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    • I think the most important thing to understand is this
      Leviticus 17:11
      For the life of the flesh is in the blood: and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul.
      and the physical address of this blood That 'IS' The Life of
      Jesus has moved to a Place where satan can no longer be
      Jn 17
      Col 3
      satan wants in any way to make important that which he still controls.... but the delivered saint has now this
      place formed by His Word... don't walk on the ground because the ground is the ground - which is idolatry but
      walk upon 'Let It Be'  the Spiritual essence of ground... Love, Steven

    • And Paul, as a trained Pharisee, was also intimately familiar with the Temple practices revolving around the "Festivals" - or to put it in their vernacular - "appointed times" (with God).  As one Jewish author writing on the Festivals said: 'If you have an appointment with God, it is suggested you keep it!' Paul then also invokes the analogy of the Fall Festivals to Jesus' Second Advent.  In this manner, Rosh ha-Shannah, the "Returning Anew" - is the "unknown" Day because it comes with the sighting of the new moon.  All other Festivals can be know beforehand.  It precedes the Days of Awe, and Yom Kippur - the reconciliation with God.  As Paul says in Col 2:16, the Festivals are a template for what is to come.  As Jesus fulfilled the Spring Festivals literally, so too with the latter rain, He will fulfill the Fall Festivals in a literal manner.
    • The elect of the Church will not endure the "Daniel Test," nor anything having to do with the Beast Kingdom, all of which do not begin until the period of the 7 Trumpets. As you correctly state, "The Day of the Lord happens before ANY of the Trumpet Judgments go forth," and, "The Church is not to endure these conditions."
    • You ignored my final statement.
      As the Great Tribulation is the most terrible time ever of unjust persecution, it does not follow that it come lightly. 1. There will be a "Daniel Test" - worship or die.
      -- a.)This means that normal movement may be highly limited as checkpoints or other government interaction could take place at transportational nodal points like airports, train stations, bus stations, and highways.  Going downtown may have severe consequences, especially if the populace, which is most wicked, is also on guard to inquire whether or not you're with them.
      -- b.) With the advent of computers, the likeness of the talking image could be presented anywhere there is cell phone coverage and via computers again, could "live stream" your face-to-face encounter. 2. No buying or selling.
      -- a.) You wont' be able to go to work to sell your labor.  Biometrics will demand some sort of ID.  As I am in the business of moving about secure areas, already we have an elaborate setup to constrict access.  You can expect that to continue and to propagate to other work environments. 
      -- b.) As with the above example 1.A.) you won't be allowed to use, planes, trains, and public transportation.  Nor will you be able to use your car so long as you need to buy gas.  Never mind that Worship Compliance Checkpoints could be set up that would catch you trying to be independent.  If you're not riding on horseback, cart, bicycle, or foot-powered scooter, which we rarely do outside of Amish country,; you're on foot - and that could be the very thing they're looking for in order to arrest you and put you to the "Daniel Test".
      -- c.) Water, food, clothing, and shelter: how will you provide that?  Three days without electricity and being isolated because of natural disaster is enough to put most communities on a strict survival basis.  By that time, the stores are empty, and looting is a problem.  How will you provide water when your well is run by electricity and you can't pay the bill because you're not "chipped"?  How are you going to get food?  If you aren't growing it, you don't have it.  You'd have store it; better check those prepper sites.   Now you tell me how you as a modern man is going to move around the front range of Colorado with its limited roads.  You might be able to camp out, but you're going to have to sustain yourself and any you love - and still even out west, you're going to make an IR signature which will not be lost on the authorities who will very well be looking for just such activity. I am already instituting a plan of action which will prepare my wife to "bed down" and hide in plain sight.  I, as a man, will probably not "make it."  Men are desirable targets because we are a threat as combatants.  Women, well, not so much a threat as a reward for the victor, if you get my drift...  If you read Isaiah 4, you will find that more women survive the one 'seven' than men.  Even then, they're in pretty rough shape... - the one 'seven' will eliminate enough people that even including us from an initial count, that less than 1% of the present world population survive it.  (1/3 of 15 million Jews + 10:1 Gentiles as per Zechariah = 55 million versus 7+ billion today.)
    • True. According to ancient Hebraic eschatology, the First Trumpet -- literally, shofar -- of God was blown when God descended upon Mount Sinai, and the Last (and greater) Shofar/Trumpet will be blown to announce the resurrection of the dead and the End of Days judgments. This prophecy was well-known in Paul's time; whereas the 7 trumpets of Revelation were totally unknown before John published the Revelation many years later. Paul did not explain the term "last trump" in 1 Cor. 15 because people already knew what he meant.
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    • Joseph John  »  RustyAngeL

      honoring  Christ, he said who shall he teach, read Ps 25:12;Ps 94:10;Heb 5:13;Isa 28:9-11.
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    • xyluz

      I am officially impressed by this platform... @George you are the man...
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    • Gentle Fawn  »  KPaulG

      Hi KPaulG,
      I was a bit curious about you so I looked you up here and found that you are a young man, of 16 is that right?  Well, I have asked our God and Lord, to set His mighty angelic hosts to encamp around you to keep you and your faith strong and mighty in Him!  In Jesus Mighty Name!
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    • C_Beth

      As for me, how good it is to be near God! I have made the Sovereign LORD my shelter, and I will tell everyone about the wonderful things you do.
      —Psalm 73:28
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    • FresnoJoe

      "I create the fruit of the lips; Peace, peace to him that is far off, and to him that is near, saith the LORD; and I will heal him." Isaiah 57:19
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