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  2. Using this criteria, most of the Prophets in the Christian Bible are not prophets either. So according to your definition, most of the prophesies in the Christian Bible should be ignored. Where in the New Testament of the Christian Bible does God tell you that He loves you in the first person? This is not true.
  3. Lost Loved One

    Hey guys, Please pray for my two nieces. One wants to go back to church and wants to find her way to God. She wants to understand the word Of God more and just learn more about him. The other one Wants to come to christ but she doesn't know whats stopping her. She's been feeling very lost and i've tried helping her but in all honestly sometimes i dont know what to say. I love them very much and want to help them but I know I am Not God. I am only a vessel, someone who can help them the best I can. Please pray for them. Please pray that God will send some help too maybe new christian friends to help them on this walk gbu all
  4. Concrete

    Maybe no one will post in this topic except me, though I figure with a material as common as concrete is, someone here must use it for something, after all Home Depot and Lowe's has a huge section of tools and materials related to it. However, if I am the only one, so be it, I should add another post of something made of concrete. This one was an experiment by request, someone wanted me to make furniture for a reptile in a cage. Following, is what I came up with: You will note, that in the more upper right portion of the image, the "rock" has a more gradual incline, note so steep as the rest of the rock, This is that way, because even reptiles grow old and get more feeble. This was looking ahead to possible future needs, a sort of reptilian wheel chair ramp. Below, is a more "aerial" view, this is so you can see how it is shaped to fit neatly in the rectangular terrarium. The opening is into a hollow space where the reptile can feel safer, and find some shade or darkness if desired. The top surface, on the other hand, is the sundeck, where the animal can heat it's body and get some need UV rays. Then finally below, you can see the construction is just some wire mesh, use to create the basic shape, and support the concrete until it cured hard like stone.
  5. Hi

    Hi Godsgirl, Welcome Nice to meet you. i hope you find some joy out of being here and I also hope you will one day be able and freely openly talk about God
  6. What lost technology could there have been that today's scientist and engineers could not figure out by now. We can build and create some of the most sophisticated machinery and structures and can even drill miles on the ocean floor and extract hydrocarbons. Ever hear of magic and sorcery and witchcraft. Pharoah had tons of magicians that could have even replicated the turning of Moses staff into a serpent. Yes, those ancient structures are indeed a marvel of engineering and have seen videos that suggest very advance technology of some kind had to be employed to cut and transport those stones. Right now, there are stone structures in the magnitude of hundreds of tons half finished and to be extracted and transported to their sites. All the brilliant minds today still cannot figure out how it was done. I will say this as a fact and a witness to the living God. There are spiritual entities in this world today that are doing things on the same scale with our modern technology that seems to come from man's own brilliance and ingeniuty, but are from demonic sources . Yes, this is happening today, believe it or not, i have been in enough spiritual battles to make this statement today.
  7. I wonder how long the parties will LAST !!
  8. The Quran and the Bible -- revelations of God - PART 1/2

    aisha was still pre-pubescent when the pedophile allah had sex with her. According to who? to aisha herself!
  9. The Quran and the Bible -- revelations of God - PART 1/2

    Yes, because muslims say that Jesus is not God because He never said the words "I am God", so based on this requirement, muhammad is not a prophet because he never said "i am a prophet". "And spend in the way of Allah and do not throw [yourselves] with your [own] hands into destruction [by refraining]. And do good; indeed, Allah loves the doers of good." "allah" is spoken about in the third person, where does ALLAH say he loves you in the first person?
  10. Hello

    Hi Akueg Welcome to worthy Pleased to meet you
  11. food for thought

    That is a good thought. It's exciting to think that we get to be part of God's plans. He could so easily do everything himself. Praise the Lord!
  12. False Prophecy: Sept. 23rd

    Says who?
  13. Photographers' Lounge (and more)

    How about this then some landscapes for you
  14. 7.1 Earthquake kills 149 in Mexico

    More than 200 now
  15. Are you seeking the council of a good, Christian marriage counselor? Or maybe a pastor with experience in these things? Have you asked Christian friends to keep you in their prayers? This may sound extreme, but does your husband work, and is his salary not enough to support you both so that you won't have to work and put yourself in that environment? Praying for you!
  16. Pizzas, parties, brownies and dancing. Sounds like we are having a good time in here
  17. Hi

    Hello Godsgirl 😄 Welcome to Worthy ! Hope you like it here
  18. Today
  19. I'm sorry you are going thru this, I can't relate personally but know someone who enjoyed the flirting aspect and would get bored out of her brain when she got the guy and the fun stopped. My question is why do you have to stop flirting with your husband in the end, he wanted you enough to marry him and you said yes, so there was a spark. Can't you keep your marriage interesting and exciting for the both of you? He obviously loves you a lot and is willing to work with you in this area. Really, he has the right to divorce you but he hasn't. Work with your husband in this - you have support. He sounds worth hanging on to I will pray that good advice comes your way.x
  20. http://www.9news.com.au/world/2017/09/20/08/13/german-u-boat-bodies-world-war-1-found 23 bodies still inside!
  21. Ah, Nicola Tesla, where do we start. Genius. I really don't know about power grid back in the ancient times...its all lost, the technology, the whole shebang, which makes me think its best not to know ...for now...may be things will surface in the future but that's pure speculation based on nothing concrete.
  22. New Zealand - earthquake

    http://www.9news.com.au/world/2017/09/20/12/15/new-zealand-south-island-rocked-by-earthquake New Zealand has been rocked by two earthquakes less than an hour apart. Wellington was hit by a magnitude 5.0 tremor about 50 minutes after a 5.8 magnitude struck south-west of Invercargill. *praying for the folks of NZ.
  23. I can't stop being LAST 😄
  24. Hey Gem. I missed telling you goodnight in chat! So I'm here to wake you up so I can tell you goodnight lolol *hugs*


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