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    • I hear testimonies like Eileen's where the person believes God led them away from Christmas. I also hear testimonies of people who God leads into the Christmas celebration. Are people being deceived? No, I have come to believe that there are some things with which God leads people different ways and different directions for reasons we may or may not conceive or realize.  For example, I've felt strong convictions against secular music all my life, and I thought any Christian who listened to it was in sin. But I have since learned that this is a path God means for me but not for everyone. Eileen has been led down a "no Christmas" path, just as I was led down a "no secular music" path. Why? I have no idea. But what I do know is that we should not be judging each other over whether or not we decorate a tree and give presents on Dec. 25.
    • Well if we want to nitpick it was not "Christmas" but "Yuletide" that was pagan.  So you may be correct technically, but not in reality.  It is understood that Christians do not consciously celebrate pagan ideas, but the customs and practices do not belong to Bible Christianity. Yule or Yuletide ("Yule time") is a festival observed by the historical Germanic peoples, later undergoing Christianised reformulation resulting in the now better-known as Christmastide. Scholars have connected the celebration to the Wild Hunt, the god Odin and the pagan Anglo-Saxon Mōdranicht. Terms with an etymological equivalent to Yule are used in the Nordic countries for Christmas with its religious rites, but also for the holidays of this season. Today Yule is also used to a lesser extent in English-speaking as a synonym for Christmas. Present day Christmas customs such as the Yule log, Yule goat,Yule boar, Yule singing, and others stem from pagan Yule. Today the event is celebrated in Heathenry and some other forms of Modern Paganism... In modern Germanic language-speaking areas and some other Northern European countries, historical cognates to English yule denote the Christmas holiday season. Examples include Jul (Sweden), Jul (Denmark),Jul/Jol (Norway), Jól (Iceland and the Faroe Islands), Joulu (Finland), Joelfest (Friesian), Joelfeest (Dutch) and jõulud (Estonia)
    • Only God is in control of the future. What I believe is on 2nd post, pg 3. included with youtube video.
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    • shel  »  Logan

      awesome profile pic Logan. Who is it?
      · 2 replies
    • Abby-Joy

      Luke 12:33, 34
      33 Sell that ye have, and give alms; provide yourselves bags which wax not old, a treasure in the heavens that faileth not, where no thief approacheth, neither moth corrupteth.
      34 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

      · 0 replies
    • Abby-Joy

      Psalms 34:8
      “O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.”
      · 0 replies
    • Abby-Joy

      Philippians 4:6, 7
      6Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.
      7And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
      · 0 replies
    • BacKaran

      MiGod hears my cries 
      I left my sibling with my dad the other night and I just wailed in the van like I wailed when my husband passed. I was praising God out loud even though it's a tough situation to be in, with a dying parent and no one in the family to turn to for support but God. 
      I'm at peace with whatever God has chosen for my dad. A guild vessel or a bad vessel, it's all for His glory.
      Dad was given glucose that should have worked in 15 mins to perk him up, it took 12 hours. My sister says he's up in bed, he's fine! I went to have lunch with him, he sipped a few sips of water then drank all his milk, a couple of teaspoons of pork and posting and he was down again in bed. 
      I did put his dentures in, he's still mumbling but I ask yes or no questions to make it easier. Then.... And I know I missed my hubby doing this to me....I scratchef my dad's back until he fell asleep.
      This man who was once a baby, a child, a teen and a young married adult is now needing our help as an old man with us stranding to his needs like a baby. 
      I enjoy stroking his hair... When did he go all white? He had a partial denture, when did he get a full top chopper, I don't know.
      He has keratoses pilaris, he has itchy skin as his skin doesn't exfoliate normally, I have it as well as my daughter.
      It's called chicken skin, I just called it pimples that never popped but no one understood why my pimples itched... I thank God my daughter doesn't itch as Granpa and I have scars from itching.
      I'm going to bring my homemade shea and coconut lotion to slather on his back.
      Thank You Lord for another day with my dad.
      · 4 replies
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