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    • Wow. The first post is actually dated 1st October 2015. Lol
    • It's not for those content to be glued to their pews, never reading or studying the Word of God themselves, happy to get their fix from the pulpiteering elite, and content to be like the peasant class in the days when only Latin scholars were allowed access to the Bible.
    • God said my people practice injustice and that does not bother them.  (Every man is right in his own eyes),  And they have peace in their consiense, they have somehow justified their doing of unjust things and while they know what they do is wrong, with they way they exsuse it, they mantained peach in their hearts and their consiense.  They try to brive me, with their burned offerings,  to turn a blind eye to their injustises.  They think that I love more their burned offerings than to do Justice.  He said to them that I can see that you have peace in your heart, or your conscience, and I also see that you have injustices.  The lesson for us is not to use our consiense as a means that all is well with our walk with God.  That too and it's a must, but not to think that there is no room for correction ..... So we can learn not too quickly point to the faults of others, to leave it at the right time. That was a big thing with the people to mantain the peace in their consiense, and only accept complements for their consiense and prosecuted every one the Lord sent who spoke in his name and because their message criticized and disturbed their consiense, they prosecuted them.  They will not let even the Lord disturbed their consiense.  And every one who says something that disturbs their consiense, they take it that is not from God.  We know that domestic violence and divorce was not address by Jesus when he was here on earth.  But he still said to the Jews, your Law says this ....and that......but Moses gave you divorce certificates for many other reasons. He specificaly spoke to those under the Law and coulture, I would think so.. If we follow the disciples we will see that many things Jesus said to the Jews it was not for the Gentiles who were a different coultures.  Paul even said to the Jews to leave the Gentiles alone to the Holy Spirit..... Saul lived under the Old system, which was " an eye against an eye", Saul did not disobey the General commandments.  He disobeyed a specific command given to him from the Lord, a command the Lord gave him when he sent him on a mission .  Saul among other things he loved domestic animals.  And the same as the rich man which Jesus met and could not leave everything to follow him.  The same thing with Saul could not follow the Lord in this situation, because Saul loved domestic animals.  And those were some prized cows fit only for a King.  He used his exsuses to justified what he did. He could not understand the ways of the Lord....in this situation.  In the past the Lord found him looking around and far away from home for his Father's donkeys.  The Lord found David looking after the sheep and he was willing to risk his life to saved the sheep.  "The good shepherd will put down his life for the sheep",   Paul said the same thing , if the Holy Spirit sent you on a mission, follow the instruction, do not lean on your own understanding, that may grieve the Holy Spirit when we do something contrary to the will of the Holy Spirit, upseting the plan of the Lord. Which we do not know. Walk by faith, as Philip walk by faith when the Holy Spirit asked him to go to the dessert, and he went in the dessert. Not knowing what was all about, and whom he was going to meet, but the Holy spirit knew the path of the Ethiopian man and Philip did not grow worried and stay put waiting for the instructions.  Saul is an example of the Old Covenant, put into place while the Lord was preparing the way for the New COVENANT.  He also represents the children of the Lords first Love, the Israelites: as in  Jacob's first love to  Rachel, and to Benzamin.  And David from the unloved wife.  who is the Lord's second love the Gentiles .  "More are the children of the Lord from the unwanted wife " Lea" from the Gentiles, than the children if the beloved wife, " the Jews", "Rachel",  "Rachel cried for her children, they were no more", they were disobedient like Saul, they did not followed Jesus". Their Lord God who came in the flesh and died to give them life.   
    • yes you are right & in both cases doesn't refer to Satin personally, but is from an insider in the group of Christian believers. 
    • Yeah....so, do it anyway. Chores need done to...
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