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    •   Yes, that does make sense to me and it is logical.  Christ fulfilling the convocations and their respective associated feasts is something I have believed for a while now.  I think that you breaking down the fall feasts in this thread was very helpful.  Well said!
    • I am doing no such thing.  I am not teaching that I can save myself.  I am saved by grace alone.  At the same time,  after getting saved, it is possible to disqualify myself as a result of choices I make.  I most certainly can commit sins that are willful as opposed to sins done by mistake.  That is why Hebrews makes a distinction.  What you are saying is not my doctrine, it is what you are trying to spin my doctrine into.  My doctrine is what it is.  It is not what you say it is.  My doctrine is that you are saved by faith, and all past sins are automatically under the blood, as well as all sins done without meaning to.  In other words, you weren't thinking of what you were doing as being a sin.  All willful sins after salvation are not under the original blood covering, and they can only be forgiven if you repent.  Yes, you must repent of your willful sins to be forgiven.   If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.   1 John 1:9 Yes, we do confess our sins to receive forgiveness, not to feel better about ourselves.  People that teach unconditional eternal security are teaching something that is not Biblical.  By the way, those who have trodden under foot the Son of God are those who return to a lifestyle of willful sin after getting saved.  You took that scripture out of context.  Also, there is no such thing as legalism in the Bible.  You won't find that word anywhere.  That means you can't look it up in the Greek to figure out the definition because it isn't there.  That means it is in the eye of the beholder what, if anything it means.  To me, it only means someone that believes you are saved by trying to keep the law without believing in Jesus.  Don't agree?  It doesn't matter, because it isn't a Biblical word.  
    • Shiloh was removed from the thread for this post.
    • I believe who is born out of God wouldn't question if he can get unborn... Because it is irreversible. "...we are not of those who draw back to perdition, but of those who believe to the saving of the soul." - Hebrews 10:39 "For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable." - Romans 11:29
    •   You dont find forgiveness after you are saved, by confession., and to pretend all your sins are accidents is not really telling the truth. You find yourself saved because the One who saved you, did it........That is Salvation.........Jesus saved you......... Its completed. HE is salvation, not anything WE do., so, get rid of your list of MUST DO's, and its INVALID, its Galatians 1:8. And then, you live your life, and hopefully you try to live it according to holiness and sanctification, and obedience....... but none of this can save you, so doing none of it, wont cause you to lose your salvation, as salvation is not connected to your behavior, its only connected to the CROSS and the Blood, and God accepting your Faith, to give you His Righteousness..... And unless you hung on the cross, then you get no credit for what Jesus did on it to save you. The Gospel that you are teaching is......"now that you are saved, here is how you get the credit for keeping it".. But thats not the gospel, that is changing it into personal self righteousness, which trods underfoot the blood of the one who shed it to get the credit. And because there is no sin, because Jesus has abolished the Law = ... 1.) There is no law that can esteem you as a sinner.   and Romans 4:8 is speaking to all born again, and explaining that because God was slain on a cross for your SIN, you are no longer being judged for ANY OF THEM, after you die..... And this is because Jesus has paid for them all, already, on earth. Do you want to know who worries about sin, and losing salvation?......Its people who are not saved, or people who do not understand The Atonement., and this is why they are always on forums trying to talk about sin, sin, sin, and "confession", and "living it", and "willful sinning".......as all these are indicators that this person is lost, or a Legalist, or both. Its a SIREN, its a WARNING SHOT BEING FIRED that this person is teaching their gospel of "how to save yourself by not doing this, and not doing that, and confessing this and ".. Thats Galatians 1:8. No Born Again person, who understands The Atonement, is going to be found trying to convince other believers that the Blood of Jesus is only valid if we live right, confess sins, and endure to the end. This is what Catholics teach........ and that is what im hearing from you. You are giving Jesus credit for nothing, and you are teaching that  works and confession and lifestyle are the savior after you are "saved", which is truly so twisted.....because ALL this legalism, this "what you must  do to stay saved"..... this spits on the Cross, and i hope you stop doing it as soon as you come to understand the principles of Grace and Romans 3:21-28, and Ephesians, and Colossians, and Galatians, and Titus and Timothy. As a matter of fact, if the blood of Jesus was not accepted by God to pay for ALL of  our sins, (past, present, and future)  then salvation would be temporary, and it would be left to our shoulders to keep ourselves saved,... as you are teaching...... and in that case we would all go to hell in the end, and why?..... Because you dont realize that when you are believing and teaching about Lawkeeping and personal lifestyle, to stay saved, you are then putting yourself back under the law, and then you have to obey all the Law found in Moses's books, and not just the 10 commandments., and there are over 600 of them, and you dont know what they are, and so, you are not confessing those that you have broken, so, in your theology, you are lost according to what you are always trying to force on others  as your gospel....As you are not confessing what you dont even know is a sin......Such as things like, not putting certain fabrics together, for example..   And honestly, it is literally impossible to remember every single sin you have committed since you were saved, until you are dead... So, your whole false notion of staying saved by confession, ETC..... after you are ALREADY SAVED, is impossible, so, thank GOD, that GOD saves and we RECEIVE IT.....and then its done. Eternal Security  is found as ours,=  because He who started salvation, is going to complete it for us, because God is faithful to complete it....."   Philippians 1:6 Salvation, is as permanent, as God is eternal, as He provided it Himself, and that is why WE cant lose it.........Its not ours to lose, because its HIS TO KEEP.....  Philippians 1:6 So, what you are teaching...... is how to save yourself (after you are saved), and when you do that, you are not only personally rejecting the One who saved you, but you are crediting your own self with saving yourself.., and what is worse, is that you are trying to put other believers into the mental trap of legalism, that rejects Jesus as Savior.   As trying to keep yourself saved, rejects the Savior... And to keep trying to teach others to do that........ You really need to stop doing that..... You really need to back off this self-salvation theology stuff., and just give all the credit to the Savior, and none of it to lifestyle, sin confession, or anything else that God does not accept to redeem us, and keep us redeemed.
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