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    • How can a trumpet announcing the severest expression of God's wrath (7th trumpet) have any relation whatsoever to a "last trumpet" calling the saints home (a proclamation of deliverance, salvation,  transformation, perfection, resurrection, glorification)?   That in itself is so ludicrous, that one has to wonder where people come up with these untenable interpretations. 
    • Here's the link I was speaking of, it was the opening of the Chunnel in Sweden...  
    • You are right. Salvation is a gift. It comes by grace, to sinners. It is not earned, so it cannot be un-earned. The secority of a believer does not come from the beleiver, but from the character of God, and the purchase His Son paid, to redeem those would would beleive, from there sins. God is at both ends of this tranaction, and is not going to cancel a deal that He made with Himself. To say that savaltion can be lost, is to say that God will not keep His convenant. The believer's salvation is refered to in past tense, because it is a done deal. Rom 8:24, 1 Cor 6:11, Eph 2:5,8, Rom 5:9, and others, show that the have been saved, HAVE BEEN saved, not will be saved. If they have been saved, and they later lose their salvation, then the verses that say they have been saved, turn out to be lies.
    • I am saved, and I can do what ever I want and I will still be saved no matter what, I have liberty in Christ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thing is, I do not want to do anything that will make my savior unhappy~~~~~I have the liberty to not sin!!!!
    • Oh goodness I do watch other stuff as well and read things and following my own heart on many matters.   I just happen to watch The History Channel because I am a nerd.
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    • Abby-Joy

      hi I think the whole concept of some huge assignment entitled "God's Will" throws people off.... our purpose in life is found in the 2 great commandments.... #1, to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind... and #2, to love our neighbor as ourself ..... there is huge contentment in just resting in Him, and in knowing that He loves us, and all we need to do is love Him back....
      Everything falls into place when we know who we are... we are His, and we are loved
      Acts 17:28 For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.  
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    • Remnantrob

      God does not compel men to give up their unbelief. Before them are light and darkness, truth and error. It is for them to decide which they will accept. The human mind is endowed with power to discriminate between right and wrong. God designs that men shall not decide from impulse, but from weight of evidence, carefully comparing scripture with scripture. Had the Jews laid by their prejudice and compared written prophecy with the facts characterizing the life of Jesus, they would have perceived a beautiful harmony between the prophecies and their fulfillment in the life and ministry of the lowly Galilean.
      Page 459
      Many are deceived today in the same way as were the Jews. Religious teachers read the Bible in the light of their own understanding and traditions; and the people do not search the Scriptures for themselves, and judge for themselves as to what is truth; but they yield up their judgment, and commit their souls to their leaders. The preaching and teaching of His word is one of the means that God has ordained for diffusing light; but we must bring every man's teaching to the test of Scripture. Whoever will prayerfully study the Bible, desiring to know the truth, that he may obey it, will receive divine enlightenment. He will understand the Scriptures. "If any man willeth to do His will, he shall know of the teaching." John 7:17, R. V.
      On the last day of the feast, the officers sent out by the priests and rulers to arrest Jesus, returned without Him. They were angrily questioned, "Why have ye not brought Him?" With solemn countenance they answered, "Never man spake like this Man."
      Hardened as were their hearts, they were melted by His words. While He was speaking in the temple court, they had lingered near, to catch something that might be turned against Him. But as they listened, the purpose for which they had been sent was forgotten. They stood as men entranced. Christ revealed Himself to their souls. They saw that which priests and rulers would not see,--humanity flooded with the glory of divinity. They returned, so filled with this thought, so impressed by His words, that to the inquiry, "Why have ye not brought Him?" they could only reply, "Never man spake like this Man."
      The priests and rulers, on first coming into the presence of Christ, had felt the same conviction. Their hearts were deeply moved, and the thought was forced upon them, "Never man spake like this Man." But they had stifled the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Now, enraged that even the instruments of the law should be influenced by the hated Galilean, they cried, "Are ye also deceived? Have any of the rulers or of the Pharisees believed on Him? But this people who knoweth not the law are cursed."
      Those to whom the message of truth is spoken seldom ask, "Is it true?" but, "By whom is it advocated?" Multitudes estimate it by the numbers who accept it; and the question is still asked, "Have any of the learned men or religious leaders believed?" Men are no more favorable to real godliness now than in the days of Christ. They are just as intently seeking earthly good, to the neglect of eternal riches; and it is not an
      Page 460
      argument against the truth, that large numbers are not ready to accept it, or that it is not received by the world's great men, or even by the religious leaders
      The Desire of Ages p. 459, 460
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    • RobertS  »  jackedup

      Hey there! I know you've been here for a while, but I just wanted to reach out to you.
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    • Abby-Joy  »  shel

      Shel... sing to Him ... oh, isn't this beautiful?!

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    • Abby-Joy  »  shel

      Here's a video, Shel, about halloween....
      · 3 replies
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