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  2. Why I could personally never chose to be Catholic

    And that's part of what started the Reformation.
  3. tigger398

    Praying the Lord comfort her, heal her.
  4. missing of my dog

    Agreeing with you all for a safe, speedy return of your beloved dog.
  5. Please pray

    praying for good health
  6. Please pray

    Praying for it to disappear. Sometimes I get a bruise and it might be a tiny bit sore, but it does go away.
  7. WATERACTS 10-48

    Act 10:47 "Can anyone withhold water for baptizing these people, who have received the Holy Spirit just as we have?" Act 10:48 And he commanded them to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. Then they asked him to remain for some days. Since these unclean Gentiles have already had he Holy Spirit poured out upon them just as it had happened to them, does anyone object to them being baptized into water? The Jews had been told to keep themselves separate from the gentiles, but God had approved of these people and declared them to be godly. So how can men prevent them from being baptized?
  8. Why I could personally never chose to be Catholic

    Our ultimate authority is the Scriptures. Romes ultimate authority is the Pope, Councils and church Tradition ...big difference.
  9. firearms

    I can, most of my deer hunting is done in wooded areas and less then 100 yards, however i also hunt antelope coyotes and prairies dogs out on the plains and for some of that the ability to reach out there a ways is a plus. With that said my 223 will take out a prairie dog or coyote at 400+ yards easily (i do it frequently) and i have other rifles that will shoot that far out.
  10. I was hoping for a different reply, a simple answer to my question, that would settle this matter. I was providing an opportunity for you to share with me your experiences, that you KNEW just what real fear was. You been there. Or not? And here on this forum, you consider this an attack? A simple question, only one question, are you a combat vet, having experienced combat? It's really a simple yes or no question. You shouldn't start telling me I do not relate to this abundant life, imply I'm not born again, just because you have been backed into a corner, trying to change the subject. Then sign off. The truth will set you free, Friend. Good nigh gary this is depressing me . My apologies Friend. We're still brothers, as such, it's difficult for me to understand why you will not answer. Not answering only raises doubts. I believe you are the most enthusiastic poster here, though sometimes difficult to understand. Maybe that's why I don't understand your reluctance to answer. Good night, and pleasant dreams. Gary Lee In Him Who is Semper Fidelis
  11. Required ? to stay saved? Cleaving to God...

    YHVH used Him to bring truth (from YHVH'S WORD, NOT from any official catholic teaching in error, per se) and freedom to believers or seekers of the TRUTH and God's Kingdom, TRUTH that is lacking from most visitors, TRUTH that can help those who have ears to hear, as YHVH Planned, and the owners or administrators of this site we are on placed his writing in with other faithful writings tested and tried and proven in the WORTHY CHRISTIAN LIBRARY .
  12. Required ? to stay saved? Cleaving to God...

    Martin Luther aside, I was just curious as to why you posted those links to Ablertus Magnus' writings. As I explained, he is a Catholic saint and put forth Catholic doctrine.
  13. Yes, BE AFRAID, BE TERRIFIED, as written

    I cleaned this thread and removed some people. Please keep it civil and remember to stick to the topic, not the person.
  14. Yes, BE AFRAID, BE TERRIFIED, as written

    TORAH is YHVH'S WORD and INSTRUCTIONS given to all Israel for His Own Glory, setting a people apart from the heathen and pagan peoples all over the world that had no way to approach YHVH unless they came to Israel for YHVH'S WAY. TORAH , PROPHETS, PSALMS and NEW TESTAMENT all from YHVH for this purpose (which is lacking and absent in the lawless world and in the false gospel preachers ) >>> 1 Peter 2:12 but to live such good lives among the pagans that even though they now speak against you as evil-doers, they will, as a result of seeing your good actions, give glory to God on the Day of his coming. The pagans / heathen nations/ peoples see no difference in 'churches' that act and live godless lives, showing nothing different from their pagan neighbors, so with 'churches' that have the form of religion but no power there is nothing giving YHVH GLORY, nor salvation to anyone seeking YHVH'S KINGDOM which is only available thru JESUS.
  15. Required ? to stay saved? Cleaving to God...

    True, you seem confused. I never support Roman Catholic traditions, doctrines, practices, or the false gospel of it. Martin Luther was the first one God used to set multitudes free from that darkness. (yes, with his faults and all; remember the faults even the Apostles and disciples had - and the carnal goings on in Corinth !? ) TEST every message - TesT all that is found in worthychristianlibrary.com. there are wonderful lessons there and months or years worth of reading that will HELP CLEAR UP YOUR CONFUSION if you are really confused still. If people read the BIBLE or all the Works at worthychristianlibrary.com BEFORE posting much, it would hopefully and possibly REDUCE so many false gospels and false teaching being posted so often. THE STANDARD IS THE BIBLE, THE WORD OF GOD. There you can find peace, rest and freedom from confusion IF GOD PERMITS.
  16. Why I could personally never chose to be Catholic

    Reasons why I could personally never chose to be Catholic: Baptist prospective 1st of all, comparing spiritual things with spiritual, I feel that as old as the Roman Catholic Church is; it still has not worked out it's kinks. - 1 Corinthians 2:13 (KJV Bible) I feel like if I'm going to partake congregationally to worship, it is a absolute must that i am 100% comfortable with the Church and its Doctrines, all elements combined. - Galatians 1:6-7 (of Galatians 1:1-12) (KJV Bible) It is well known most Baptist have issues with Catholicism because of the Catholic claim of: transubstantiation. Within the ritual of a catholic mass, the pope holds a piece of bread, turns his back, and while his back is turned. Proclaims that it "literally" turns into the physical flesh of Christ. 3rdly, Christ is the head of the Church, There is absolutely no need for a Pope. It is opposite of scriptural and from what Iv heard, Pagan derived. - 1 Corinthians 11:3 (KJV Bible) God Bless you, I have large hopes that you find a profitable King James Version Only proud and preaching Church near you & find the Bible way to Heaven.
  17. David was a Shepherd and He was comparing God to a Shepherd and His sheep to us. He is describing how God protects us from our enemies and even provides for us lavishly in spite of their presence. We have no need to fear. We can rely on God so we are able to enjoy all He does for us. In His Presence we find peace and contentment. It reminds me of Jesus telling the woman at the well that had she known Who He is, she would but ask and rivers of living water would pour forth from her. He was speaking of the Holy Spirit. God is our portion and our abundance. He is our anointing oil and our cup that overflows. His presence makes our life abundant and fulfilling in spite of adverse circumstances. Anyhow, that is my take on it all.
  18. Required ? to stay saved? Cleaving to God...

    You have always been against the RCC, Jeff, and have been so for years on this site. Yet now you are promoting a Catholic natural scientist's doctrine? I'm confused but....I guess anyone can change.
  19. Yes, BE AFRAID, BE TERRIFIED, as written

    Your right about that. That was what Paul was warning about. Lest anyone should boast.
  20. " Founded A Christian Nation "

    Correct. YHVH'S Justice is Perfect in Judgment , His Way. As Directed by Him. Today ? Criminals run the systems. The leaders and the populace with few exceptions top to bottom are corrupt. The guilty get $1,000,000.00 free for defense. This is not justice at all. Remember prohibition? The cities in the NE US were found to have ALL the politicians and police authorities running alcholol from Canada or making money off those who made it illegally. Remember the recent wars ? ..... So sad, too bad, more awols in the 90's every year than all of wwi wwii and korea. From Generals to Privates. Because, they said, "we were lied to - we thought we were going to help people. Instead we killed them, and were part of massive rivers of drug flow to the usa, etc etc etc .... PRAY A LOT EVERY DAY. YHVH says to.
  21. Yes, BE AFRAID, BE TERRIFIED, as written

    Of course, that way through the law, all glory can go to man...and so, Little Jack Horner Sat in the corner, Eating his Christmas pie; He put in his thumb, And pulled out a plum, And said, "What a good boy am I!"
  22. Fighting sins and Satan

    I took that course way back when. Must have been forty years ago. Should have taken a memory course instead. Though it did up my comprehension. I have understood everything so much better ever since, but I just don't remember what I learn.
  23. " Founded A Christian Nation "

    Hmmm interesting read, makes me want to look further in this issue, all I know is that under the new covenant, criminals should not just be let to go free.
  24. This is posted in the Tech section but I figured I'd post here so other see it. Found a great price on ESET Internet Security on www.newegg.com. The Anti Virus is on sale also and that one runs through Monday. Details in the Tech section here.
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