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    True Antichrist

    Well said. The new Testament Church, of which Jesus Christ is the head is a called out body of people of all nations who have been born again and who have lived a true Christian life and died in the faith. It also includes all those who are alive in Christ today. This present church is called the "ekklesia" of the New Testament times, called out of this world to evangelize the world in this age. The church, in its largest signification is the whole company of redeemed in all ages, in Heaven and in Earth (Eph. 3:1-11; Heb. 12:23). It is the spiritual people who have been made members of the universal family of God. The church in this sense is the body of Christ, and it does not consist of saved and unsaved. It is not a group of individuals associated together for social and benevolent purposes, as seems to be on every hand in most worldly church gatherings. It is the body of people indwelt by God through the Holy Spirit and through whom God works in the world.
  3. the real question i have is at what point does one stop asking nicely and begin to obey 1 cor 5:11
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    True Antichrist

    Good point, I should not have phased it that way, but here is some Food for Thought. The Holy Spirit had NO PROBLEM SAVING PEOPLE on earth without indwelling them, and being heaven, too, in the Old Testament times. So WHY do you think he cannot do it During the Tribulation. HE ENTERED OUR HEARTS, to become a COMFORTER. EVERYTHING ELSE, HE CAN DO WHILE BEING outside our body, and IN HEAVEN, too. Because HE is OMNIPRESENT, he is in both places at the SAME TIME technically, but the Promise He will be in YOU and will NEVER LEAVE YOU, seems to be only for the New Testament ASSEMBLY. Why did I phrase that ASSEMBLY? Technically CHURCH IS NOT IN THE BIBLE at all. When JESUS SAID: Matthew 16:18 (YLT) 18 `And I also say to thee, that thou art a rock, and upon this rock I will build my assembly, and gates of Hades shall not prevail against it; Look up the word ekklēsia and You will find the it means ASSEMBLY. CHURCH is man's word for it, not what JESUS SAID or the Apostles said. John 14:16 (KJV) 16 And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; SO WHAT DOES GOD MEAN BY FOREVER? ? ? I would say, for Eternity. AND HE WILL BE AT THE WEDDING IN HEAVEN. Another point, now that I mentioned Mat. 16:18: So the people HE was talking to in this verse were the last of the Old Testament ASSEMBLY: John 10:16 (ASV) 16 And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice: and they shall become one flock, one shepherd. So THIS FOLD, is the last of the Old Testament ASSEMBLY, because the New Testament ASSEMBLY, did not begin until the Day of Pentecost after the Ascension. The OTHER SHEEP is us. And we will become ONE FLOCK AT THE RAPTURE.
  5. You LEGALIST . YOU LOVE TRUTH and teach folks to obey , legalist. MAN this church age is in serious dire straits . The thing is I love the people , and its WHY I correct and instruct . I think some forget what the HOLY SCRIPTURES are for . FOR CORRECTION , for reproof for instruction IN RIGHTEOUNESS , you know so the man of GOD can be thoroughly furnished unto all good works . Now I am the legalist . well from one legalist to another , I SURE GOT THE JOY OF THE LORD and I KNOW ITS HE ALONE who is my righteous and HE alone who instructs my heart to do what Is right . SURELY they aint gonna call the SPIRIT a legalist too .
  6. I have prayed for your wife and for you too. God bless.
  7. OH I know what the real problem is , but if I say it I will be banned . so let me just say this . HOW do we know we are truly under grace and truly in the new convenant . SIMPLE . In those days I will write my laws upon their hearts and in their minds . Not I will make void my law and say hey you can transgress willfully so long as you holler IN JESUS NAME . PONDER THIS . Really ponder what their some here do say and imply . As though JESUS came so we can willfully sin and continue in darkness and just cause we loved him with our mouth and said JESUS is LORD , even if we are in the pit and die , HEY MAN ALL IS WELL. ONLY ALL IS NOT WELL . THIS IS A DELUSOIN . the early church NEVER IMPLIED THIS not even once . LOOK at their approach about continuing in sin . DID paul say let it not be named once , or did he say , HEY MAN GOD knows on our best day we gonna sin . EXACTLY . ITS ALL BACKWARDS MAN . ITS ALL backwards .
  8. I used to steal B.C. when we read that whole verse it tells us to stop stealing... and work hard so we can provide/give to others. God really impressed that verse on me as well as in proverbs... a thief must repay 7-fold and the substance of his house. God told me to stop it. i.e. go and sin no more... not, I can sin all I want. the truth is you cant Love God or your neighbor if you do the things the 10 commandments say not to do. its real simple math that adds up. but i guess you are right... Paul is a "legalist" too because he told people to obey.
  9. This is Exactly what the Pharisees did . Wanna see something real scary . THEY who accuse folks like me as being a legalistic , they are the Pharisee . Because they use grace to MAKE VOID the law . OOOOPS . THEY use grace as grace was never meant to be used . THEY claim THINGS JESUS said are not possible by their Acroym , traditions of men . YET JESUS said IF you continue not in me , ye are cast out . Paul and peter both reminded that one can come and have been made partakers of the HOLY GHOST and still fall away and if they did are were overcome , their latter end is worse . But the traditons of men MAKE VOID what the apostels WHO KNEW CHRIST and spoke by the SPIRIT said . THEY MAKE VOID the doctrine of GOD for an acryonm . THEY do what they falsely ACCCUSE us of doing . ITS all backwards . Cletus and I know full well , we saved solely by grace just as paul, peter , john , jude and james , AND ALL THEM warned . EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM WARNED . AND SO DID GOD FROM heaven to the seven churches . YET by acronyms they make void the very God inspired word and accuse us of promoting a false grace BECAUSE WE UPHOLD WHAT THE BIBLE and not men says . TALK about BACKWARDS . I am more worried now than ever for so many . Truly truly my hearts desire is that none perish , but if we cannot even truly TRUST CHRIST how are we going to make it . HOW . IF we trust men over truth , HOW ON EARTH are we going to be told WELL DONE FIATHFUL SERVANTS . They make void james who says faith without works is dead , WHO said do not be deceived being hearers only . ANYONE wanna go peek at where JAMES HEARD THIS . JESUS SAID IT . JESUS SAID IT . JESUS SAID IT . but they make it void by an acronym . THIS IS triple scary stuff man .
  10. Cletus had the definition SPOT ON RIGHT . Behold failed massive .
  11. At least I am not the culprit on all this biting for a change.
  12. We “ should” but we don’t.......we need a loophole....
  13. And they have forgotten , that while the law is not made for a righteous man . it can be used as correction and reminders . If not , why did paul quoate the fifth commandment when he said CHILDREN OBEY YOUR PARENTS . KADOW . GOT THEM . While we don't seek the law to justify us for both of us knows full well ONLY Faith in CHRIST justifies , we know How to apply correction when correction is necessary . If using the law to correct or remind is a legalist . LOOK OUT PAUL who himself spoke so much about not seeking to be justified by the law . HE USED the fifth commandment . IN fact surprise , surprise , he used more than that . What did paul say , LET HIM he who stole steal no more . OH NO , OH NO that is using the law , OOOPS . WE GOT them. No murderer JOHN says has enternal life , OH NO , thou shalt not murder , he is using the law . WE GOT THEM NOW . I knew it would come . LET the warners warn and leave them be . THEY do as they do for the sake of the church . OH no , paul said not to commit adultery , OH NO he is a legalist for the law says not to also . WRONG the law was on his heart . OOPS . we got major problems .
  14. I can't believe I ate the whole thing.
  15. What truly terrifies me is this . If we truly have the Holy SPIRIT in us , and we have learned Christ , we would long by now be identical and see sin the exact same way the apostles who warned about it did . Men are destroying the churches . Grace would be teaching us all things necessary to walk holy and to be grave and serious when error is spotted . Grace would not make light of sin . JESUS DID NOT . Don't we KNOW JESUS IS the comforter . WHY would the SPIRIT then approach sin differently than did Christ or the apostles who I KNOW HAD the SPIRIT . We must do an all out exodus of mens acroynms and doctrines and do a massive ENTRODUS back into THE BIBLE . DO IT NOW . DO it now before its too late .
  16. Well this is as close as I've seen OO get to making a smart remark! enoob on the other hand says everything OO was thinking using the rudest vocabulary imaginable. You two make a perfect comedy team. pass me a cookie, muffy
  17. Every day I grow more and more worried for blood bought . He is giving folks a license to sin . He may not support sin , but he is giving folks a free pass to will full sin . He has no idea the danger he is in . There are others here who may be osas , but I do not even see them saying what blood bought implies . We should examine how he approaches sin and how all the apostles did . And what a major difference in the two . Yet our pattern should be identical to the pattern set in that bible . If not we are misunderstanding something big time . I know what the problem is , anything to do with working out our own salvation with fear and trembling , Has been turned into legalism . They took a big part of the original pattern set by CHRIST and kept by the apostels away from the church . is it then any wonder why error only begat more error . We gotta do something . They think we are legalists , and have no idea we are simply keeping the same pattern the early church did . Guess paul, james and some of us are all legalists . Cletus you just don't know how worried I am about this for some . Wait , you actually do , you seem worried for them too .
  18. Agreed, where people get a wee bit confused in that passage is the Holy Spirit is ordered to stop blocking the Anti-Christ/Man of Sin from coming forth, or he is taken out of the way, or so that used to be my thinking. Try this on for size brother. It is the Church with the Holy Spirit working through it that blocks the Man of Sin from coming forth, thus the Church is taken out of the way via the Pre-trib Rapture !! Jesus told Peter, the gates of hell will not prevail against my Church. Thus the Beast {Rome} received the Mortal Wound, which can only be healed after the Church is Raptured. So I have come to see that which is take out of the way as the Church or body of Christ holding back evil via the Holy Spirit working through us. Think of the void on the earth when we are gone. Well I see after reading we are in perfect agreement pretty much.....I was going to go point by point, but we are pretty much in sync. Great post.
  19. Today
  20. There he goes again with his split personality. Have you been taking your meds enoob???
  21. For consideration: There are references to incarnations or Christophanies by the Son of God long before He again took on the flesh of man by Mary. He appeared in the firey furnace with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego likened to a son of the gods. He wrestled Jacob ( Israel), and Jacob who had wrestled the man ( Jesus) all night declared I have seen the face of God and I have not died. Jesus makes clear declaration within much of John 8 that he has always been the Son of God. That He and God The Father are one. -------------
  22. Yeshua, being the Person of God, knew the Cross was ahead of Him. The Lord's prayer has nothing to do with the Law or with Grace, much like the 10 Commandments, do not have relationship to the Law or Grace. And we should always abide by them, especially the ones that Yeshua redefined.
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