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    • That term Butero always sounded rather New Age to me.  Maybe I'm way off base but I tend to lean toward to what you are saying.
    • Yes even Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Princeton, Harvard etc., started off as bulwarks of the faith and now....:(
    • While it is certainly true that the sinful nature of men causes conflicts, it is equally true that there are legions of evil spirits (with Satan at the helm) whose sole objective is to create conflicts, and ultimately send people to Hell. Thus "we wrestle not against flesh and blood".  As we see in the parable of the wheat and tares, it was "the Enemy" who sowed the tares, and there is always spiritual conflict between wheat and tares in the churches. It is a well-known fact that Adolf Hitler and his Nazis were seriously involved with the occult, and owed their success to evil spirits. It is also clear from reading the Koran that Satan is responsible for this document, which not only perverts Scripture, but teaches hatred for Christians and Jews.  Thus we have Radical Islam all around the world killing, maiming, raping, and pillaging, and no doubt these Jihadists who commit unspeakable atrocities are demon-possessed. Who is the source of atheistic Communism other than Satan, and how many conflicts have arisen because of the Communist goal to dominate the world?  People have been deceived into thinking that Russia, China and Cuba are friends of the West, when in fact they work to undermine the West every day.  Vladimir Putin is planning to revive the KGB, and all of them are engaged in cyber-warfare against the West. The principalities and powers which occupy "the air" have been creating human conflicts ever since the Fall, and even the wickedness which led to Noah's Flood was because of evil angels consorting with human women and ultimately corrupting the whole human race so that God had to wipe them out.
    • I will not question on how the Holy Spirit brought this man into the Kingdom and I"m sure not going to  question his salvation.  I just don't have that right.
    • Christians should understand that the Bible teaches a legitimate "self-love" (if you will) as opposed to catering to "the flesh".  Please note carefully (Ephesians 5:29): For no man ever yet hated his own flesh [body]; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church: What is Paul saying in this context? (There are passages where "flesh" means the old sinful nature and other passages where it means the physical human body.) 1. Human beings nourish and cherish their bodies, and this is legitimate, since he compares it to how Christ nourishes and cherishes His Body (which is the Church). 2. Since husbands and wives are "one flesh" (equivalent to one body) husbands are to nourish and cherish their wives just as they look after their own bodies.  In fact this passage teaches that husbands are to love their wives in the same way as Christ loves the Church. 3. Nourishing and cherishing our bodies legitimately means proper diet, rest, and exercise, so that we can function properly and fulfil our responsibilities to God as well as to others. A person who is weak, sick, or disabled cannot properly serve others. Also, since our thoughts affect our health, we are commanded to focus on that which is positive and good. 4. This has no relationship to self-indulgence, but to self-preservation, which is built into every creature. When faced with danger all creatures have either a fight or a flight response, and the physiology of the human body is immediately altered. 5. Self-preservation means protecting ourselves against external harm and danger as well as internal diseases and debilitation. A healthy and fit Christian can do much good for others and serve God with his "whole strength".
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    • Jean74

      October is Here!
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    • Jackie Bob  »  Willa

      Hello blessings, my name is Jacqueline , this morning i got up and pose a question on John 17:9 , I am new here, still trying to find a way to post some of my question, one of the question i wanted to ask is about john 17 chapter and some how God allow me to read your post in the same said chapter , i will use it for my group thanks so much for your words blessing to you and family
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    • Awakelive  »  woundeddog

      Hey woundeddog
      you asked a question about knowing if you are saved. Knowing you are saved is by believing in Jesus about being saved, in Matthew 25:31-46 Jesus tells us who he is going to save on the second advent.
      If you believe what he said about who he is going to save you can know that you will be saved.
      Logically, According to the golden rule "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" translates to if you saved the hungry by giving meat, you can be saved, because the will of God is to save that which he has created.
      On the other hand if you have not saved, your fair reward will be not being saved, because you will have done to you as you have done to others. Hope this helps you in the love of Christ.
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