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    • Women aren’t the only ones to keep silent in the church according to Paul and 1 Corinthians 14.

      The church at Corinth was a hot mess. Paul spends the first 10 chapters giving them a smack upside the head for their issues with multiple and gross sinful issues inside the church. Paul does stop midstream and give them some solutions.  And then Paul answers some of their questions about marriage, divorce, being celibate, and eating meat sacrificed to pagan idols.

      That’s all the first 10 chapters.

      Next, in chapters 11-14, Paul addresses their problems in their worship services. Women prophesying and praying in corporate worship should have a head covering The church abusing the Lord’s Supper Their misunderstanding of spiritual gifts The overarching importance of love Their misuse of tongues and prophesy in the worship service In chapter 14, Paul says that THREE groups of people must remain silent: Only two or at the most three people should speak in tongues at church and then only if there is an interpreter.  If there was NO interpreter, Paul says that the person speaking in tongues should “keep silent” Only two or at the most three people should prophesy and the rest of the congregation should evaluate the prophesy.  If someone has a revelation and needs to speak, the first person should “keep silent”. Paul says that God is a God of order.
      Next, Paul says that women should be silent and not ask questions aloud. Well, he already said in chapter 11 that they could prophesy and pray in public. I think that the “silent” part fits with the above two “keep silent” issues.

      I feel that Paul is possibly talking about disruptive speaking. The church at Corinth has SO MANY problems. Women talking out loud and asking questions could have been one of them. This WHOLE chapter is about maintaining order when tongues and prophesy and questions are going on in the church – not about forbidding women to speak.
    • There are many who do not understand the teachings of Jesus concerning humility, and why he told people to sell all their possessions, and then follow him, as we see in this verse,   Is this a teaching that has become obsolete in favor of a modern luxurious and decadent life? First, before answering this, let us look at this old proverb that was written even before Jesus was born in the flesh, In mentioning "feed me with food" as opposed to giving me riches or poverty, this proverb is referring to the nourishment of the body as the most basic need we should ask for. The two most basic needs related to the nourishment of the body for the body to live are food and water. The third and final need, although not necessary to live, but instead, needed to cover our nakedness, is clothing. These three things are the most basic needs, and they are food, water, and clothing. Even Jesus made mention of these same three basic needs here, Yet even before he made mention of these three basic needs of life, he spoke concerning this, What is mammon? Mammon is wealth, riches, and excess of possessions. So here we have two polar opposites, which are,   Sell all your possessions as Jesus instructed, and believe in God to provide you with the basic needs of life, which are food, water, and clothing. This is the way involving serving God. Or, continue having wealth, riches, and excess of possessions. This is the way involving serving mammon. What are possessions? Possessions is anything you own, which also includes property. Your clothes, your house, your car, your furniture, your television, these are all possessions you own. Not only did Jesus instruct whomever he encountered to sell all their possessions, but this was also the same instruction the apostles gave to anyone who came to the belief of Jesus,   Notice how this scripture makes a distinction between "possessions" and "things of substance". As we said earlier, "possessions" includes everything you own, but "things of substance" is something more specific than possessions. "Things of substance" is property, or houses. The Greek word for "things of substance" is "huparxis", which specifically conveys "property". The same word is used in the following verse, although this translation renders the word as "possession" as well, losing its actual meaning of "property" specifically, What is this better possession in the heavens? It is a house, a property, a mansion, in the heavens, prepared and given to each true believer that is chosen. This is why Jesus says, These mansions are the "better properties" of those that are elect, which are kept safely in heaven so that they may not be broken into as properties on the earth are. That same verse Hebrews 10:34 I quoted earlier, describes this same reasoning, and is translated more clearly in the ESV than the APB in referencing earthy "properties" that are broken into, So because properties on earth can be broken into, is another reason to store treasures in heaven, where thieves are not able to go up there and steal. And Jesus even said here, So when are these mansions given to elect? When the new heavens and new earth is brought forth into existence, and the New Jerusalem comes down from heaven, which is the new heavenly city that will have these mansions and treasures that are prepared for the elect. Now, why is this distinction between possessions and properties of importance? Because Jesus was instructing to sell all your properties. The selling of properties coincides with this verse in the Book of Acts, These believers were selling all their properties, as no believer should own property, which is why they sold all their properties. So if indeed they sold all their properties, where did they live? Some of them became apostles, such as Paul, going city to city, spreading the gospel and staying in someone's house for a short while until they went off to the next house, and others, rented their homes. We see evidence of renting even with Paul, So while these early believers were selling all their properties, what were the possessions that they were also selling, since Acts 2:45 above made a distinction between the two? It was all the possessions they didn't need. This coincides with this scripture, So in selling all properties, and selling all unnecessary possessions, what was left over to be had? Only the things that were needed, which goes back to the beginning of this study, concerning the most basic "needs". Bringing yourself down to these basic needs of only food, water, and clothes is possibly the lowest you can go in terms of humility, and this is indeed necessary for the ministry of apostleship, as Jesus also gave these instructions to the apostles, Bringing yourself down to the basic needs of life is also why Jesus says, The less you become, the greater you will become in the kingdom of God. This lessening of yourself by selling off of possessions and all properties is what humbling yourself truly means. There are many who think that humbling yourself is just a state of mind, or merely just praying constantly, but humbling yourself is in fact having all to do with ridding yourself all properties and possessions you don't need, which coincides with this proverb, Meaning that when you truly humble yourself, then God show you favor, but while you are still in your excess, he will resist you. This is why the early believers sold all their possessions and all their properties, so that they can then be favored by God to be granted repentance and thus receive the gift of his holy spirit. This is why Jesus also said, The first are those who are in excess of possessions, and the last are those who humble themselves and make themselves have little. When the time comes, those that made themselves first, will be made last, and those that made themselves last, will be first. Again, Jesus says here, Those who exalt themselves are the ones who make themselves first and give themselves more than what they need, and those who humble themselves are those who make themselves last and sell of all properties and also all possessions they do not need. Yet even so, should all that are called sell absolutely everything and bring themselves down to only food, water, and clothes? No, because just as each has a measure of belief given to him, so each has a measure of how much they will humble themselves, And even so, there were members of the early assemblies that still lived in homes, and did not make themselves "homeless" as the apostles were, going city to city, as we read here,     The assembling of the brethren, or what we call "churches" in today's time, was done in the homes, and it still must be done this way, but this is another topic entirely that I will explain in a another study. Going further, Jesus also says, the least among you, is the greatest, which also indicates that there is a measure of how "least" you become, and this even coincides with,   Again, indicating that there are those who become lesser than others, yet in being lesser, they are indeed greater. How are they greater? Because the lesser you become, the greater your reward will be, which coincides with this saying, "Storing up" conveys the truth that these "treasures" in heaven can be accumulated by how "less" you become. Yet not even in lessening and humbling yourself are treasures stored in heaven, but also in sufferings as well, as it is even said here, All these things, how far down you humble yourself, and the amount of sufferings you endure as well, in this present time, all relate to how great your reward will be. How far you humble yourself, and your measure of belief, also relate to what type of ministry you will undertake in the assemblies of God, which are, Yet of all these, the ministry of apostleship specifically involves the bringing yourself down to the lowest basic needs of life, which are food, water, and clothes, and going city to city spreading the gospel and calling people to repentance. This type of ministry could be what we call today as the "missionary", yet an apostle does not always necessarily have to go to remote parts of the earth to be an apostle. An apostle can do the work of an apostle even in America. So, going back, these believers were selling their possessions, and their properties, and then in this verse we also read, So if indeed these believers were selling their possessions and their properties, what was then left over that was said to be shared among all believers, as it says, "not even one said anything existing to him to be his own"? After they sold their possessions and all their properties, they were left with basic possessions they needed, such as needed clothes, needed furniture, needed things around the house, like needed utensils, and even also money of the things that were sold. This is the base level of humility all believers must come down to at the very least, yet if God has put it in your heart to go even lower in humility, then you ought to go even lower than this to the level of just basic needs of life, to thus receive a greater reward and possibly go into ministry of apostleship. In keeping the money of the things they sold, they then shared as each had need, which even those that were "rich" having alot of money did as well, which coincides with this verse, Having alot of money is not evil, but rather, it is how you live where the evil is. You can have alot of money, yet live like a poor and humble man. Yet it is indeed harder for someone who is wealthy to come into the kingdom of God, because many who have an abundance, do not want to bring themselves down to live like a poor man. This is why Jesus said, Going further, the basic necessities that the early believers had left over after they sold their possessions and all their properties were the things they then shared with each other, which also coincides with this verse, So what are the reasons that one must humble themselves in this literal way? First because it reflects the mindset of a traveler, or also called, a sojourner. Does a traveler visiting a city for a few days never coming back to that city buy a house to only stay in it for those few days or does he merely just reserve a hotel room? Does a traveler going to this same city for a few days bring his entire house of furniture and possessions or does he merely travel lightly? This is indeed the same reasoning behind those that are true believers, who travel lightly with the things necessary, and also rent if living in a home is necessary. True believers are indeed sojourners of the present eon, as it is even said here, So therefore, renting is the mindset of a sojourner, knowing very well that living in the present eon is temporary and short, and that an incorruptible property will be given to those who remain faithful in Jesus Christ and are humble sojourners in the present eon. Yet those who become poor now, will be made wealthy in the time to come. This is also why Jesus said, The meek, the poor, the humble, the last, these are the ones that will inherit the kingdom of God. Going further, Paul also says,   The love of money is what leads any man to go beyond what all true believers are called to do, to humble themselves by having the basic necessities of life. This is also why the Book of Revelation calls the roman catholic church the "prostitute of Babylon", because her existence as a church relates to her giving herself over to money, to have abundance of possessions and wealth. Look at the Vatican, and the wealth that exists in St. Peter's Basilica, and within Vatican City, and even in all the catholic churches. These are visible signs that correspond to a church given over to money and wealth, hence a "prostitute". And not only her, but all the megachurches, even the regular churches, and also denominations that stem from her, whether catholic or protestant, who do the same things the catholic church does in making themselves wealthy, and are thus the "daughter prostitutes of the great prostitute". These are all things that relate to money and having excess of possessions, and being given over to pleasures of life.
    • When we pray we talk to God. We pray standing up,sitting down,kneeling and driving our car or walking down the street. Our prayers are audible or silent. God wants us to talk to Him about everything in our life. We praise Him,thank Him,pour out our hearts to Him, we ask Him for forgiveness and we ask for our daily bread. We as born again Christians have a daily relationship with God and that means communicating with Him daily.
    • did y'all catch that? 

      Christ said they are like things which outwardly appear beautiful

      not ugly. not obviously rotten to the core. beautiful. 

      the outside of the cup is clean -- spotless.

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      Well bro,
      it's like this, if one believes that he is truly saved and know in his heart that GOD and Jesus dwell in him, than he is no longer dead, but alive in Christ!
      You are called to witness;  the Way, the Truth and the Life and that's Jesus Christ... In general, the two witnesses is referring to Believers, You!(Jews & Christians)in YESHUA, CHRIST JESUS. The disciples(Jews)were told to wait in Jerusalem for the promise and to be witness"(Acts1:8).
      THEY ARE ONCE AGAIN TOGETHER AND IN HARMONY WITH THE TRUTH GOD ALMIGHTY AND HIS SON JESUS CHRIST... You are that temple, put together by God. "They will come from far away to help build the temple"  Zachariah 6:15.
      That why John said, "he did not see the temple in Jerusalem, because "GOD and JESUS are the TEMPLE."
      Revelation 21:22.
      I hope this help you on the Two witnesses.
      God bless
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