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    • New International Version
      And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it I will Build: οἰκοδομήσω It means also to edify I erect a building, build; fig. of the building up of character: I build up, edify, encourage. Edify means to improve something already existing Hell or hades is referring to death hádēs (from 1 /A "not" andidein/eidō, "see") – properly, the "unseen place," referring to the (invisible) realm in which all the dead reside, i.e. the present dwelling place of all the departed (deceased); Hades ............ The translation reads as follows: And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will edify [\b] my church, and the gates of Hades death will not overcome it. Here is what christ is teaching The very rock which christ pointed at was the place of his crucifixion. The crucifixion edified an existing church which overcomes death (resurrection)      
    • The Commandment their hospitals break is "Thou shalt not kill."  They murder unborn babies.  I have looked into it.  I have a Seventh Day Adventist Church near my house, and it would be very convenient to attend it, especially with their Saturday services.  That is the day I am generally off from work.  I looked into their beliefs, and while there are several things I don't agree with, the two biggest reasons I cannot go there is because I don't believe in the doctrine of soul sleep and I won't attend a church that promotes abortion.  I can live with their beliefs on the Sabbath and dietary laws.  I don't agree with them, but they aren't so awful I can't accept people that hold to those things, but soul sleep and abortion I can't accept at all.  One thing I can't remember.  Does the SDA church teach that when souls are cast into the lake of fire, they are destroyed?  The Bible teaches eternal torment for those who wind up there, but I can't remember what the SDA teaches.  If they teach the eventual destruction of the souls of sinners, I would have a big problem with that too. Don't take anyone's word on any of this.  Do a search.  Ask what the SDA Church's position is on abortion, and if their hospitals perform abortions.  I did do that in the past.  
    • 8 pages and you have not seen any scripture that makes you wonder ?
    • I don't care what the reason is for their positions.  The Democratic Party is at odds with God.  Their platform promotes abortion and gay marriage.  They promote envy of those who have more than them.  That is evil.  Yes, the leaders may only do that for votes.  They may not care about any of those things, but that is what they promote and vote for when they are in power.  For that reason, voting does matter, and not only will I continue to vote and be political, I will continue to work within the Republican Party for how ever long the Lord sees fit.  I see that as the best hope for preserving this nation till Jesus returns.  I also believe it is Biblical to do so.  I see it as my duty to God to be salt in this world, and that is one way to do it.  You may not agree, but that is where I am coming from.  You wanted to understand the connection between religion and politics, so I am trying to tell you.  I don't care about arguing the point, because I am not going to be persuaded, and I doubt you will be either.  
    • Atheists do like to do that, but their argument makes no logical sense.  They are coming from the point of view that if the God of the Bible would order such things to be done, he can't be real.  They will say things like "a loving God would never do that."  The mistake they are making is not recognizing there is more to God than love.  They are also making the mistake of believing that God must fit into their mold to be real.  God is who he is.  Just common sense would dictate that God could be angry and hateful.  I am not suggesting that is the case, but my point is there is no reason to think that our creator must be any particular way.  I have never understood people that say things like, "I can't believe in a God that would..."  What kind of sense does that make?   There is no logical explanation to how we got here except for God.  The only possible answer I can come up with as to how something could seemingly come about from nothing is if time itself is a creation for our benefit.  That is how God could be eternal.  He wouldn't have to have a beginning.  On the other hand, those who believe in evolution have no answer to how the original material in space came into being that led to the big bang.  Why do I believe the God of the Bible is the true and living God?  I have read the Bible, and it makes sense.  It tells us where we came from, where we are and where we are heading.  Even the Jewish people show us the reality of the God of the Bible.  They only exist because God called a man named Abraham and made a nation of his children through Isaac.  We know Israel existed as a nation, and that the Jewish people miraculously came out of Egyptian bondage and overthrew nations mightier than them.  King David and King Solomon are historical figures.   I honestly don't know how people cannot believe in the God of the Bible.  I can understand God haters and those who don't want to believe, but to truly be an atheist is foolishness to me.  
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