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    • Oh, just remembered the dumbest thing I ever said. It relates to the emotions that individuals have over the security of the remains of their deceased family members.  I had arranged for the cremation of a famous individual an author of several books on a topic of interest, one that had a near cult following.   The family got to wrangling with each other over the inscription to go on  the urn before it was to be placed at the columbarium at our cemetery. Two heirs of equal standing got into an argument that had much more to do with other issues than just an inscription. As they battled, they asked  of me how long I could hold onto the cremated remains? I told them I could wait for them to  settle and come to  an agreement. Little did I realize that  they would be battling for two years, and calling me about their mother's remains ever week mostly to tell me of the other person's insensitivity. There were five of us in the office, it got so  the others would just say hey's it's YOUR family on th ephone again. I sought legal counsel and  we determined that at some point the remains would be considered abandoned and I could place the urn without any inscription at th ecolumbarium. Now the dumb part; One family member called me all distraught, she was really working up an emotion and asked "just how safe is my mother's remains? Where do you keep them while this is going on?"  Exasperated and without thinking, I said, " Do not worry we keep your mother's  cremated remains in our "fireproof" safe. I could just have said safe, but no I had to emphasize the security of our walk in safe by adding "fireproof". With that the whole office of directors hearing in the background came unglued with laughter. I nearly lost it myself. For years  every time a cremated remains was brought into the office pending  inurnment the other directors would say to me, "should I put them in our fireproof safe"?  Other than to share of a bit of funeral humor, there is the second point, that  being the remains of our own loved ones is  often of very great concern, so much so that  we will do  rather serious battle over them with even our siblings. -Or perhaps we will use them  in our sibling battles. 
    • A better approach would be for someone considering joining a church to sit down in a meeting with the pastor and without telling the pastor what one's own views are, ask the pastor for his views on important doctrinal matters like where he stands on evolution, and what he feels about inerrancy and so forth.  Ask him where he stands on moral issues to, like gay marriage, abortion, etc. One of the biggest mistakes I see people making is that few Christians join a church based on doctrine.  They join because of the activities churches provide their kids, or because of the music, or because the location and service times are convenient, and other reasons, as well.    Doctrine is usually at the bottom of their list of what they look for in a church.  If more Christians joined churches based on sound doctrine, Joel Osteen would be selling shoes.
    • Well, that's an interesting rationalization. There is no timing. If the last week was to be a week of years, 7 years, then your idea of timing is way off if it's to be understood the seals are within the 70th week.   So you are saying that the first 4 seals have happened since the time of Jesus? What biblical proof do you have for this idea?  Where in the bible does it tell us that Jesus began opening seals the moment he ascended?  I have read a lot of prophecy over a great many years and have not seen either of these ideas. So perhaps you could post the scripture proving that Jesus ascended, immediately took the scroll from the Father and began opening the seals in the first century. In fact there is a big problem here. Jesus ascended many years before John was given the prophecy. In Rev 5:5 a worthy person was found to open the scroll and loose the seals. In Rev 4:1 Jesus was to show those things which came hereafter John was taken to heaven. Since Jesus had been ascended for some 60 years before the vision he could not have been opening seals. If the seals were already opened, even one, then the prophecy would be false as it was given. This cannot be true so your conclusion is rejected. Where is the biblical proof of the rider of the white horse in the first seal representing the church? In fact this idea is a guess, a hope, wishful thinking. This is all there is about the rider of the white horse: Rev 6:2 "And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer." I have read the church is likened to a bride but never a rider on a white horse with a bow and a crown. Do you have any biblical evidence that the 1st seal is the church?
        I said, "...nothing in Rev, that is clearly prophecy, from Ch. 4 verse 1 onward, has occurred."  I picked Ch 4 because the vision begins there. I'm not saying that all of Rev is prophecy but what prophecy there is is all future from 90 AD when John received the vision. A vision may or may not reside in all the tenses but that has nothing to do with the Revelation of Jesus Christ. All the prophecy in Rev is future after this verse; "... Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter." So what you are saying is God is a liar because God really meant, "I'm going to show you what MUST BE hereafter, but not really cause I'm going to mix and match tenses. It's how I roll." If these things must be  hereafter, where is another tense in prophetic verses? The must be hereafter because God decreed it, and they must be hereafter because they come in the future. 
    • Maybe Pastors need to have their qualifications framed and on the church office wall...
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