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    • Worthy Network is NOT a 501c3 organization. Praise YAH Thanks for the membership, I will donate to this ministry after the Shabbat is over Day 26 Here Considering  - Not being able to buy or sell without The number of the beast, Which Is Also the number of a man.

      Buy and sell the Gospel

      Go to those that sell and buy from them said the wise to the foolish. Matthew 25:9

      Buy the Truth and sell it not Proverbs 23:23

      In order to sell the truth, 98%+ of amerika's churches have succumbed to the beast, by becoming a corporation of the state

      the number of the beast 501 > 6 c3 > 6

      Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred Sixty and six. Revelation 13:18

      Two Jewish researchers published an article two months before obama became the nominee for the democrats in 2008, and they said that obama who has a gematria of 501 in Hebrew would become the next president of the USA by Jewish hands..The republished article Jewish Perspective in this link'yechi.php

      detailed history of events that have followed their prediction since, they also said he was a muslim

      I read the article for the first time in 2010 after hearing the researchers being interviewed by Tamar Yonah

      Then I went to google translate and translated Barry Soetoro into Hebrew

      Put it in this Hebrew value calculator and 501, they had only done Barack Hussein Obama, also 501,

      obama accepted the nomination of the democratic party for president on a replica of the temple of pergamon, the seat of satan in denver Colorado, a giant white horse on the stadium. Revelation 2:12-13

      Shortly after becoming president, he is given a Prize, stephanos crown Revelation 6:2

      obama was awarded the nobel peace prize on 10/9/2009 for two speeches he made earlier that year, one in turkey the other in egypt, bho said in both speeches that the parties need to live up to their agreement, the obligations as he put it of "the roadmap for peace" two states in Israel which he mentioned in both, and that it was his goal and that of the united states to make it happen.

      and in both speeches, obama said this is for peace and security to come to the region 1 Thessalonians 5:3, confirming the covenant with many Daniel 9:27 the covenant of death Isaiah 28:18

      10/9/2009 was The Last Day of Sukkot on YAH's Calendar, Hoshanah Rabbah, The Final Sealing of Judgement. Haggai 2:1 Haggai 2:6 The Great Day John 7:37 (21st day of the 7th month)

      Then obama went to Israel for the first time to be given the nations highest honor for a civilian ' the presidential medal of distinction' (exactly 1260 days from the day that he was given the nobel peace prize) on 3/21/13 in the evening, a new biblical day

      3/21/13 was exactly four days before the Jewish Passover

      This is the day when Yeshua came riding into Jerusalem, called the triumphant entry

      The lamb was brought into the house 4 days before Passover to be inspected for blemishes

      YESHUA was inspected for four days, and was crucified, and no sin was found in Him, blameless, No blemishes

      John 5:43 says it all

      Then add 1290 days to 3/21-22/2013 and you Land on YOM TERUAH 2016 The Feast of Trumpets. Daniel 12:11

      2 day window since he was given the prize in the evening, another day

      Eventually All things will be completed in One Year

      For it is the day of YHVH's vengeance, and the year of recompences for the controversy of Zion. Isaiah 34:8

      Does the year of vengeance begin on YOM TERUAH 2016, I don't know for sure.

      bho's b-day is the 216th day of the year 6x6x6

      The last time the Illinois lottery (2x) daily pick 3 was 666, was on the day obama was elected the first time

      the zip code for where he was a community activist 60606

      his name in Hebrew ' lightning from heaven' Luke 10:18

      bho has syrian ancestry, the 10th legion that destroyed the temple were syrian conscripts into the roman military.

      10 rulers have received no kingdom, but will for one hour (10 Fema Governors)

      deadly wound, the near financial collapse of 2008-2009

      Everything was going on as usual, until the rain came

      As in the days of Noah Luke 21:35

      Noah and his family were in the Ark for 364 days and exited on the 365th

      If the Sword come, there will not be any blood on my hands

      Ezekiel 33:3-4


      Daniel 7

      When the roman empire collapsed, ten nations arose from the western empire, the head of the beast

      and another little horn came up after them and plucked up three

      England - The Revolutionary War

      France - The Louisiana Purchase

      Spain - The Spanish American War

      and in this horn/nation, one who speaks great words against the Most High

      Daniel 7:7-8 Daniel 7:20 Daniel 7:24
    • Yeah, I've noticed that in a large part of the "debates", it just seems to be an opportunity to "vent their spleen" about God. No answer seems to do for them, and frankly, for the "new atheists", it turns into a feeding frenzy.
    • I don't get into debates with atheists. Especially online. It seems that they always through out the same old arguments, the same scriptures taken out of context, the same old accusations. It is exactly what Christ meant when he said not to throw pearls before swine. Once I realize that the person isn't interested in learning about Christ and being born again, but only interested in attacking my faith and GOD, I just walk away.
    • As soon as I left school I decided that I wanted a beautiful house and all the trimmings, cars, a boat, lots of cash, a family and a long happy life. That was even before I was born again. After 50 years of hard, physical work,  in Australia's coal mines, ((No one gave me anything, not one thing), I have everything plus more than I ever dreamed of, and retired.
    • I grew up under an atheist (step dad), was taught an through an atheistic/humanistic worldview (public schools), but have gotten nowhere when debating them except for them to entrench deeper in their atheism.  i find the most effective approach is to throw out a question or two, to cause them to think.
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