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    • The thing is this: yes, it may "feel right" to "blast someone", bu is that what the Lord wants us to do? We can't go by feeling, but by God's instructions in the matter: " Therefore let us not judge one another anymore, but rather determine this—not to put an obstacle or a stumbling block in a brother’s way. " (Romans 14:13, NASB) Admittedly, this verse in context is talking about regarding one day over another as "holy" and what foods one eats concerning their walk. But in that vein, when we are debating over what days are holy or what foods are clean, or for that fact, what is correct and what is not in scripture, we must determine not to put a stumbling block in the way of any of our brethren. And we can often do so when we "blast" them in trying to correct them. What good does it do if they are so "blasted" that the message we are trying to convey is lost and we cause them to veer off with our vehemence? We cannot argue someone into the Kingdom, and we should not be trying to "bludgeon" someone into agreement with us. Something I think that would be good for all of us to keep in mind is this: before the Lord, we will all be mistaken about something,  be it the timing of the Rapture, the events of the Tribulation, what Jesus really looks like (I think all of us are going to be surprised on that one!) and so on. There are questions only the Lord is going to be able to settle, and if we're not sure, it's best to leave those with Him.And at that point, it's going to come down to how we treat those who disagree with us, and whom we disagree with. There are core issues that are paramount to our walk, then there are non soteriological issues (issues pertaining to salvation) that aren't all that important, and we need to learn the difference. And on the important issues where we disagree: we don't know every person's story, their walk or their life. People think like they do for a reason, and while sometimes a firm reply is needed, patience is most often called for. Sometimes we're not the one they need to hear that particular truth from, and it may be someone else who can put it in a way they can understand. it's nothing against us, but none of us see everything the exact same way as another. That's just how we are, and that's why the Lord is as patient as He is.  
    • I think I get there you're coming from, but I think there may be a misunderstanding in where the two of us are coming from regarding concepts like "contention", "my point",  and "division". I don't see those things as bad in themselves.  The topic is "when the sincere disagree", which suggests that disagreement does not necessarily equate to wrong.  For clarity, yes, you're right that I am mostly referring to moral/important spiritual issues rather than smaller opinion issues, though I also think it's pretty easy to confuse opinion issues with moral issues so I think there should be some room to discuss the overlap, too. If we have a disagreement, then we necessarily have a division between what you see to be right and what I see to be right.   That does not mean the division is bad or wrong, but rather that we have different perspectives as to how we interpret God's will. For example, I may believe that we should spend resources to teach orphans how to read, while you may believe the resources would be better used to feed them.  After all, if they're hungry then they probably won't be able to concentrate particularly well, but if they don't get an education they could end up becoming dependent on others for the rest of their lives. Neither approach is wrong in itself and neither is it inherently wrong that we have a division over which course of action would be better (assuming there is no direct leading from God one way or the other which is being ignored by either party).  This is a situation where the sincere could disagree; unity and division; agreement with helping orphans, but disagreement about how best to do that. The bottom line is that we both want to help the orphans, even if we're divided over which method would be best.  I believe the same could be true of both an atheist and a Christian working together in the same orphanage.  There would be very obvious, and perhaps strong disagreement between the two of them, but despite the atheist's lack of theology, at least he's helping the poor.  In that, he would have at least some agreement with both the Christian  and Jesus and I'd suggest that, based on Jesus' teachings about loving our neighbor, that area of agreement would be more important in God's eyes than the area of disagreement. And then there is Jesus' interpretation of division, in that he actually boasted that he came to bring division, but it was division between right and wrong so it's not wrong to have division, but rather we should be sure that the division we do have is based on good and fair reasoning.    
    • I know, that is why i worded it as I did - it is a hypothetical illustration
    • Eschatology is not for beginners.  It is not simple. It does take intellect to be able to "know and understand" as Gabriel put it to Daniel. I was drawing an analogy to Scripture.   Thanks.
    • Psst.....tigger 398's a woman.
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