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    • good post to bad you dont practice it.
    • brakelite I respect and understand that you are entitled to your view, ....however, all that I have told you, I did not read in any book about the bible, or follow any set out teachings by a church, or well known figure, but found these little treasures myself straight from the source and this is what I am trying to share - what God is showing us, not man, because man makes mistakes.   Everything I have given here is backed up by scripture, because it's found in scripture, and that's where we should be looking to prove or disprove anything. As for this being mainstream Christian belief, about 10 years ago it was not, and I was often rebuked and labeled a Zionist for speaking about Israel's mercy during the millennium. I didn't even know what a Zionist was back then!  I was hated for speaking this, especially about Israel, as the Christian world used to think it was only about "them"...gentiles,  and everyone else was going to hell after the Coming....but there are many shades of grey, a GREATER plan, and new generations to be born not under Babylon's reign.....and we will see that at the end of it, there are many men despite having heard the truth, with only ONE teaching mind you,..ONE DOCTRINE come out of the kingdom, that despite all this they are still unwilling to circumsize their hearts, and there has to be a final sifting of those generations to come also. .....but now Christians are seeing for themselves, by these discussions and are looking into it, because those old testament scriptures which were hardly ever read, are now coming to light, slowly but surely, and I particularly enjoy showing these scriptures for the truth in them. Thank you for this discussion,  I will follow your topic, and if I feel the need, I will join in if you don't mind.  
    • I believe the context your addressing is also demanding the overall aspect of letter context being persecution an the desire to return to the Law... if that is the overall parameter then what the writer of Hebrews has done (because of their immaturity) is set the notion to be absurd as the law was never meant to save anyone and Christ is the only way to be saved... for the assurance lies in fact Christ work is complete to the saving of souls that come to Him and no one can change that - nothing created that is! Who can hang God upon the cross again? 
    • I dined as you have Willa ... I know Your resolve! Then is simply nothing to go back to...  
    • Agreed. Isn't it funny how the resurrection / changing / rapture  happens at the LAST trumpet on the LAST day and yet some people keep insisting that it happens first or nearly first?  They offer no reasonable explanation of Paul's statement of the trump of God as the last trumpet nor do they have anything biblical for Jesus' declaration of the resurrection happening on the last day. If someone is truly interested in the timing of our immortality and gathering to Him, then prioritize discovering what the trumpet of God is and when He sounds it.  It will be on the last day.  The last day of what?  Start there because there's no question that it happens then.
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    • Gentle Fawn  »  Theophannia

      Hi Theo,
      I just finished reading your cry for help in prayer, girl what you wrote sounds like what I too am living with, nearly word for word!  I am sorry that you are going through this, I KNOW how hurtful and grievous it is to bare.  If I didn't know any better I could easily say you are me (only I am 64 and have been married to the man for 42 years).
      It is so hard when you are crying out for prayer and all people want to do is throw scriptures at you when you are drowning! 
      Here is a short video on You Tube by Brene' Brown on Empathy, it is great, so true and yet humorous; it is less than 3 minutes long.  I love it!
      Yes, I can pray for you because I understand.  I am married to a headstrong narcissist.
      I too am having ear problems, noise intolerance and anxiety, just found out today that they are connected; who would have thought that, I sure didn't!?
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    • WayneB  »  Willa

      Willa, I emailed a copy to you in PDFs format.  I hope it downloads for you.  God bless!
      · 0 replies
    • C_Beth

      Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.
      · 0 replies
    • Eragon  »  KPaulG

      I miss you too! Its too bad life is so busy (maybe it's a good thing, or else I'd be on here far too long!)! I'll be here tomorrow off and on if you want to chat.
      God bless!
      · 2 replies
    • Hawkeye

      Not feeling school this semester. Fed up, burnt out and just thinking I bit off more than I can chew. A lot going on, and I am finding it harder to cope with the physical pain since starting back to work. Could use lots of prayer....
      · 2 replies
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