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    • When the 2nd Amendment is rescinded and the Internet is restricted / controlled... You know where we're headed.
    • Hello GoodFruit! I only have a basic understanding of our very complex global financial system but it can be broken down to the things that apply to me, the things I need to know, and scriptures dishonest weights and measures. Indeed, I don't follow the biased liberal main stream media like the Communist News Network (CNN) either. It drives me nuts when the wife has CNN on watching the presidential debate and political stuff, Fox News is not much better either. I try to get the majority of my world news from Matt Drudge, and mostly Christian websites. Not to say I don't watch the local major news channels for the opinion shaping commentary instead of non bias reporting of facts.  Yes, isn't it amazing all these things coming together in our life times, it's almost as if the Book of Daniel is being un-shut up (opened) :-) We're living in exciting times! My opinion is like yours, I'm of the opinion God is with holding His full national wrath on America because of our historical national support for Israel and the Jews. Now with the past few presidents and government trying to divide the land God covenanted to Abraham, and divide it into two nation states, I don't think God is very pleased. I'm guessing another part of His long suffering, delaying His wrath on America is our restraining Christians and churches maybe. But that's just conjecture on my part. Among other things, other dangers we face is the replacement theology and "works / giving" theology that seems to be sweeping through our churches. The church 'has not' replaced Israel because the Jew's rejected Christ. The Lord is not finished with Israel as is clearly outlined throughout scripture and in my opinion, is the sole purpose for the tribulation.  We know the Lord judges nations independently also. It looking to me like God is (or has) turned His face away from America and allowing us to turn into a heathen pagan nation. I won't mention all the particulars but, look at all the laws passed legalizing what are abominations to God, calling good evil and evil good. I'm getting worked up on the direction our nation is taking so I better get off my soapbox before I start ranting :-)  God Bless, Dennis
    • Just a minute sparkplug. Do you think that the crow is going to help the dove?  I want to be transformed into an eagle so that I got the dove's back! I don't just edit pigeon poop.
    • I think you might have the cart before the horse in your theology. When a person gets saved ( that happens when they confess their sin, ask  Jesus to Save them because they know he is God and paid for sin and believe he did forgive them) then as a result of being saved we do good works-feed the hungry etc---- doing Good works does not earn us salvation, its a validation that we are already saved.   If you try and earn your salvation by good works and your effort falls short of what God demands for a works based salvation (because his requirements for that is ABSOLUTE perfection- no error ever-- and we know man can not do this- only Jesus was able to live the perfect life)- if you fall short trusting your own efforts- then you will go to hell   so my friend look into your heart and see if you want to do theses good things because you love Jesus and are grateful he saved you, of do you do these things because you fear he will commit you to hell if you dont
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    • Jackie Bob  »  Willa

      Hello blessings, my name is Jacqueline , this morning i got up and pose a question on John 17:9 , I am new here, still trying to find a way to post some of my question, one of the question i wanted to ask is about john 17 chapter and some how God allow me to read your post in the same said chapter , i will use it for my group thanks so much for your words blessing to you and family
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    • Awakelive  »  woundeddog

      Hey woundeddog
      you asked a question about knowing if you are saved. Knowing you are saved is by believing in Jesus about being saved, in Matthew 25:31-46 Jesus tells us who he is going to save on the second advent.
      If you believe what he said about who he is going to save you can know that you will be saved.
      Logically, According to the golden rule "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" translates to if you saved the hungry by giving meat, you can be saved, because the will of God is to save that which he has created.
      On the other hand if you have not saved, your fair reward will be not being saved, because you will have done to you as you have done to others. Hope this helps you in the love of Christ.
      · 1 reply
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