin is sin. It's all bad. And we are all sinners - that is true. But many of us - while we may acknowledge we are sinners, tend to have the attitude that 'well, my sin isn't as bad as his or her sin' - and we get some sort of satisfaction from it. I believe doing this is wrong. Today, being accused of racism or of being a racist is the worst thing that can happen to someone in public life. While there are indeed racists (as there have always been), I believe many people are falsely accused of being racists when they are in fact no such thing. The accusers who do this - knowing how destructive it is - do it to either discredit someone or to shut off any further discussion. That is why I made the point I did initially - that while racism is not specifically mentioned in Scripture (though hating one's brother is), the sin of bearing false witness IS mentioned. One more thing before I conclude - another misconception seems to be prevalent regarding racism. The misconception is this: only white people (i.e. Caucasians) can be racists. That is flat out ridiculous. This is so obvious it should go without saying. Since racism is a HUMAN failing, any HUMAN (of any race, creed or color) is capable of being a racist. It is only though the Blood of Christ that racism (or any other sin) can be overcome. Blessings, -Ed
  25. In Defense of General Lee

    Thank you, very much, Shiloh. What I have read, all of it, and just learned, has blessed my day. I seek out to learn of men of the past who stood fast upon their principles, worrying not the results. Too bad you will never see anything about this in any media. Years back, when the government schools were throwing away older history books and rewriting it, our family and other home school groups were buying them up at cheap at used bookstores. Again, thanks.
  26. Trump Ripping Amazon

    I've never been a big supporter of monopolies & don't have interest in the newest marketing fads. I try to support the smaller guy when possible. Shopping isn't a big part of my life as it is with a lot of people.
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