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  2. I have prayed for you. God bless you.
  3. Thank's for the beautiful kind words God bless to each of you.
  4. Plavious, here is a safe place in Ashland Virginia U.S.A. where christian people from all places from Africa can come for the summer and its free for them: https://www.calvarycampground.org/contact-us https://www.calvarycampground.org/about-us I have been trying to find christian connections for you to contact, so that they can help keep you safe and give you more information concerning leaving and re-locating.
  5. So, are you saying no one was in those chariots riding out in Zechariah 6? So you see a horse carrying a chariot with no rider (angel, whatever)? Is that logical to you? You don’t think the horse needs someone to direct him where to go?
  6. Our faith is what God requires of us, so that He will give us His righteousness. When we think of salvation........salvation is God giving us His righteousness. we , the born again, are literally become "the righteousness of Christ". This is our eternal status. Its what being "born again" means. From the moment that we are born again, God never again sees us as "sinner", He only sees us as "The righteousness of Christ".
  7. Are you sure she wasn’t a hooker? Does the Bible say what her sin was? If it doesn’t, and I don’t believe it does, it may be possible to INFER this behavior on her, don’t you think? But I agree, we can’t be 100% sure.
  8. I can't help you but I can say I experience a similar phenomenon. In a very real way I feel like the Bruce Willis Character in "12 Monkeys", experiencing the present as though it is the past from the mindset of a man from a post apocalyptic future. I enjoy every day almost in the vein of "enjoy it while you can before it ends", but from a "this life is a mist" perspective. It's almost like it is not real, but is just a projection in my mind. And, truth be told, I think that really is closer to the truth than seeing it as "the real world". After all, technically it is, for all practical purposes "coagulated energy" in empty space. It only seems real because it is all we have known and it is what our consciousnesses are designed to perceive. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the last thing you would want, when you clap your hands, is for your hands to ACTUALLY touch each other. It would be a rather violent atomic reaction. It only "feels" like they touch. And another fun one: If you could travel at the speed of light and steer, from your perspective you would be everywhere in the universe at once.
  9. Did John write that these horses were pulling chariots? There is a difference between a horse with a rider and a horse pulling a chariot!
  10. I probably should read this entire thread but I’m lazy.... The context of Luke 7 is first Capernaum, then Nain. I didn’t see Bethany in the chapter. obviously, Mary and Martha lived in Bethany. Bethany is not near Capernaum. so how are you so sure this “woman who is a sinner” is that Mary of Bethany, Lazurus’ Sister? I don’t see it at all, and you sound sure of yourself here. Thanks...
  11. Rebecca Pickles I think your right and I am feeling it. I think the mess in parliment means that things like the police are not told what to and then more crime starts and this leaves Christians open to troubles. Do you agree and or could you say anything else you know is happening please as I live on my own and am in the dark a bit.
  12. now this is weird and its been going on for some while now. i believe that i am experiencing dejavu almost like the tape has been left rolling now over the years i have had maybe the very occaisional one. i have no idea why this is happening. this weekend is the latest one even down to what i was thinking and how i shouldnt be feeling like that. now that is weird. if anyone has something helpful and postive to say then i would find that helpful. not interested in whacky stuff thanks in advance
  13. So,that must be your sister......(avatar )?
  14. Why not? There is much in the OT prophets that is = to account in Revelation. Why not this?
  15. Lol, you know He does. The testing of our faith has been a given since Adam through Abraham and on down. Recently, I was tested and to be honest, I was pretty upset with the Lord for the test. It cost me $5,000 that could have been avoided had the Lord moved on my prayer request and moved the judges heart not to award attorney fees. My daughter is as poor as a churchmouse and the judge knew she could not pay the 5k.....so obviously he knew I would pay it......but I didn’t want to. I even told the Lord if he moved the judge to not award attorney fees I would give half of that amount (2,500) to World Vision to help poor people in Africa. What a deal, right? I guess not....... it took me a week to recover...... the Lord and I wrestled hard.....Lord, how could you prefer me to give 5000 to an unholy attorney rather than give money to poor people who could use the goats? Lord! Seriously? It then became clear to me, he was testing me, wanting me to trust him even when it looks like he is on vacation! After an intense week or two of struggle, He finally won me over........God is good.....all the time! We walk by faith not sight. This didn’t look good to me, but looks can be deceiving, right?
  16. Better yet, pray for the faith of Jesus. It was the start of one of our two prayers for miraculous healing that actually happened. It is by HIS faith we are saved. Yours will never be enough. I wouldn't even worry about it. To use an analogy, when a child learning to ride a bike, on his first little ride without training wheels, sees a tree in front of him, he zigs and he zags and he zigs some more, and smacks into the tree. The reason? He's focused on the tree and hits what he's focused on. If you are focused on your sin, your lack of faith, etc., it is like that tree. You will be forever challenged an kinda miserable. Focus on the straight and narrow path and, though you still might accidentally smack a tree here and there, your ride will be much less eventful and more filled with joy, because of what you have put your focus ON: Jesus and his faith and his sacrifice and what it means to you. Your "bike riding skills" will improve because of your focus.
  17. Different horses for different events. Why would anyone consider them the same?
  18. {Rev. 4:1 Jesus calls the Church home} NO no no! Rev. 4:1 was God calling JOHN up to heaven -for the purpose of showing him future events - we WE would have his book to read. It has NOTHING to do with the rapture of the church. that theory is myth. The REAL rapture, Paul's rapture, will be a moment before the 6th seal. The 5th seal is for the martyrs of the church age, and we are STILL WAITING for those martyrs to be complete. Then, and only then will Jesus come FOR His church. the moment after the rapture it will be Day of the Lord time. Yes, His voice SOUNDED like a trumpet, but it was a voice, not a trumpet. Feast of Atonement { Israel must REPENT before the 70th week ends. The rapture may well come at the feast of trumpets, but this is before the 70th week BEGINS. The 6th Seal is opened at the same time as the first 5 Seals. This is MYTH: the 5th seal is the martyrs of the church age: they are crying out for judgment, but are told judgment is not coming until the very last church age martyr. The pretrib rapture will be what stops the church age martyrs, so in short they are told they have to wait for the rapture of the church. THEN judgment will start. It starts at the 6th seal. As far as opening time, the 5th seal was opened in 32 AD but the 6th seal is still waiting. The First 5 Seals just release the Anti-Christ to become the Beast over a 42 month period MYTH! No one is allowed to pull verses out of their context. The context of the first seal is Jesus ascending and sending the Holy Spirit down (Rev. chapter 5). It was 32 AD. Seals 2 through 4 are to represent the devil's attempts to stop the advance of the gospel. All these, including the 5th were opened around 32 AD. Thus the Dragon is cast out on day 1260. FINALLY you got something right; indeed Satan is cast down from the heavens at the midpoint of the week. Thus the Dy o the Lord comes on day 1260. MYTH: the Day of the Lord comes at the 6th seal. The 70th week does not even begin until the 7th seal.
  19. I don’t believe you are wrong. And if someone quotes you Hebrews 10:25 to you (not forsaking our assembling together...) why can’t you assemble here at Worthy? I’m sure your conversation here even for one hour a week is way more beneficial than the one hour at church on Sunday. Be strong in your conviction and don’t let guilt rule you.
  20. impressionism modern art is monkeys throwing paint and rubbish around just look at the Tate modern if you don't believe me oops almost forgot to give a new choice superman or batman ?
  21. My story is quite the opposite . If I knew then who I do now , I would have ran to Christ the moment I came crying from the womb . TO LIVE IS CHRIST and to die is gain and all else matters not .
  22. Hi @Jannie It's lovely to see you here and welcome to the forum. I look forward to getting to know you. I'm Becky and I live in Scotland. I also came here for Christian fellowship, as because I live in the middle of nowhere, in the countryside, I rely on the internet to talk to other believers of Jesus. This is a great forum, and really friendly. Becky. X
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