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  2. The bible has no purgatory doctrine - so that simplifies the answer.
  3. Yea, so is this... From "nasa": And this, TITLE: "Bloostar—launching satellites via balloon": And all the "De-Classified" Documents from the Air Force's, Balloon Recovery Program from --- 1954. And the list of all Balloon Launches with the PAYLOAD 'satellite' from "Esrange Space Center" Sweden, from 1982-2014 including (Highlights): "MIR" lol, INMARSAT, ENVISAT; and a Boatload from, wait for it....'nasa'. Yes, it surely does. Yes, just like the Hydrogen Bonding "proof" is Dead. regards and Thanks!!
  4. No, I don't think it is a step in the right direction. If this thing doesn't get untangled now, my guess is that we're all headed straight towards single payor.
  5. I tell you what, I cannot even use the words to describe those people on this forum. I think they were the most hateful group I have ever had a personal experience with.
  6. "If there ever was a time God would have just excused sin, it was when it was laid on His Son" (paraphrased) - Adrian Rogers.
  7. Back to the original topic question. May I suggest it is a bit of a difficult process. Of course with prayer, but prayer with thinking and with reading the Bible for it's instructions, many found within Matthew especially Matthew 18 are guiding helps. But, at the end of it all one has to give up some personal pride, maybe even a lot of personal pride, and concede to a few things that may not be especially comfortable. For iron does sharpen iron and all teaching will not feel warm and fuzzy at all times. Sometimes, just sometimes maybe those elders that have spend decades as scholars studying the Hebrew scrolls and the Greek manuscripts in original languages do have an advantage and should be listened to for the gifts they have to share with the local congregation.
  8. The OP is about a Praise song that is being brought up for discussion & some of us have awareness of certain ideas that are not Biblical. We don't get more spiritual or more loving by breathing in love & exhaling darkness. Before I was saved I did participate in many different eastern meditation yoga , meditation and breathing techniques and this was one of the visualizations to breath in light and exhale darkness or to inhale and exhale love & light. It is only in reading the Word of God that leads us to a closer walk with the Lord Jesus, and it is only in truly studying the Word of God that cleanses our soul and sanctifies us, not breathing visualization exercises, or any other worldly imaginings.
  9. Sarcasm does not become you.
  10. No, I don't think so.
  11. Why do you keep saying that? That is not what we are saying at all . You continue to try to discredit the concern by flippant remarks. Is it your website that you are clinging to this so?
  12. That's not particularly shocking. It's ironic that organizations like code pink probably end up providing more assistance than harm to the causes that they are attempting to oppose.
  13. Hi Enoob, I'm sure there are many who would feel safer in a church that screens everyone. Where the pastor has a file on every member including fingerprints, unpaid parking tickets, mental health records of those who have had therapy, etc. Maybe that's the way it needs to be in this 21st century.
  14. I'm last
  15. Yes, that is very rare indeed. But that was not the focus of this article. There are roughly 280 or so Repubs in congress. So, 6 incidents spread out over 280 over 45 days, that is not a lot. While it is 6 too many I can tell you that during my last 6 months on the street as a Marine Recruiter I received about that many threats, some face to face thanks to the lovely women of Code Pink (and yes, the lovely part is sarcasm)
  16. Praying Now!!
  17. Today
  18. Naive, or...they just think we are free to bow down to the Baals of this world system.
  19. Perhaps not if you are talking about threats, but having a sitting congressman face a nearly successful assassination attempt for political reasons is pretty rare.
  20. Slither is an apt word for it. What is distressing is the Christians that fiercely defend it. Warren Smith was a Social Worker who got involved in a Course in Miracles study group and later became a Christian. He has written books about it to warn CHristians. His first one is called , " The Light that was dark". It's available on Amazon , but the link from has a good description of the content. Warren has said in interviews that he was really shocked at how naïve the majority of Christians were about these true spiritual dangers.
  21. Or, we can demonize breathing.
  22. I think we can Christianize just about anything.
  23. So are you saying Jesus is not God? I'm confused by your post, but not in my belief in the Trinity. Look at Genesis 1:2. The whole Godhead is part of the remaking of the original creation and the creation of the first Adam.
  24. In fact, that is EXACTLY what it says. The Day of the Lord WILL come on the whole word. Revelation tells us this. But the fact is, Jesus went to heaven to build us houses, and when we are THERE, we will not be HERE on the world. So it is an ESCAPE God has planned. In fact, the rapture IS God's escape plan. Now, every coin has two sides: the other side of this coin is the devil's plan. He is sure, if he can get believers left behind at the pretrib rapture, he will be able to break them down with hardship, and cause them to take the mark and be doomed. That is his plan. So he is going all out in these days days to pull people away from a pretrib rapture belief, so they will be left behind. Of course, for those left behind, IF they deny the mark and lose their head, they will see their mansions far far into the future. But for those who are expecting His coming soon, they will escape what is coming, just exactly as Luke tells us.
  25. Notice the first words out of his mouth was to curse using the Lord Jesus' name? Depp is just a parrot for the Liberal left who's only goal is to be "cool", he 1percenter hypocrite , a self-indulgent spoiled celeb , if you listen to him in interviews the man's head is not on right. He's having serious financial problems because of his unrestrained luxury spending $$$$$$/ mth we would not be able to grasp . If the guy wasn't all dyed, primped & be-jeweled maybe when he'd look in the mirror he'd have a more sound grasp of reality.
  26. It would be useful in this type of article if they let you know if this was a huge increase or if this was the norm. There are only 6 incidents listed, so over a 1.5 month period 6 incidents does not seem like it is anything above the norm.
  27. I have 15 people on Ignore at the moment, including simplejeff and Enoch2021. Simplejeff was a recent addition while Enoch2021 was the second person I chose to ignore, after Ogner.
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