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    • Aramaic completely replaced Old Hebrew as the language of Hebrews during Babylonian Captivity after the destruction of first temple of Jerusalem. Prior to this, Aramaic was spoken by most of the Hebrew tribes who were taken during Assyrian captivity. During Babylonian Captivity, Old Hebrew died out as a spoken language. After Babylonian Captivity, Old Hebrew was used by Hebrew Priests only for religious purposes. So Books like Daniel, Zechariah, Haggai, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles, Malachi were originally written in Aramaic. Not Old Hebrew. It is believed that some books (prior to Babylonian Captivity) like Zephaniah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Jonah, and Nahum were written in both Old Hebrew and Aramaic due to the fact that Most of the Hebrew tribes were taken during Assyrian Captivity where Aramaic was spoken and books like Jonah and Nahum have to do with Assyria.

      It must be noted that the language of Abraham and his family was Aramaic prior to their arrival at Canaan. For example, Laban the Aramean (the grandson of Abraham's brother Nahor and the brother of Rebecca) spoke Aramaic - "Jegar Sahadutha" (in Genesis 31:47).

      Around 400-375 BC, Aramaic Old Testament replaced Old Hebrew as Old Testament among Hebrews when all of the books written in Old Hebrew prior to Babylonian Captivity were translated into Aramaic. Old Hebrew OT was used only among Hebrew Priests at Jerusalem. Aramaic was the language of first century Israel. Unlike Hebrew Priests at Jerusalem, the people of first century Israel had no knowledge of Old Hebrew. That is why whenever the apostles say Hebrew, the word comes up is transliteration of an Aramaic word (For Example, John 19:13, John 19:17).

      Although the mainstream media (owned by Jews) claims that Septuagint was translated from Old Hebrew OT, still Septuagint itself points out it used an Aramaic source. Some manuscripts of Septuagint points out that Book of Job was translated from Syriac (a.k.a Aramaic) book.
      "In some manuscripts of the Septuagint (Manuscripts- Aleph, A, B, and C) there is an epilogue which is introduced with the words: houtos hermeneutai ek tes syriakes bibliou." (Book "Targum and Testament Revisited: Aramaic Paraphrases of the Hebrew Bible" by Martin McNamara, Page 96 under "3. The Septuagint Ending of Job and Targum."). 

      Vowel markings (dots on top and bottom) were added to Aramaic Old Testament many centuries after first century AD. But you can easily ignore them since these dots are on the top and on the bottom of Aramaic words.

      Hebrew OT (Hebrew Masoretic Text) that is used today is a corrupt Old Testament that was written many centuries after Bar Kokhba revolt (132-135 AD) by Jews who didn't believe in Jesus Christ.
      Here is the document for further details - 
      Here is the originality and importance of Aramaic Old Testament (Peshitta Tanakh) through correcting the errors in Hebrew Old Testament (Hebrew Masoretic Text) and Greek Septuagint - https://archive.org/download/AramaicOT/TheOriginalityOfAramaicOldTestament.docx
      Here is the history of Aramaic - https://archive.org/download/AramaicOT/HistoryOfAramaic.docx

      The file "Does Song of Songs belong in Old Testament Canon?" is available under the word document in the Download options above.   It must be noted that Jesus Christ and First century Israel used Aramaic form of Law of Moses which was called either Auraytha (in Matthew 11:13, Matthew 12:5, Matthew 22:40 of Aramaic Peshitta) or Namusa (Matthew 5:17, Luke 16:16, etc.). Prophets were called Nwiye (in Matthew 11:13, Matthew 12:5, Matthew 22:40, Matthew 5:17, Luke 16:16, etc.) Identifier AramaicOT Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t3128pn4c Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.5.2
    • I understand people's reluctance to look further into Revelation, beyond the current ideas about it, here because anytime I post what has occurred to me personally, almost everyone here rejects it out of hand.  I post as many scriptures as they will allow, but that makes no difference.  I also understand that we do not know really who post here, as well.   I do not feel it is my job to convince, only share. Since we are nearing the final battle on God's timeline, which my estimates are the end of this month, Oct. 31st.  That however is not the end of this time of trouble.  There is another 1 1/2 years until the end of Jacob's trouble to pass through.   As we proceed, perhaps a few more people will start to become aware that Revelation is happening now and it includes some really exciting times for Christians, here on earth.  My own version of excitement is witnessing God's hand in events. People will eventually figure out there is no rapture as events escalate, then peter out and then end about mid-2019, by my calculations. With the earth at peace, then perhaps, they will know.  Until then, I will keep explaining why no rapture Keras. I realize you are finding verses to collaborate why the bible does not reference a rapture style event.  I myself receive visions etc. from God, then find the words in the Bible to cement what has been revealed to me.  I do not waste my time re-explaining to those already sure there is a rapture.  I have no interest in popularity.
    • BTW- As a note, this man never ever asked to see a picture nor description of the lady  he was to soon marry. And, she never asked for one of him. A year of cyber romance was built much like a pen pal relationship of old might have been. The meeting at San Antonio River Walk hit a snag when the meeting point was unavailable. Seems we had picked a weekend of a famous rock and roll group's tour concert, and places were jammed. Great eh? Anyway it was  a bit like one of those silly romance movies plot. Complete with - "are you the one I'm looking for" and  a moment of "starting a new life" too. The two songs played out even in that first meeting. Praises and thanks to God for the fun of it all. In the midst of life's very hard knocks, extremely hard ones, came  an opportunity  for love to flourish yet again.   This 1950 's rock and roll guy met a 1970's  Texas country music gal ( Though she says she grew up on classical music - Yeah sure, me too, that and Broadway Musicals I was really into those-ha) and we have become  Fernando Ortega groupies  traveling to see his few  public concerts. Might make it yet this year but time and opportunity are fast running out. Massachusetts or North Carolina is about all that is left for this year. That and a waiting list at the Cove.
    • Vanity is it's own enemy.  I know a mature and older man that lost 37 pounds getting to the point he was walking/slow running  a full five miles a morning in order to be in better form  to go to the San Antonio River  Walk and meet a lady  he had become interested in. Now don't ask if he kept it off. Or even if he still walks/runs those five miles a day.   Any old geezer that has a desire for a companion had better learn to look in the mirror before thinking  a new companion need look like they think they too once did in days of old. Thing is most of us never did look that way,  and are very unlikely to ever in the future look it either. I try to think  of the line that it is like being an old Ford truck  with dings dents and some rust to boot. Makes for character, beautiful character lines to be appreciated and cherished for the earning of each of them. Besides as to the female of the species all are beautiful, for God created them that way!  May all women be protected by many angels from such a vanity in a man if he doesn't know that. For he likely isn't much worth seeing, never mind getting to know. A man should honor what God has made wo-man, specifically because it is good that He did. God saw that Himself and said so. A man should see the glory of her in every form in which she may be manifested by God.  Amen?  Amen from here.
    • Thank you Eilleenhat, your courage to speak the truth is commendable.  Nowhere does the Bible say that God will take His people to live in heaven. It is only by inference and assumption that the rapture lie is construed.  Isaiah 66:4  I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, no one answered; when I spoke, they did not hear: but they did evil before My eyes, and chose what displeased Me.  Ezekiel 20:25 With the rapture cult, the initial error is that of separating Israel and the Church, so they could still look for salvation to come to ethnic Israel, as a major tenet of their doctrine: Israel on earth, the Church in heaven.   The pre-Trib rapture teaches removal to ensure survival from tribulation, but salvation has always been stated to redeem us from our fallen sinful state,  in our earthly situation.     Acts 20:21 I know that when I am gone, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock. 2 Peter 2:1-3, 2 Timothy 4:3-4 The rapture idea is that God will “save us” from that which must occur – thus equating this supposed removal with salvation. After so many Christians saw the inadequacy and misappropriation of the verses used to promote Pre-Trib, the Post-Trib alternative was then built around surviving the tribulation – thus sustaining the illusion that survival is somehow related to salvation. The “delusion” the LORD chose, is the strong delusion referenced in the New Testament:    2 Thessalonians 2:11  And for this reason God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie. This “delusion” has people looking forward to the 2nd Coming (in the so called rapture, Pre, Mid, or Post) believing in an evacuation. The reality is, we experience  His glorious salvation when we enter in to the blessed assurance that Christ’s Death means the penalty for our sin has been paid because of His sacrifice on the cross. Our salvation was assured at the first coming, not the second. Ever since then, believers must trust in Jesus for their salvation and for their protection during the testing times to come.  Isaiah 43:2, Psalms 31:23-24 And if the Lord does not save them, as has happened to the millions of martyrs in the last 2 centuries, then we must die trusting in His promise of resurrection. Revelation 12:11 Our souls will be kept under the heavenly Altar, Revelation 6:9-11, and Jesus will bring them with Him at His Return, then bring us to life again, to reign with Him for 1000 years. Revelation 20:4        
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