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  2. Wouldn't it be crazy if science PROVED God!

    The Bible consistently teaches the importance of faith throughout both the Old Testament and New Testament. Hebrews 11:1 is very clear on this -- "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." I would agree that science suggests that God exists, but I don't think it is consistent with Biblical teaching to say that science proves that God exists. We must step forward to accept Him in faith.
  3. I'll send you a slice by mail if you hand over last.
  4. 10 myths of calvanism

    He showed us who he really was through his actions. He had 58 people Burned To Death...... 58 People Burned To Death and he did this as a professing Christian.
  5. Is it just me .... the legacy continues ...

    Not likely but I would enjoy a slice when you get back
  6. False doctrine

    "I am not mistaken at all. There are ONLY 66 books in the Christian Bible. Period. If you say otherwise you are promoting false teaching and that is anathema (cursed of God). I will do all I can to make sure as few as possible that are on this board agree with you and that your views are marginalized influence here will be blunted. And don't ever call me "brother." " This is unfortunately the sentiment that I have been experiencing here of late. I was putting my point that in the early church many scholars have noted that the NT seems to re-quote some of the Apocrypha. In the Episcopalian and Church of England, much of this is in the lexicon and is considered good for instruction and has merit for study. Additionally, studies have shown that it was not 'added' but rather was an integral part of early writings. It is in the 1611 'canon' as additional books good for study, but not necessarily 'inspired' (whatever that means). Then I got the above reply after I had attempted to be conciliatory.
  7. This is kind of vague. Did she sneak into the US in order to get an abortion? Was she coming from a country where abortion is not legal? Who are these officials that need to be bared from retaliating against here for getting an abortion? There are many missing parts here?
  8. I will take last with me when we go out for pizza
  9. 10 myths of calvanism

    Can you truly say you know his heart and his relationship with Christ? Did he ask the Father to forgive him? He was more than the bad he did.
  10. 10 myths of calvanism

    He was a Tare. He wasn't a good man. He did these things After to professing to be a Christian not before. ..... and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him. •1 John 3:15 I'm not trying to be a jerk (just so you know) I'm just telling it like it is.
  11. False doctrine

    Still though. Any serious questions should be taken up with your pastor. Or someone you know you can trust to give you sound Christian advice. If I was to follow everything everybody says on here, I would be all over the place. Oh and lets not leave out seeking God's advice on our own as well. With that said. If you feel someone on here is spouting off false doctrine then call them out on it. Use the Bible and the brain that God gave you to back you up.
  12. False doctrine

    Agreed. Plus the real Passover sequence is Yeshua being raised towards the end of the weekly Sabbath. This one anti-Semitic stance is profound in its repercussions and a veritable cascade of errors.
  13. 10 myths of calvanism

    You judge harshly. You have no idea what his relationship with Jesus was nor whether he asked for forgiveness for what he had done. Consider Paul, how God used him...I am not equating him with Paul but remember that if God chose to use him you are going against God’s servant. I know there is much hate here on the Board about Calvin but none of us is innocent of sin in God’s eyes and with what manner you judge you will be judged by God. Judging is a fearsome thing unless you have all the facts as God does.
  14. False doctrine

    One should be looking for the truth of God wherever they may be ....
  15. Hubby taken to hospital.

    Hi Marilyn, How is your husband doing? It's wonderful to have some good Godly friends here on the forum,as we all grow older we know difficult times are ahead of us but Gods faithfulness will keep us together in Him, let's lift Jesus high! We're all pilgrims traveling to the same place , heaven is our home! Love you Sister , Angels
  16. Prayer for my daughter

    It is so hard when our loved ones are in difficult situations. Continuing to keep you both in prayer.
  17. False doctrine

    I don't come here to find what I believe or what I should believe. This site is not my church. I see it has an exchange of ideals.
  18. False doctrine

    There is a personal relatable objective truth that comes from God's Word alone and in this we, the children of God, know truth... We'd find ya Your ignoring or acceptance has no bearing... it is God's Word alone that we stand and SDA is the more easily refuted from Scripture Rom 14
  19. Daughter

    So glad that you have made contact with her. I am sure that in itself is a huge relief. Continued prayers for you both. Blessings
  20. My Daughter-n-laws Dad

    Prayers for Ray and the family at this time. Blessings
  21. Marge

    Hi Steve, keeping Marge in prayer. Blessings
  22. How Do You Make People Feel Welcome?

    That is interesting Neighbor! Was it something that you got into on your own?
  23. Today
  24. Dancing with other Partners

    Welcome Ray This is the welcome section only ,after 3-5 posts you can ask questions in the forum and discuss this situation ..
  25. Dancing with other Partners

    I agree with ayin and if i were you, i would have pack my stuff and left too. I understand her passion for dancing but i think there are other ways to express that.. dancing classes, gym classes like zumba etc. I find it wierd that upon you leaving, she would go back to the club and spend time with the guy. Nonetheless, married or or courting stage, since you both had prior discussion and had agreed, and also, i think your rules / expectations are reasonable, but yet she decided to go against what was agreed. I think yes, these actions do mean she has no respect for you, sadly.
  26. How Do You Make People Feel Welcome?

    Hi Ana, I loved reading about gatherings around the piano. We also grew up with a piano. I always loved it when my dad played the piano because when he did, he would play using the just about all of the keys. I loved the full, rich sound. Thank you for taking the time to reply. It was good to read your post. I am glad that you could relate to the joys of a boiling kettle Hope you have a great day. Blessings
  27. How Do You Make People Feel Welcome?

    HI Warrior12, It is interesting to read and be reminded of how things have changed. I agree with you though, not everyone likes to take care of things, in particular, if it belongs to someone else. Reading about tools, back home, there was one man who had the tidiest and cleanest workshop I have ever met. I think he was more like you and liked to take care of what he had. Hope you have a great day. Blessings
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