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  2. Do they have a name for it? Have you ever heard of leukodystrophy?
  3. @Tampered With Thanks so much for your compassionate response, brother. I am sorry you have neurological suffering, too. Those who never have are often clueless as to how debilitating and painful it can be. Including the so-called 'experts' who waste your time and then conclude "no cure." Yes. That is my situation, too. I appreciate that. You've brought some topics to this site that I think are needful and I want to say I am personally glad of it.
  4. Hi John... Yes, definitely for real! Our sins are forgiven, blotted out, removed from us as far as the east is from the west, and remembered no more! \o/ Acts 3:19... Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord. So rather than focusing on our guilt over past sins that have already been forgiven, we can press on and be refreshed by God's presence in His inspired word, in creation, in prayer, and in our daily lives--always looking forward.
  5. I can't see last in that photo - that's because last was with me the whole time The camera never lies
  6. I really believe it won't be long before they start making appearances on a large scale. Have you heard the speech by General Mark Milley telling soldiers that they'll soon be fighting hybrid armies and little green men? Now, we have a new branch of the military...the "Space Force." The whole world is gearing up for it....the deception. (Not aliens ...these are nephilim, fallen ones, and things created in labs.)
  7. That poor owl needs to get yoked up with that lamb IN JESUS . The two picutures show us what sitting and hearing from falses ones , versus hearingthe lamb and pure sound doctrine . The owl, YEAH depressed to death , but when a lamb hears truth , Its HAPPY and at peace . For the sheep follow only the voice of the SHEPARD .
  8. And that is what a lamb looks like that hears truth , pure sound doctrine . Fat and happy as it rests in the LORD .
  9. Your accusation of "playground-esk behavior" in the midst of defending Trump. Oh the irony. Regarding your last question as to whether Trump has denied Christ. OH...AT THE DEEPEST LEVEL my dear brother -- when he said that he felt no need to ask God for forgiveness. That, in and of itself, is Antichrist.
  10. That poor owl looks like it was forced to sit through a rick warren Kenneth Copeland praise the POPE a thon .
  11. I was and did. Still, just like now, those members balked at the TOS. Even as a site admin they didn't listen to what I said and I spent many hours in PM with them and other admins.
  12. I sympathize with the neurological problems as for ten years the doctors thought I had M.S.. After three spinal taps over 10 years they now have ruled out M.S. but say it is in the same family and there is no cure. After spending months in the hospital near the Johnson Space Center the neurologists said "they have never seen anything quite like my case". Gee I wonder why? I'll do some research and see what I can come up with for you turtletwo.
  13. Look, your first question was " What if I said that I am certain that President Donald Trump is the Antichrist? " in your OP. I answered. You didn't like the fact that I quoted the TOS and it has gone on from there, even to the point of bringing up the past about Obama. Such childish reactions to a rule I did not make. It reminds me of my grade school playground when the excuses when caught doing something wrong were "He did it, why can't I?" Like I said, if you don't agree with the TOS, take it up with George. You asked and I answered. It really is that simple. For whatever reason, you won't let it go as just another members answer. To set things straight, in case you were wondering ... I personally don't like Obama nor Trump. I wouldn't invite either to my house. As for what I stated about the antichrist, it can be found in 1 John 2:22 Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son. Has Trump, whom you claim to be the antichrist, ever deny the Father of the Son?
  14. Thank you everyone for providing all the scriptures for both doctrines. I'll have interesting bible study for awhile. I'm glad you weren't hateful to each other.
  15. Yes, the world will worship him. But not because he is so well-liked. Rather -- it is FEAR that will motivate the world. All will be left with two alternatives -- worship the beast OR DIE. Doesn't Isaiah 14 say, "Is this the man that made the earth tremble?" Feared - YES! Well-liked? Only in the movies, not in Scripture (Daniel does indicate that the AC will have a small contingency around him that admire him.) Armageddon starts because the armies of the world will gather together to fight against the Antichrist. That don't sound like a love-fest to me. You?
  16. Yep , its sucking whole churches up big time .
  17. To worry or be concerned for brethren Is not a sin at all . IT just means one is concerned for the welfare of others . its not a sin . TO WORRY the wrong kind of way , Like worryin over the morrow , is to not trust in Christ . But to be concerned for the sake of others is no sin . Its simply the desire that none err .
  18. @Tampered With Thanks for bringing this out to show us the seriousness of the situation. Do you think it is possible you could post an article on the specifics of the New Age Movement that are infiltrating the church? Something that packs a punch and cuts straight to the chase. I have neurological problems that make it hard for me to read lengthy articles. If you are too busy, it's okay. I understand. Just thought I'd put forth the request because you seem like a friendly person who takes things seriously. A nice combo. GBU.
  19. Hi, No one lives in Semi Valley, it is just a commuter's rest stop.
  20. Other one wins! He has the coolest picture...................
  21. You are basing your logic on the assumption that I am wrong in my deduction. I am not. I'm calling things as I see things. And I am willing to bet that I have seen things you have not. That said -- it may be disrespectful for YOU to call Trump the Antichrist. It is not for me. My call is according to truth as I understand it AND AS GOD HAS SHOWN ME. Is it disrespectful to call Hitler a murderer? Is it disrespectful to call South Park's writer crude? What I am telling you is true. You may not agree now, but you will. And who sets the bar of respect here. You? Shall I cut-n-paste some of the respectful things people have said about Obama on these posts? O how lovely the tune that changes from major to minor when the focus shifts to the other side.
  22. I think something we miss - or at least, I do, sometimes - is that the Lord means it when he says we are forgiven for our sins. When we repent, the Lord forgives us. Satan is busy trying to scare us with gloom and doom thoughts, in an effort to discourage us, but the Lord's forgiveness is for real.
  23. I do not think you will find a scripture that says it exactly like that. but that dont make what i said any less true. the world will offer a false Christ, and the people will eat it up. people are already being prepared for him to come. just look at the political figures who support ungodliness and how they love anything they say. its the way of the world. it says it in other ways in proverbs but... birds of a feather flock together.
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