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    • How can you be surprised ?  That is the nature of the one world religion . As written in REVELATION,  (GOD'S WORD),  a multitude of those who think they are saved are in the one world religion, deceived by it or by flesh or by demons, or by sin or other..... They don't find out until judgment day, apparently, that JESUS never knew them:  when HE says "be gone". This was revealed ever since SCRIPTURE was written.  It is not something new. As written, again:  "The whole world is deceived" (not just a section of it).  And again : "Since it is just barely that the righteous are saved, what will become of the heather.?" (I don't know the original word used here, for heathen.) And again:  as JESUS says: "The road to life is narrow(painful), and few are there who find it;  the road to destruction is wide and popular....." .... And again,  many other SCRIPTURES,  nothing new,  all verified and proven true for 2000 years, all the time.
    • Does not the scripture say nations?My question is what nations ,that you've yet to answer.
    • I am surprised, that other non Christian religions are part of it if this is the case, by saying non Christian religions, I don't mean the Catholics, I mean other ones, as the the Jewish and that of  Islam.  It can't be possible to include Eastern Asian religions as the Hindu, or others of this kind who do not believe in after life, in the way we do , and hold the belief of incarnation.  But also take the likes of the Jewish faith, I am not sure how far can we go on common ground,  The Jewish they do not hold the belief of a Heavenly inheritance.  To the contrary they believe that this is not possible, and that for many reasons,  Take it straight from their Lord God, and their prophets, they never claimed that the general Assembly can ever step on the Holy mountain of Zion, whether the physical or the Spiritual.  Only the priest stood in the Holy Place, and they were allowed to eat the Holy bread, with the exception of the High Priest who enter the gate of the most Holy Place under strict guidelines.  If we pay attention we will see that this was possible while they only lived, and in their bodies.  For to participate in the rituals, to wash their clothes and themselfs, and wear this special kind of garment, which was only one avai, can be done only while someone is still alive.  That's why when the years of their service are complete, someone else has to take their place.  So no high preist or priest died while he is still in service, or die during their duty, and within the Holy Place.  No one can enter the gates of the most Holy Place, in the Temple, only the High Priest and with great fear, never the Heavenly Holy Place, this you know,  So the Jews knows very well without anyone telling them,  And the fact that the Jews were separated from the rest of the world,  That's why the Jews as in the case of Nicodemus they only hoped for the earthly Kingdom, that's why Nicodemus can not see The Heavenly Kingston.  So the Jews and for similar reasons the Islam must be excluded from the one world religion.  That leaves us the Catholics and the Orthodox, and Similar ones as the Coptics and others, who see Jesus as the King in the Heavens and as the Judge of all, who rules over all.  For this reason alone the Jewish and Islamist will never can be part of the one world religion.  Only those who believe that they heirs of Heaven because of Jesus Christ.  To try to walk together on common ground, I do not see any harm done,  In the contrary I see the opportunity for the better fruit to influence the other.  Could be a blessing to the Catholics and to both sides , that Jesus as Savior can remove some of the inherited hostility amongst those groups.  You may see the Catholics in a different mind, but this can not stop the Holy Spirit, and can not close a door if the Lord Jesus Christ is the one who has open this Door.  I respect your position thought.  And hopefully we see Jesus who Saves who accepts believer with heretic believes , as long as they do not denied that he was from God and had the LIFE of God in him.  That he is the Son of God, and was taken up in Heaven.  Not all Hearesis will be judge by Jesus as a denial that he is the Christ,  The Catholics believe that every knee shall bow down to Jesus Christ.  I am not a Catholic , my Grand mother was, and not only her, but the rest of her Family for two thousand years.  From a church in Smyrna, in Manor Asia, and many of her Family, way to many, ( and better do not asked how many, rather how many survive), were martyrs because of their faith under the Othoman Empire.     
    • Ancient Israel did not do as the Lord had commanded them. They worshipped idols and rebelled against His Laws.  Ezekiel 12:1   So the Lord sent them into exile – Ezekiel 12:3, for a decreed time period; Ezekiel 4:4-6 Before this happened, the Israelites had split into two kingdoms – the House of Israel, which was taken into exile by Assyria, and the House of Judah, deported by Babylon. Deuteronomy 4:27   What happened to them and the land? Ezekiel 6:8-14  Among the nations, there will be those of you who have survived the sword and are scattered in foreign lands. They will remember Me while in exile and they will loath themselves for the evil they have done.  Remember the Lord, that is: become Christians. You will know that My threats were not in vain.      Prophecy WILL be fulfilled. Cry in pain, because of your wickedness, people of Israel. You will die by sword, famine and plague.       Black Death, civil wars, world wars, etc. So, I will spend My wrath upon them. Your land will become a desolation. Travellers in the 1800’s were amazed at the awful conditions in Palestine.   In Ezekiel chapter 11, after the House of Israel had been exiled, Ezekiel is prophesying to the leaders of Judah. In verses 1 to 13, he says that Judah will be conquered. Then in verse 15, he mentions their brothers and kinsmen, [the House of Israel] to whom the inhabitants of Jerusalem say: They are separated far from the Lord, the land has been made over to us [Jews] to possess.   Ezekiel 11:16-44  Say therefore, When I dispersed them over the earth, I became their sanctuary in the countries where they have gone. Jesus, our Redeemer. Even the astronauts who explored the moon, were Christians. Say therefore, I shall gather you from among the nations and I shall give the Land of Israel to you.                Judah has come back, but not Israel as yet. They will abolish all idols and vile practices.              Not done yet. I will give them a new heart and a new spirit.             Wait for it! They will keep My laws and I will be their God.           Great will be the Day!   Go you Israelites and serve your idols! But in days to come I will punish you. On My holy mountain in the Land, the whole [peoples] of Israel will serve Me. I will accept you, when I have brought you out of all the places where you were sent. I will bring you into the Land which I promised to the forefathers. You will remember your past and will hate yourselves for it. You will know that I am the Lord when I deal with you, not as you really deserve, but as the honour of My holy Name demands.   But now, as we approach the end times, we see a Jewish restoration, but in unbelief. Zechariah 12:7 The Lord will free Judah first, for their greater glory. So the Day of the Lord’s wrath is also the judgement of Judah, as in:   Amos 2:4-5, Jer. 13:19, Zeph. 1:4-6, Obad 1:12-16, Isaiah 4:3-4, Matthew 21:41-43 Ezekiel 20:46-47  O man, turn toward the South, prophesy to the desert of the Negev.  The Lord God says: I am about to kindle a fire in you. Its fiery flame will not be put out; everyone to the North will be scorched by it. Ezekiel 21:1-8 I intend to make away with both the righteous and wicked alike......  The Lord’s day of vengeance and wrath, Revelation 6:12-17   Isaiah 63:4 I resolved on a Day of vengeance, the year for redeeming My own has come. I stamped on peoples in My anger and their blood poured out on the ground.   This event will depopulate most of the Middle East, leaving the way for His people; Israel: the descendants of Jacob, plus those grafted in, still scattered around the world, to gather in the Land: Ezekiel 20:34-38  By My strong arm and outpoured wrath, I shall bring you out from the peoples and gather you from the lands where you were dispersed. I shall confront you and bring you to judgement. Those who rebel will remain in the desert.   Who are the Israelites? Certainly, most must be ethnic descendants of the Patriarchs’, as in:- Amos 9:8-9 I shall not totally destroy Jacobs posterity. I will shake Israel among the nations and not one pebble will fall to the ground. Isaiah 14:1  The Lord will again show compassion for Jacob [the 12 tribes of Israel] and will once again make Israel His choice. He will resettle them on their native soil and aliens will join them.   However, all true Christians have the wonderful promises of the New Testament:- Acts 2:39  This promise is to you and your children, to all who are far away, to everyone whom the Lord may call. Luke 12:32-40  Have no fear, little flock, for your Father has chosen to give you the Kingdom.  Sell your possessions, give to charity. Provide for yourselves treasure [rewards] in Heaven. Be ready for action. Be like a servant, ready to let your Master in as soon as He knocks. Happy are those servants whom the Master finds awake when He comes. Truly, I tell you, He will seat you at the table and wait on you. If it is midnight or before dawn and you are still awake, then great will be your reward. Remember, if the householder had known when a thief would come, he would have stopped him. So, be ready for the Son of Man will come when you least expect Him. This refers to the Lord’s Day of wrath, not His Return, when He will be expected, when the armies of the Anti-Christ attack Jerusalem. Rev.19:19   Reference; Revised English Bible, some verses condensed.      
    • Please can someone help me understand in layman's terms what this 5777 and the Jewish calendar and the year 2017 is all about? I see a lot of posts about it on facebook and I have googled it, but don't know which websites are actually giving me the full accurate story. It all seems like a load of nonsense to me as everything I have seen so far are from self proclaimed prophets and pentacostal pastors. Please can someone explain so I can in turn give concise answers to my fb friends as to why it's something to agree with, or not. Here are some links I found: http://www.elijahlist.com/words/display_word.html?ID=16678 https://biblicalsignsintheheadlines.com/2016/09/09/5777-are-you-rapture-ready/ and there are plenty more. Thanks esther  
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