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  2. I’m out of here also....He ain’t worth getting in trouble for.....covfefe......lol....
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    That was in my post...
  4. Evgen


    So, what's your opinion on the Tree of knowledge of good & evil?
  5. I believe this to be incorrect as before the law was the tithe and after the law in the church was tithing...
  6. I'm living meat-free and sugar free this week - I think I'll have to avoid this thread. LOL
  7. In trying the spirits you'll find in the Word of God that He (God) is not keeping any of the first creation and as He came and lived in flesh His (Jesus) did not appear to have any concern for it but to put the thief in charge of the purse... Hence the heart of God is seen toward His first creation as the only importance is what His Word says and the accomplishment of such then burn it up and all memory of such removed. Now examine those in the pulpit that teach of mammon and it's place....
  8. Personally, I think he does it on purpose. And it is driving the MSM crazy. There is a reason that CNN's numbers are down HORRIBLY. And with a president in office with which they disagree, their numbers should be up. But they (and others) have just so jumped the shark on this president that his "stupid" remarks are only outdone by their responses to them. On a side note, I do with trump what I do with all politicians. I ignore what they say and watch what they do. One focuses on what he says at their peril, as folks like Don Lemon(e) and Rachel Maddow have learned.
  9. *shoves Sweety into the mud hole and walks away*
  10. Nope! Can't say that I do. (its probably best I don't say anything else)
  11. I make no such pretenses about being a gentleman so can y'all get off my last please and thank you
  12. Thank you so much. I will correct that. Note to self: Do not type bible verses from memory. God bless you brother thank you so much. Sorry for my mistake. Love and hugs in Christ!
  13. I thought we were friends? You're wishing for my enemies to come in literally eat me. I'm going to have to join in with Batman against you .... I don't know if I can handle this, first you finally admit I'm sweet in chat last night and now you're volunteering to save me from the enemy. You are a true gentleman (sometimes) and other times you're just ornery Pat Right now I'm conflicted between hugging you and taking advantage of this moment to send you sliding into a mud hole. I guess I can do both *hugs Pat and then "accidentally" pushes him back into a conveniently placed mud hole* OOOOPPSSSSSSS oh no, Pat....are you ok?
  14. trump only has himself to blame ....is the press supposed to lie over and play dead when he is such a habitual, transparent liar? HE is the one that supplies the press with so much ammo. Sad.
  15. Nobody I have ever known, myself included, has done all of these things....What are we to do? When W C Fields was caught reading the Bible and was asked “ why?”, he responded that he was “ looking for loopholes”. There is no record that he ever found what he was looking for.I did.Its called “ Grace”.Total forgiveness, there for the taking.He was probably never told how to obtain it.Faith in the Shed Blood Of Jesus- plus Nothing.There is the loophole he never found.Now that you know about it are you willing to apply it to your life and get saved?Its the only way . “ by Grace you are saved, through faith......” God bless.
  16. If your focus is upon the earth only …. but we work not as earthly reward but for Jesus' glory! So from that perspective it doesn't matter what political system God places us in we are set free to remain in the proper perspective.
  17. Go Bucs! ? Actually I took a knee on NFL a couple years back and haven't watched nor followed any team since then. For me it is Go Rays Baseball. Jesus doesn't seem to mind a bit, but I do think He must be a Yankees fan. Seems God has no need of money. My gifts and sacrifices are to honor Him, and my sharing is simply to help others as they also help me at times too. He provides abundantly that which is perfect for my daily need and it also helps work toward my sanctification. He only wants me to fully pay my taxes and pay timely the merchants that supply me with my needs, and not take another brother or sister to court. God seems not to worry about whether I enjoy golf or not, but he also never showed me how not to slice into the wood. Evidently He likes seeing me there among the chipmunks, and an occasional wandering alligator seeking a new pond to fish.
  18. Hello Pete, Welcome to Worthy!
  19. Hello Kim! Welcome to Worthy.
  20. does that look like a racoon hat I expected far more out of a tree... like enoob is fast like a rabbit.... last like a noob....
  21. I see trump more as our Cyrus. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/31/opinion/trump-evangelicals-cyrus-king.html https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Ezra+1%3A1-10%3A14&version=NIRV NOTE: The NYT story is horribly biased, but the core point is a sound one: A representive leader that "saves the day" does not have to be an overt Believer in all their actions. In fact, look at David.
  22. You don't answer the questions. For we to identify who the MAN is, that is the actual Beast, you must tell us which is the several names of blasphemy upon his 7 heads. Please, tell us, these NAMES of blasphemy in his 7 heads reveal who him is, understand? Again: QUESTIONS Which are the names of blasphemy of this satanic Beast? Which are the 7 heads of the Beast revealed as BEING 7 mountains, and which of the 7 heads will be wounded unto death?
  23. If I ever hear of Trump in a five star restaurant ordering Melania a bowl of locusts with a side of honey; I'll start looking for similarities But seriously, I don't see Trump as a forerunner of anything, with the possible exception of; his work on the Israeli peace process. I'm thinking this could be a forerunner of the one the Antichrist confirms or parts of it. I'm thinking the "Temple" being rebuilt will be the key to everything? I think the Bible is pretty clear there will never be a two state solution.
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