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    • Why you don't believe that the Pope needs to repent, that the truth it is , the most important that not we , not done according to our own understand ing in this matter, but according to Jesus CHRIST understand ing, he is the Judge. We may be all be judges here on  earth, but the time will come that we will bow down to him and his judgment, Whether here on earth, and if not then  in Heaven. 
    • I can agree with this but I think some things need clarification. The little horn wages war against the saints for 42 months (3.5 years) and that duration is not cut short. The great tribulation takes place at the beginning of those 42 months and ends with the 6th seal.  The intensity of the persecution effort is what's cut short, not the duration. The sixth seal diminishes the little horn's ability to prosecute his war, it doesn't end it.  This is due in part to the plagues of the 7th seal that he and his followers have to deal with.  At the 6th seal, great tribulation becomes tribulation for the duration of the 42 months. I agree that the great tribulation and the plagues occur in the 42 months before the Lord's return.  Those 42 months are described in Daniel 12 as "a time of distress such as never occurred since there was a nation until that time."  It will affect everyone on the earth albeit in different ways.  Some will be persecuted for their faith and the rest will be judged for their idolatry, depending on how they respond to the image. As I see it, the great tribulation begins the 42 months and lasts for 110 days.  Then the 6th seal is opened bringing the great tribulation to an end.  The war against the saints continues for the remaining 1150 days but with a lesser intensity.  The plagues of the 7th seal are also occurring during those 1150 days for the purpose of restoring the holy place (calling God's people out of Babylon).
    • Over my life, I've been a member or had associations with the following denominations (in alphabetical order), Assemblies of God, Baptist-like (non-denoninational), Evangelical Free Church, Fellowship of Christian Assemblies, Great Lakes Baptist, Lutheran (Missouri Synod), Moravian, United Church of Christ, United Methodist Church, and a couple of independent groups.  (I did this in alphabetical order so as to intentionally not become stereotyped with the current denomination I am associated with.)   The longer I've been a Christian, the less attached I've become to particular distinctive beliefs and practices of various denominations.   I used to worry about dotting the Is and crossing the Ts and finding which denomination was the most correct.   I also used to spend much time and effort debating the point.   Right now, the two biggest things that determine how well I can fit into a particular congregation or ministry are these.  1. How serious are the people there about walking with God?  and 2.  Are they going to insist on knowing and making sure that I agree and wholeheartedly support their distinctive beliefs and practices? Last night, I was re-reading some stuff I wrote a number of years ago and ran across this paragraph that more or less describes the shift in outlook I've gone through over decades. One of the saddest things in the modern church is the idea that truth is more important than life. Many members of many churches spend more effort debating, defending, and serving "The Truth" than they do instilling life in themselves and others. Indoctrination has taken the place of education. The letter of the law has become more important than the spirit. Statements of faith have become litmus tests to separate outsiders from insiders. Being "Right" is more important than being "Alive".  
    • That is the video I am talking about  It would get dark every time they entered tunnels, and sometimes they were pretty long.  The scenery was nice.  
    • Something similar I had in mind, that the counsil of the cardinals will begin to question the Pope,s memory, whether or not begins to show signs of degenerative memory illness.  The Catholics believe that salvation is throuth the church, with faith in Jesus Christ, express by participating in the tenants , such as confession and then communion for those who have been baptized.and prayers for the dead........ Making the Catholics clean and good before they die. Jesus said to good people, the most and only clean people, even having the righteousness of the Law, if you do not believe in me , your holiness cannot saved you. If you don't repent from your unbelief in me you will die in your sins, you will be perished.  We examples of Jesus Christ never asking the people do you want me to forgive your sins?  Are you ok with that, and when he forgave the sins of someone , maybe the person still had doubts and did not accept it, people in that culture they will tell him where is the sacrifice, and Jesus is not a priest and we are not in the Temple in frond of the Lord.  Jesus never asked the thief do you accept it that I just made you a righteous person. It does matter for the person and others how they perceived spiritual truths, but not for Jesus, he alone sits on the Throne and he alone is the Judge , not the people, not the children,  I would like to say the Pope, but he asked the children for guidance to be the judges in this case, and to considered only one thing, if the person had some goodness, and to ignore the mischievous doing of the person,  According to him Jesus has died for limited application only for this life, just replacing the Idols.  Pope whether he understood it or not, he has denied that Jesus is the Judge if all, he has made goodness and everyone's understanding the judges of these matters, sitting them on the Throne or the Judging sit if Jesus CHRIST, when they know that Jesus is the way to Heaven,  he has the keyes of Hell, he can tell who has denied to believe in him, and who is not,  He does not need the witness of the Pope and or the children, but not the boys, who was not asked why he had formed this opinion about his Father, but he was forch to agree with the Pope's opinion, he put his words in the childrens mouths. He was the Pope after all.  Jesus was not with the Pope when he gave this answer. What he is going to do "burn us on the stick", ?  The Pope needs to repent    
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