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    • That is true Ezra but we must keep in mind that we are generalizing the "institution"(as Hoddie puts it)......& though "in general" there are many teachings therein that are indeed 'corrupt" there are many SAved catholics & that is what this THread is really about,,,,,,creative mechanic was very interested in the various & different denominations that have come to THIS Worthy Ministry.....SAdly,everytime catholicism is mentioned we have some folks that are very unwilling to refrain from giving their opinions regardling the whole rcc,instead of LISTENING t o the individual,as the OP hoped to encourage here    Not to mention the defense of these denominiations when we should all be more interested in our PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP in Christ than in any iNstitution Institutions do not Provide SAlvation,the Grace of God does through our FAITH in the knowledge of WHO JESUS is & His finished work on the cross,,,,,,for US,individually & personally
    • I don't have one on the short list of what I study.  Mostly, I look at linear narratives along my sequence-of-events analysis approach.
      I do not focus on single words so much.  I am wary of using a simple word search to link Scripture together: context-context-context.
        To that, I had to go to the Jewish Festivals and study them. The Last Trumpet is blown on Rosh ha-Shannah.  I took his reference to be indicative a "pointing" to an "Appointed Time" (which is what "Festival" means) which also is referred to in Jewish literature and study as "The Returning Anew" ~ I think that is a wonderful term which they unknowingly use which also points to what we await: Jesus' Coming. The Last Trumpet is one of two shofars made from the Adekah ram used on the previous Yom Kippur sacrifice.
      The First Trumpet is blown on the next Festival of First Fruits.
      The Last Trumpet is blown on the next Festival of Trumpets.
      They are bookends to the growing season.
      To me, eschatologically, they are also the bookends to the Church Age.
        That is a great reference, and not one I have used previously.  I will use it in the future.  Thank-you! Zechariah has SO MUCH to say about the end times! 
      However!  What he says is, like much of Isaiah, NOT in linear narrative form.   So the problem with using Prophets besides Daniel for me in my study, is that they rarely form long, linear narratives with specific and unique events so as to include them in the formation of my Pre-Wrath eschatology, which again, I base on a blended sequence-of-events so as to form a holistic outline chronicling the end-times. This approach, mirrored by another Pre-Wrath adherent, Cameron Fultz, in his book: Prophecy's Architecture - does not incorporate all the sundry and various passages in the Prophets besides Daniel.  Daniel's book, however, is part of the basic column and beam structure with which I base my resultant outline. Isaiah and Zechariah then "flesh out" the framework provided by the book of Revelation, the Olivet Discourse, the book of Daniel, and Paul's letters on eschatology.  I simply cannot put together a holistic timeline of the end-times based on Isaiah and Zechariah and/or other Prophets because their visions are so disjointed.  However, they provide great detailed insight once a basic framework structure is in place. I like the opening to this particular passage: Zec 9:11 As for you also, because of the blood of My covenant with you, ~ has SIGNIFICANT implication for US because we wash our robes clean in the Blood of the Lamb.
        Yes, I think there is.  I look to the Great Trumpet of Isaiah which I peg to the aspect of Yom Kippur when the "Atonement", or as one Jewish author puts it: the "At one moment", when the Lord assembles the Remnant and the Meek who do survive the one 'seven'. I am not alone in looking at this as the third named Trumpet of God.
    • Zech. 9:13 For I have bent Judah, My bow,
      Fitted the bow with Ephraim,
      And raised up your sons, O Zion,
      Against your sons, O Greece,
      And made you like the sword of a mighty man.” 14 Then the Lord will appear over them,
      And His arrow will go forth like lightning... The "them" is God's earthly people Israel, not the elect of the Church. This event takes place after the Rapture of those elect ones, during the time of Wrath, when God will redeem the Remnant of his people who remain on earth. Paul's use of the term "last/eschatos trumpet" is theological/eschatological, not chronological. In Jewish lore, there are to be only two times when God descends to this world to render Judgment: the first at Mount Sinai, and the second at the coming of the Messiah (= our Second Coming). The latter will be the last/eschatos trumpet/shofar of Judgment. He will continue that earthly Judgment throughout the entire period of His Wrath.    
    • I am going to trust both of them, because both are accurately reporting what they have experienced. The Wrath comes after the opening of the 6th Seal, and therefore has already come by the time of the 7th Trumpet. It is still being fulfilled at that time, one event at a time, and that Wrath will not be concluded until the events of the 7th Bowl are fulfilled. As far as the events of Rev. 14, those also take place during the time of the Wrath, after that time of Wrath began immediately following the cataclysms of the 6th Seal. Those cataclysms come "after the Great Tribulation" (Matt. 24:29), and right after they occur, Jesus comes in the cloud for his elect, and the Wrath begins. John sees those elect in Rev. 7, before any of the 7 Trumpets begin to sound.
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